Outback Military & Veteran Discount

Outback Military & Veteran Discount

Outback is an Australian-themed casual dining restaurant chain. This restaurant chain is known for selling varieties of steak to customers. Other than that, the restaurant chain is also known as Outback Steakhouse. Today, there are more than 1,300 stores in the USA that are operating successfully. 

Consumers visiting the restaurant chain have often asked does the restaurant offer military and veteran discount. Militaries and veterans are treated differently when they visit the nearest Outback restaurant outlet. Outback does provide interesting offers and discounts to both militaries and veterans. 

Outback Steakhouse restaurant chain was founded way back in 1988. The restaurant chains might have opened as an Australian-themed but, they are all-American. The headquarters and founders of this restaurant chain are from America itself. 

Outback Military Discount

Ever since its establishment in the market, Outback has offered with variety of discounts to the militaries. Similarly, other such restaurants offer great and interesting military and veteran discounts. The militaries and veterans are highly benefited from such exciting offers and discounts. 

Outback Steakhouse generates unique and interesting discounts for the military. Interestingly, they offer discounts for the retired military people as well. The discounts and offers keep on changing for the militaries. 

Today the steakhouse restaurant chain offers special discounts to all servicemen and women. Additionally, the steakhouse restaurant chain is currently offering a 10% military discount to the entire check all day. Interestingly, this offer is valid for all militaries out there and every day. Currently, this is the only military discount that the casual restaurant chain is offering. 

Outback Veterans Discount

The restaurant chain company not only offers special discounts to militaries but, to the veterans as well. Other than the military and veterans, the company offers exciting discounts to the serviceman and women, the army, and many more. 

Other than that, the company frequently comes out with occasion offers for the veterans and militaries. The company offers special discounts on Independence days, Martyr Day, and many more. Currently, the veterans are also being offered the same discount as the military. 

They are being offered an additional 10% discount on all products they purchase from the outlet. Interestingly, the offer will not end soon it will keep on going for a longer period. 

Other Discounts

The steakhouse restaurant chain does offer some special-day discounts to the veterans and militaries. These special offers are not found daily they are given on special occasions. There is a long list of special discounts that are offered to the veterans and militaries of the country. 

Some special discounts offered by the Outback restaurant chain are the following:-

  • Free Veteran’s Day Blomin’ Onion
  • Heroes Discount for Independence Day
  • Special Military Discount
  • Heroes Discount in May

These are some of the special offers that are given during occasions and are not found daily. Other than these, the general public is also given some exciting offers and discounts. The restaurant chain company gives out special coupons that have heavy discounts on them. 

Some of the famous coupons offered by the steakhouse company are the following:-

  • 50% Off on your first Outback.com purchase with a subscription
  • 10% Special Senior Discount 
  • Free Appetite 
  • Take $10 Off
  • Take $8 Off 
  • Free Blooming Onion 
  • Take $5 using a special promo code
  • Take $5 Off

These are some of the special discounts given to the normal public of the country. The offers can be availed from both in-store purchases or online. 

How to avail Military and Veteran Discount from Outback?

The availing process for any military and veteran discount is quite easy. The restaurant chain has not made it complicated for the militaries and veterans. One can easily avail of these offers from the in-store purchase as well. But, to avail of the discount from in-store purchases both the military and veteran consumers must ensure that they have valid ID proof. 

Now, if there is no valid ID proof then the restaurant chain cannot help the person avail of this offer. Additionally, one can purchase products from the online store of Outback as well. The user must select what products he wants from the restaurant and while checking out a valid ID proof must be ready. 

The official website of Outback will be asking for valid ID proof to the customers making the order. The consumer must provide valid ID proof and scan it to the official Outback website. The website will then verify the ID card and put the special discount offered by the restaurant chain company. 


Ever since its establishment in the market, the steakhouse company has been quite famous for its products. The products sold at Outback Steakhouse are well-appreciated by various consumers of the country. Today, the restaurant chain makes huge revenue due to their good quality products and food items sold at all outlets. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. What is the best food to eat at any Outback Steakhouse?

Answer- Normally, all foods served at any Outback restaurant outlet is the best but, the Bloomin’ Onion is the most-ordered food item. 

  1. Does Outback Steakhouse have a secret menu?

Answer- No, Outback Steakhouse does not have a secret menu. Officially there is no secret menu but, we are unsure of its unofficial. 

  1. What is the cost of ribeye at Outback Steakhouse?

Answer- The cost of ribeye at Outback Steakhouse is $20.99 for 10 oz. 

Outback Military & Veteran Discount

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