Does Costco Buy Back Jewelry?

It is a membership retail chain in America and has stores in many parts of the world. The company is public and can be traded. The company was founded in 1976 and has its headquarters in Washington, DC. The company serves many countries in the world, like Australia, Canada, the US, France, China, etc., and has stores in 804 locations in the world. The company has an operating revenue of $166.76 billion and has been named the fifth largest retailer in the world. It was ranked 10th on the Fortune 500 list. The company provides services like merchandise cash and carry, filling stations, and warehouse clubs and they have around 105.5 million customers as of date. Let us know ‘Does Costco Buy Back Jewelry?’.

Does Costco Buy Back Jewelry?

Does Costco buy back jewelry?

They accept returns for most of the jewelry items, with some exceptions, both in-store and online. They have some terms like the jewelry should be in a re-saleable condition and there should not be any wear and tear on the jewelry. If the jewelry is more than 1 carat of gold or diamond, then the customer must get the IGI and GIA papers for the jewelry for its proper authentication.

Can you return the jewelry?

As it is a members-only store, they provide the best service to their customers. Therefore, for that reason, the member can return the item or jewelry whenever he/she wants. There is no time limit for the return, but the jewelry should be in proper condition with the proper tags intact on it.

How can you return the items?

You can return the items to Costco with two options:

1. In-store: you will need to take the jewelry with you to the nearest Costco store and apply for a return at the checkout. They will examine the jewelry, and if the jewelry is above 1 carat, they will ask for the papers related to it, like IGI and GIA, and they will also ask for your membership ID number to check whether you are a Costco member or not. If everything is alright and the jewelry has been approved for return, then the refund for the jewelry will be given to you in 48 hours via your preferred payment method.

2. Online: For this method, 

  • you will need to log in or sign up on the official website of Costco and give your details to them, like name, personal number, bank details, card details, etc.
  • You can go to the order page if you bought the jewelry online and click the return button present at the side of each order.
  • You will need to fill out a return form given the status of the card, whether it is still active or not, and the reason for the return.
  • They will give you the printing label and tell you to bring the item to the nearest UPS store. After shipping, it will take 2 weeks for your refund to arrive, and if the return is successful, they will also refund the shipping charges. However,
  • if you haven’t ordered online, then fill out the online return form, mentioning personal and order details like the order number, etc., and then the verification and refund will take 2 weeks.

What items are accepted for buyback or return?

They accept the return or buyback of jewelry items like:

1. A ring

2. Earrings 

3. Necklaces 

4.  Bracelets 

The above-mentioned items are accepted in all categories, whether they are gold, diamonds, or even artificial jewelry, and if the jewelry is more than 1 carat, you must bring the appropriate paperwork.

What about returns without a receipt? 

If you don’t have the appropriate receipt for the purchase, you can also give them the membership card or the credit or debit card from which you made the payment. These can be used as alternatives to track your order and then the refund will be generated and not a single penny will be cut for not having a receipt.

What about the returns for the non-members?

Now their return policy is different for non-members. If you have received the Costco jewelry or anything as a gift or something, then only the person who purchased it for the non-member can generate the return form and not the non-member.

Costco does not provide any refunds to its non-members, and they are also not eligible for any of the gift cards, discounts, etc.


So Costco is a membership-based company that takes returns only from its members and no one else. There is no certain time limit for the return, and you will get a refund based on the condition of the jewelry. You will need to provide an appropriate paper-like IGI or GIA for the jewelry which is more than 1 carat, and they accept returns for all gold, diamonds, and artificial jewelry.


  • Can you return the damaged jewelry?

It depends on the store manager and whether the jewelry was damaged before or after the purchase.

Does Costco Buy Back Jewelry?

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