O’Reilly’s Veteran & Military Discount

O’Reilly Auto Parts is an American auto parts company that provides the customer with tools, supplies, and all the equipment required for the repair of their automobile. The company was founded in 1957 by Charles O’Reilly and the company now operates in the majority of the USA and has 22 stores in Mexico. The company is public and is traded in the form of the NASDAQ-100 on the market. The company mainly focuses on the retail market and sells its products to both the professionals who provide the repair services and the customers who can do their repairs all by themselves. The company has an annual revenue of 11.60 billion dollars and approximately 77,000 employees. Let us know about ‘O’Reilly’s Veteran & Military Discount’.

OReillys Veteran & Military Discount

O’Reilly’s Veteran and Military discount:

O’Reilly does provide a special type of discount to people who have served the country in the defense department of the country. All military members, veterans, and dependents are eligible for a 10% discount on items in the store, and they only need to show their defense ID as verification for the discount. 

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Do veteran discounts exist both online and in-store at O’Reilly?

The veteran discounts will be available for customers in-store where the customer will need to show their verified identity and they will get the 10% discount on their full bill. However, the store does not allow online military discounts as they have not started to verify the ID online and give the discounts to their customers, but they hope to start it soon.

Exceptions on items that will not be available for the veterans’ discount:

For some reason, some items are not included in the list of veterans’ discounts, like:

  1. Motorcycle oil
  2. Antifreeze
  3. Sales items: the items that are already on sale are not eligible for the discount as there is an initial discount on them.
  4. Special orders: if the item is not sold by the store and they need to take it from another shop or have it specially made, then the discount won’t be available as the item is not made by O’Reilly.

Who is eligible for the discount?

All the retired military service people of the country or those who have been generally discharged from prior service in the US Army, US Navy, US air force, US marine corps, US coast guard, and national guard are eligible for the discount.

On the contrary, even if you are related to a military service person, like the first family of an active duty member, you are also eligible.

Other benefits that military personnel receive daily include:

They earn a lot of general benefits, as well as educational benefits, health care benefits, etc.

  1. Food and housing benefits: free dining services and the meal or everything they buy becomes tax-free, like in O’Reilly’s or any other general shop. The veteran discount is usually around 10-15% and the order is tax-free for army personnel.
  2. Health care benefits: All army personnel are entitled to free health and dental care, which is included in their pension upon retirement.
  3. Tuition assistance is available to army personnel who wish to learn new skills during their service or after retirement to pursue new interests.
  4. They also get free flights on some airlines, and most airlines give them discounts all over the world.
  5. They also get assistance with home loans and sometimes also get special discounts like low-interest rates or low insurance premiums, etc. on the loan.
  6. And in addition to this, you receive many special counseling sessions such as stress and anger management or getting specialist advice on topics like adoption, legal information, elder care, etc., and if you want, they can also help you arrange sessions on problems like marital problems or parenting challenges. They also help their family members on matters like school adjustment and for the adults like how to manage relationships at home when you are located far from them, etc.


So the military discount is advantageous to all the veteran members as you can get a 10% discount on it, but if you are going to shop for motor oil or antifreeze, then the discount is not available. The discount is only valid for in-store shopping and not for online customers, which is disappointing as any retired member of the force cannot come to the store due to age factors and might do their shopping online.


  1. How do I obtain proof of military discounts?

Get a copy of your DD Form 214 or a copy of your service records from the national archives.

  1. Does the online order become free shipping for the veteran at O’Reilly’s?

Yes, the online discounts are off for O’Reilly for now, but in the past when they used to give discounts online to military personnel, their shipping was free.

O’Reilly’s Veteran & Military Discount

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