Does Stop & Shop fill exchange propane tanks? 

Stop & Shop:  The Rabinovitz(Rabb) family founded stop & Shop Supermarket Company in 1914. The first store was opened up in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA. It is a chain of supermarket stores in the northeast of the USA. Stop & Shop is a subsidiary branch of Dutch supermarket operator company Ahold Delhaize, USA. Let’s read Does Stop & Shop fill exchange propane tanks? 

Does Stop & Shop fill exchange propane tanks? 

The Stop & Shop retail Industry headquarters is located in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA. Currently the company has a total of 415 stores in New England, downstate New York, and Northern New Jersey. Stop & Shop gives employment to more than 82000 people. The product list of the company is long and varied. Let’s read more about Does Stop & Shop fill exchange propane tanks

  • Seafood
  • Dairy products
  • Pharmacy
  •  Gelatin shop
  • Meats
  • General merchandise
  • Florist
  • Gasoline
  • Bakery
  • Grocery
  • Produce

The company has a ‘Family of brands,’ and it includes,

  • Smart living
  • Nature’s promise
  • Taste of inspiration
  • Always my baby
  • Companion 
  • Etos
  • CareOne 
  • Limited Time Originals 

In 2020, Stop & Shop became an online site that provides pickup and delivery options. It has also updated its loyalty program and is known as GO rewards. Stop & Shop also launched ‘ & Shop for Business’ in the same year. It collaborates with small companies and acquires and delivers food products in bulk.

Does Stop & Shop fill or exchange propane tanks?

Yes, Stop & Shop provides all the propane tanks, refilling, exchanging, and other accessories to use with it.

For exchanging or filling your propane tank, you may simply drive to the nearest store location with your propane tank and get it filled or exchanged within a few minutes. 

One can refill their propane tank or exchange the empty tank with a new filled one at the Stop & Shop store.

The Stop & Shop stores are located at various places and also can be found through mobile GPS or in ‘store locator’ option on their official website.

What is the process to refill or exchange propane tanks?

The first step is to find the nearest Stop & Shop store location. If you are unable to find it, you can search it on their official website or get the location with the help of mobile GPS. 

Next, drive to the store location with your propane tank. After arriving at the store, contact any officials and ask them the procedure for refilling or exchanging propane tanks. 

Usually, the gas station is outside the stores, so you need to keep your propane tank there or ask for help in the store.

Then, the employee will take your Propane tank and fill it accordingly or exchange an empty one with a new filled one. It is a simple, easy, and less time-consuming process. And at the end, you will have to pay the calculated cost for filling or exchanging your propane tank.

While taking the tank back, one must keep in mind that the tank is kept upright and does not move much.

What is the average cost of Propane tanks?

The price of filling or exchanging propane tanks depends on several conditions:

  • As the price of gas, the price of propane also keeps changing from time to time. So the cost of refilling the propane tank might be different each time.
  • The store’s location also might affect the cost of refilling or exchanging the propane but, again. Again, the cost might be higher in urban areas than rural areas.
  • If your tank has some propane gas left in it, the cost might be less than filling an empty tank.

The cost of propane Gas ranges between $1.50-$3.00 per gallon. So the average cost of a 10-gallon propane tank at an average cost of $2.25 per gallon would be around $22.50.

If you want to save some money, you must know that refilling an empty tank costs lesser than exchanging an empty one with a newly filled propane tank.

Is it necessary for a propane tank to be empty to be refilled?

No, a propane tank can be refilled even if it is half-filled. The person who refills the tank can see the amount of gas and fill the tank accordingly. Also, mixing new propane with old one caused no problem.

And if you want your tank to be filled after the gas exhausts, it will be easier to carry the lighter tank to the store. 

This entirely depends on an individual when they want to refill their tank. However, both options are safe.

Process for exchanging a propane tank:

For exchanging an empty propane tank with a new one, you will need to register and pay for a propane tank at the Stop & Shop store. In this way, you will get a new and filled propane tank, and then each time the gas is exhausted, you can easily exchange it from the store. Filled tanks are kept in a metal cage near the store and the process of exchanging the propane tank is quite similar to refilling it. You have to carry an empty tank to the store and get it exchanged with the help of the store staff and pay for it.

Cost of exchanging a propane tank?

The cost of a new and filled tank, which holds 5 gallons of gas, is $50; therefore, the average cost is $10 per gallon.

The difference in the price of refilling and exchanging a propane tank can be seen clearly. But exchanging the tank is more convenient and safe.


Stop & Shop is a chain of supermarket stores founded in 1914 by the Rabb family. Yes, Stop & Shop store provides the facility of refilling or exchanging propane tanks. One can locate the nearest store and then refill or exchange their propane tank based on convenience.

Does Stop & Shop fill exchange propane tanks? 

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