Does Living Spaces Remove Old Mattress?-Know More About It

Moving furniture, beddings, and mattresses has been troublesome these days. In today’s generation, people require the best quality furniture and mattresses for personal satisfaction. But, carrying them from the store to the house is quite difficult. Additionally, removing or throwing away huge-sized mattresses is the same difficult and hectic job. The consumers of Living Spaces have frequently asked does the furniture company remove or take away old mattress. Now in this article we will read about it.

Does Living Spaces Remove Old Mattress?
Does Living Spaces Remove Old Mattress?

The answer is yes the furniture and mattress company does take away or remove any old mattress found at the customer’s residence. Additionally, if the customer is willing to return or throw away the old mattress then they can easily do it. 

Living Spaces has been in the market not quite long enough. The company was introduced quite recently with a good potential of attracting various customers from around the country. This start-up company became highly successful in no time. Currently, this furniture and mattress-selling company has opened up more than 25 stores and two distribution centers across California. 

Living Spaces Mattress

Living Spaces offers and sells varieties of mattresses in the market for all sorts of customers. Not all customers have the same choice and preference. The company ensures that all the consumers are satisfied when they purchase any product from the furniture and mattress-selling company. 

In the same way, the company sells varieties and various types of mattresses. The mattress sold at Living Spaces comes with the best and top-quality material. Few people who have bought their product have complained about the product sold from Living Spaces. 

Some of the famous mattresses sold at Living Spaces stores are the following:-

  • Purple Mattresses
  • Tempur-Pedic Mattresses
  • Beautyrest Mattresses
  • Revive Mattresses
  • Editor’s Choice Allswell The Luxe
  • Best Innerspirng Allswell Mattresses
  • Most Affordable Lucid 10-inch Mattresses 

These are some of the varieties of mattresses sold at Living Spaces stores across California. Additionally, the company sells various models of mattresses and they are innerspring, hybrid, and foam mattresses. 

Living Spaces Mattresses Review

Consumers who have bought mattresses from the furniture company quite liked the product. Very few companies in the market offer such great and high-valued products to customers. Living Spaces offer great valued products to customers in the market. This is one of the reasons why people love visiting Living Spaces stores quite often for any simple mattress purchase. 

The varieties of mattresses sold at Living Spaces come with the best quality material. They are made with superior and top-quality material. This is one of the reasons why they last longer than any other mattresses on the market. 

The company believed to offer great quality hand-stitched mattresses. The hand-stitched mattresses have lasted longer than the machine stitched. Most mattresses sold at Living Spaces are hand-stitched. They give the best comfort and all kind of support to make the sleep of an individual better. 

Removing Old Mattresses 

Many companies in the market remove or take away old mattresses from the residence of the customer. The same is followed by Living Spaces as well. But, the service offered by Living Spaces is unique and different as compared to other companies in the market. This is because other companies charge an additional fee when returning or removing old mattresses from the customer. 

But, that is not the case with Living Spaces. If an individual is willing to return an old mattress they can easily do it. Additionally, the furniture company will not charge anything extra to the customer. Any individual or customer willing to return an old mattress can do it without any hesitation and without paying. 

But, there are certain procedures that the individual will need to follow while returning the old mattress. The individual cannot call at any time and ask the company to take back their old mattress. The individual will need to make a phone call to the nearest Living Spaces store and ask them if they are available and can do it by the following day or not. 

Procedures for Returning an Old Mattress

Return or remove an old mattress from Living Spaces is quite easy. There is no hassle while returning the old mattress to the company. The first step is to ask if the delivery people can come and take away the old mattress or not. This is because the company will have other orders to deliver during the day so, the individual must inform the store within 24-48 hours. 

This way they will make everything easier for the individual who is willing to return the old mattress. The concerned department from the store will make a call if they are available at a certain point. This way the one willing to remove the old mattress can talk to them as per their suitable time and preference. 

The delivery team from the company will come to your doorstep with all the materials and tools required. The individual willing to return the old mattress must keep everything ready and steady. This is because they do not waste any time with anyone. The delivery people will come and remove the old mattress and they will take it. The process of removing an old mattress from Living Spaces is very easy and smooth. 

Removal of other Products

Other than removing or taking away mattresses the Living Spaces company does remove and take away other products. Any individual willing to return other products that are sold at Living Spaces then they will happily remove or take them. 

The company is always active in removing or taking away unwanted products from customers in the market. Interestingly, not only for mattresses they do all these for other customers and for free. The company does not charge a single penny to any customers who are willing to return an old appliance, furniture, and mattress. 

Living Spaces will remove and take away without charging any fee and hassle. The customer must inform the concerned department within 24-48 hours just like if they are willing to return an old mattress. 


Living Spaces has not been in the market for a quite a long time as any of its competitors, but they are doing pretty better as compared to them. The products and after-services sold by the company are way better than most such companies in the market. This is one of the reasons why people love using their products and services. 

Does Living Spaces Remove Old Mattress?-Know More About It

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