Does JCPenney Buy Back Jewellery?

JCPenney is a department chain store based in America. They have stores in 49 states in the US and some in Puerto Rico, for a total of 669 stores in all. Since 2020, the company has been private and cannot be traded on the market. Before that, they were on the New York stock exchange. The company was founded in 1902 and has its headquarters in Texas. The company sells products related to clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, toys, etc. The company has an annual revenue of $11.167 billion and has around 60,000 employees. Let us know ‘Does JCPenney Buy Back Jewellery?’.

Does JCPenney Buy Back Jewellery?

Does JCPenney buy back jewelry?

JCPenney does not buy back the customers’ jewelry or accept the return of the jewelry bought from their shop for 90 days after the jewelry has been sold to the customer. You will need to have the receipt of the purchase for the return, and the jewelry should be in a re-saleable condition and should contain all the original tags. It should not have any scratches or wear and tear. You will need to have valid IGI and GIA proof papers if the jewelry is more than 1 carat.

How can you return the items?

There are two options that the customer can use to return the item:

  1. In-store: this is the quickest method of returning the items as the customer just needs to take the jewelry to the store where they will examine the jewelry and, depending upon the condition of the jewelry, will give you the appropriate amount for it there and then.
  2. Online: Log in or sign up for a JCPenney official account and then click the return button in the top right corner of the screen. Fill in the personal and order details on the form, like name, age, order number, etc. At that point, they will give you a UPS location with a printing label which you will need to attach to the parcel, and then the order will be shipped. It will take at least 2 weeks for the refund, and whether or not you will get a full refund depends on the condition of the jewelry.

What about returns without a receipt given that the jewelry is from JCPenney?

If you have purchased from the JCPenney shop, then proof of purchase is necessary, but if you don’t have the receipt, then you will need to give them your identity card or the payment card number so they can track the order. You will not get the full refund of the jewelry but only the store credit and the period for returns without a receipt is only valid for 45 days, whereas it is normally 90 days.

What about returns or buying old jewelry that is not from the store with or without a receipt?

If the jewelry is not from the store, then you will need to have the receipt and all the original papers for the order as they will have nothing in their database.

  1. If there is an original receipt of the purchase, they will give you the appropriate amount of the jewelry depending on the condition of the jewelry, but they can say no to the purchase as they have no obligation whatsoever to buy that jewelry.
  2. If the original receipt is not there, and you don’t have any proof of purchase regarding the jewelry, then they cannot help you and they will not be able to buy the jewelry as there is no proof of whether the jewelry is yours or not.

What items are not accepted for return or exchange?

The items that cannot be returned are:

  1. Gift cards related to jewelry or any other product cannot be returned.
  2. Personalized jewelry: If you have made any custom-made jewelry from their shop or any other shop, they will not accept the jewelry back or buy it back.
  3. Altered jewelry: they will not take jewelry that has been altered, whether the purchase is made in-store or from any other store.
  4. Perishable items associated with jewelry
  5. Body jewelry: jewelry related to the waist, chest, etc. will not be eligible for return but can be bought back from any other store.

How many days will it take for the refund to post?

  1. If you have paid with the JCPenney card, then you will get the refund in 3–4 days on the card.
  2. If you have paid from a debit or credit card, it will take 7–10 days for the return.
  3. For cash, they will give the return immediately if everything is okay with the jewelry.


JCPenney takes both the return and buyback of the jewelry. For the return, the buyer has 90 days, and without a receipt, 45 days, and for the buyback, the appropriate amount will be given depending on the condition of the jewelry.


  • Does JCPenney accept Apple Pay as a payment method?

No, they don’t accept Apple Pay as a valid payment method.

Does JCPenney Buy Back Jewellery?

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