What is a Verizon Travel pass? – Know more

The struggle of finding the best wireless communication service abroad is no more a problem with Verizon Travel Pass. It’s your go-to option for accessing the best cellular and data services in more than 200 countries. 

What is a Verizon Travel pass?

Travel Pass is one of the best services provided by Verizon, which enables you to use its text, call, and data services in a foreign country. A fixed amount is charged for a 24-hour session, during which you can call anywhere in that country and your home country. 

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Services Offered by Verizon Travel Pass:

The services included in a Verizon Travel Pass are the same as that covered in your home country. You can text or call anyone within that foreign country (Travel Pass-enabled countries) or someone back in your own country. Additionally, the data services are also available at high speed for the initial 0.5 GB per session, which is lowered to a 2GB speed for using data for the rest of the duration. 

Charges of the Verizon Travel Pass:

Referring to charges, Verizon Travel Pass has fixed rates for every session that lasts for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the session renews, and the same fee is charged for the next session. It continues the same way for the days that you choose to avail of Travel Pass services while in a foreign country. The charges are as follows:

  • For Mexico and Canada, it is $5 per day or session. 
  • For other countries covered under Verizon Travel Pass, it costs $10 per day.

Moreover, if you intend to use Travel Pass services in countries that are not covered by Verizon Travel Pass, you can opt for its International Long-Distance Plan. For calls made under the International Long-Distance Plan, the charges will be different from the ones under Travel Pass.

Steps to Activate a Verizon Travel Pass: 

Getting your Travel Pass activated is not a hassle and can be done quickly. Let’s take a look at the simple steps that you need to follow:

  • Make an account on My Verizon.com and get yourself registered.
  • If you have an account already, just log in to it.
  • Open the menu from the drop-down button on the left.
  • Go to the ‘Travel Pass’ option and select it.
  • Choose from the options indicating ‘Activate Travel Pass’ or ‘Find Out More.’
  • Get done with the required account modification steps carefully.
  • Finally, select the confirm button to activate your Travel Pass. 

How Does a Travel Pass Session Start?

Once you are onboard a foreign trip, connecting with your loved ones across borders is the easiest via a Verizon Travel Pass. Getting started with a Travel Pass session is not difficult at all. Once you land, you can start your session at any time by making a call or sending a simple text. Make sure that your international roaming services are switched on for using the data services. You are notified about the session’s expiry time with a text message.


In case you don’t activate your Travel Pass session with a message or call but still get charged the fixed amount, please look out for any background data activities. If your data services are turned on, the Travel Pass can be activated automatically with syncing, application updates, etc. 

Verizon Travel Pass Session Deactivation: 

Many people get confused about deactivating their Travel Pass subscription or are afraid of being charged for it after coming back to the US. If you are also concerned about this issue, there is no need to be worried. Verizon Travel Pass works in a foreign country only, that too when you activate a session by yourself. 

There is no need to cancel your Verizon Travel Pass service after returning because you will not be charged for it. You can stay in line with the subscription for future travels because it can be used in the same way on your next trip. It will be charged accordingly whenever you use it outside the United States.  


To conclude, it can be said that Verizon Travel Pass is certainly one of the best wireless services. Instead of getting into the exhaustion from buying new cellular services, just continue with your domestic data or call plans. What can be better than this, right?Avoid any struggle of communication to have an exciting trip abroad without any stress.  


Are there any extra roaming charges on a Travel Pass?

There are no extra roaming charges while using a Travel Pass. If you already have an unlimited data or calls/messages plan activated on your cell phone, you can continue using that under Travel Pass in a foreign country. All you need to do is turn on roaming services, but you will not be charged any additional amount for it. 

Can we use a Travel Pass while on a plane or ship?

Travel Pass is, undoubtedly, the best wireless service provided by Verizon in around 210 countries. As convenient as it is, the Travel Pass does not provide call/message or data services on a cruise ship or plane.

Is Travel Pass service available while traveling to multiple countries at a time?

If you are traveling to more than one country or have a layover, the Travel Pass service can be used in the same way. If you travel to different countries within a 24-hour session, you will be charged for the session only, and there are no extra charges, as long as it is a Travel Pass-enabled country. 

How to use high-speed data throughout a Travel Pass session?

If you want to use high-speed data after the initial 0.5 GB within the same session, you can get it by replying ‘speed’ to the offer text message sent by the company. But there will be extra charges for it, which goes like $5 in Canada or Mexico and $10 for other Travel Pass-enabled countries.

What is a Verizon Travel pass? – Know more

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