Does Sam’s Club Refill Ink Cartridges? – Know More

Sam’s Club is formerly known as Sam’s West, Inc. Sam’s Club was born and brought up on American soil. It is quite a famous membership-only retail warehouse club in America. Sam’s Club has been in the market for more than four decades now. The retail store is famous for selling products at competitively low prices in the market. In this article will see, Does Sam’s Club Refill Ink Cartridges?.

Does Sams Club Refill Ink Cartridges?

In the same way, the company sells and refills many products for customers. Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not refill ink cartridges. The company might refill balloons, streamers, and other products but, not ink cartridges. But, the membership-only company does sell a wide array of printing supplies. 

Ink Cartridges available at Sam’s Club are of various types and versions. Not all ink cartridges will fit your printer. Sam’s Club sells ink cartridges of many types and versions. Customers looking for any type of ink cartridge will find it at Sam’s Club. 

Recycle At Sam’s Club

It is a request to customers to not throw away ink cartridges. Throwing away ink cartridges is bad for the environment. Customers using varieties of ink cartridges must reuse them and not throw them away. 

Interestingly, for such a case, Sam’s Club has come up with a great idea. Customers who do not want to refill their ink cartridges can recycle them at Sam’s Club department. If an individual is willing to recycle or throw away ink cartridges can recycle them easily. 

Additionally, any new ink cartridges do not come at a low price. The ink cartridges sold at most retail companies in the country are quite costly. Sam’s Club has started a recycling program to save the environment. The company believes that it takes 1,000 years for an ink cartridge to break down. 

Now, that is quite a long time to break down a simple plastic-made ink cartridge. If that long is taken to decompose a single ink cartridge then the environment would be in serious trouble. So, it is better to reuse the ink cartridge or recycle them at any recycling store. 

Why Sam’s Club Do not Refill Ink Cartridge?

There could be various reasons why Sam’s Club do not refill ink cartridge at their stores. Some competitors of Sam’s Club have revealed that they are not easy to refill. The refill process of ink cartridges is quite strange and unique. 

Interestingly, the refill process of ink cartridges cannot be done by a simple person. The refill process should be done by an expert in the field. If by chance wrong ink is refilled then it could hamper the printer of that customer. 

These are some of the simple reasons why Sam’s Club does not refill ink cartridges. But, the main reason for not refilling ink cartridges is Sam’s Club sells ink refilling kits. Now, if Sam’s Club starts refilling ink cartridges then no one would buy their refilling kits. The refilling kits sold by Sam’s Club would go on waste and would dry up inside. 

Buying a refill kit from Sam’s Club is not a bad idea. The refill kit gives the customer everything they need. The process to refill or install the refill kit to the printer is not difficult. Interestingly, all the instructions are given on the kit itself. 

Stores That Refill Ink Cartridges

Other than Sam’s Club, there are various retail stores that refill ink cartridges for customers. Not all customers throw away their ink cartridges once they are finished. There are many customers that want to reuse them to save the environment. 

Some of the retail companies where one could refill ink cartridge are the following:-

  • Staples
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Office Max
  • Costco

How to buy Ink Cartridge from Sam’s Club?

Buying ink cartridges is not like the daily products that one buys. There is a specific item or ink type that will suit the individual’s printer. Not all types of ink cartridges can be installed at any printer that anyone would want. 

There are certain terms and conditions that one needs to follow before buying an ink cartridge. The ink cartridge will have a unique code number or version. Now, if the customer is willing to buy ink cartridges in-store then they will need to show that number or version. Additionally, the customer will also need to mention what color they want to buy. 

The representative will look for the same version of the ink cartridge and give it to the customer. Now, one can also buy ink cartridges online from Sam’s Club’s official website. One will just need to visit the official website and provide the cartridge number. Then the user will get numerous results for that cartridge number along with color options. 

The customer will need to select the ink color they want to buy and make an order. Sam’s Club sells three main types of ink cartridges and they are the following:-

  • Laser Printer Supplies
  • Inkjet Printer Supplies and 
  • Instant Ink Printers

The customers can order as per their printer type or versions. But, one thing that should be kept in mind before buying that is to order the correct cartridge for the printer. 


Moreover, Sam’s Club might not refill ink cartridges but, other companies do refill cartridges. Additionally, if customers are willing to throw out cartridges then ensure to recycle them at the nearest recycling stores. Some of the stores where one can refill ink cartridges are Office Max, Staples, Walgreens, Walmart, and many more. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is it cheaper to refill ink cartridges or get a new one?

Answer- Opting for ink cartridges can save a lot of money. Refilling an ink cartridge can save 30-50% of the money as compared to buying a new one. 

  1. Do Staples refill ink cartridges?

Answer- Yes, Staple does refill ink cartridges. Interestingly, the company does all sorts of refilling of ink cartridges. 

  1. Does Costco refill printer ink cartridges?

Answer- Unfortunately, Costco does not refill any ink cartridges for customers. But, we are hoping that they would soon reverse the condition. 

Does Sam’s Club Refill Ink Cartridges? – Know More

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