Can I Use PayPal Credit Card Anywhere? – Know More

Paypal is an American financial company which deals internationally. It is an online money transfer company and deals with payment through the online method. Paypal was founded I the year 1998 by Pal Alto, in the states of California, United States. At the foundation of pay pal in the year 1998, it was named as Confining which was later changed to the present name in the year 2000. After the company was renamed in 2000, it bloomed in business as it became the new method of payment through online platform. Its electronic currency which is used for payment instead of cash or checks. PayPal in recent year introduced PayPal credit cards which is linked to their PayPal account and the money is credited form this account. Let us know ‘Can I Use PayPal Credit Card Anywhere?’.

Can I Use PayPal Credit Card Anywhere?

Can you use pay pal credit card anywhere?

PayPal credit card is linked to your PayPal account on your devices hence PayPal credit card can be used anywhere until the stores has not objection. Stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best buy, Sephora, Shopping malls all accept payment via PayPal credit card and PayPal credit. Use of PayPal credit card in these stores avail benefits such as cashback and discount of 20% on seasonal basis.

PayPal even allows payment to be done via online mobile application which has the card stored in the app for digital payments. This method of payment is not accepted in all stores as it requires the store to except the PayPal method of payment. PayPal credit cards have various offers and discounts on many products and has cashback as well when PayPal credit card is used. It doesn’t restrict to credit cards only, the same offers and benefits are available on PayPal credit.

PayPal credit is credit card in digital form, that is using the PayPal mobile app for payments. The amount is credited from the PayPal account until end of the month when one has to pay back the credited amount for further use.

How does pay pal credit work? 

PayPal credit works the similar way PayPal credit card works, that is one has to open PayPal account which will serve as their account where the cash will transferred from and through.

Once this is set up, one will have to sign up for PayPal credit card or PayPal credit where a certain amount is available to be spent and the amount spent has to be paid back by given time for further use of credit. PayPal credit card is used as a plastic card which is used to swipe or use pin in stores for purchase whereas PayPal credit is via mobile application where the app will do the payment.

How to use PayPal credit online? 

PayPal credit card can be used online. For online purchase during the checkout, one will have to put in information under the category of credit card. Details such as the card number, personalised security pin code and such details for the payment to complete.

Some online stores have an separate option as “PayPal credit” ; one should access that for payment as this usually means benefits such as cashback or coupons or discount. Under the same category, one can pay thorough PayPal credit as well, by using the PayPal mobile app to make the payment. The payment is complete once the security pin in entered in the PayPal mobile app.

Does PayPal Credit card have age limit?

PayPal introduced student account for children of age above 13years, where parents can set up the account and the student account is linked to that of the parents. The account can be set to a specific limit of spending and every transaction made, the notification is sent to the parents. Parents have supervision of the student account, this was introduced in order to bring in responsibility of transaction and money to children. The student account can be set up only for teenagers of age 13 years and above.


PayPal credit card has expanded their technology and easy payment methods to all stores, all around United States. Combined with accessibility, the benefits which comes with their payment such as coupons and cashback people turn back to PayPal. PayPal also offers immediate or fast money transfer either by bank account number or to another PayPal user. One can even set limit regularly on their PayPal account to limit their spending and save money in their PayPal account.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is PayPal account easy to open?

Yes, PayPal account is a easy three step process. Easy to follow and easy to open.

  1. Can I have credit card as well as PayPal credit?

It is possible to have both. PayPal credit is available for online payment through mobile application only where as credit card can be used anywhere.

Can I Use PayPal Credit Card Anywhere? – Know More

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