A Website Like Jane.com

As we know, Jane.com was founded in 2011. The CEO of Jane.com is Mike McEwan and he is also a founder of this boutique.Jane.com is an online shopping boutique and is a marketplace in which the latest Fashion of women trending, home décor, and children’s clothing are available. Let us see ‘A Website Like Jane.com’.

A Website Like Jane.com

Jane is a marketplace where more than 2000 online shops, designers, and brands are available. The site usually has more than 100 deals at any time. The photos on any webpage of this site give information about the quick display, percentage off, and remaining time for the offer.

A Website Like Jane.com

Let us know Boutiques like Jana:

  1. Sassy Steals
  2. Groopdealz
  3. Kiss me mint
  4. Zulily
  5. Pick your plum
  6. Pink e  promise
  7. Ru La La

Sassy Steals:

Sassy steal is another boutique-like Jane. It Is a site that offers a wide range of products for the selection. Many products are sold on Sassy steals are clothing, jewelry, housewares, kid items, makeup, party decorations, etc. Sassy steals also gives a discount as Jane.com gives it is about 15%to 90%off. Sassy steals also give some rewarding points which are called sassy points. When someone reaches 6100 points then he/she will get a coupon for $10 off for the online shopping. When someone signup for their newsletter. Sassy Steals also gives a discount for the month. 


Groopdealz is another website for online shopping as a Jane.com and sassy steals. This site includes different categories of the items such as jewelry, home decor,

Fashion items, boutique items, etc. Groopdealz gave 50+deals on a site any time. These deals are up to 90%off. This site also offers coupons for extra discounts.


Kiss me mint :

Kiss me mint is one more site like Jany.com which is important for online shopping. On this site, all the categories are separated such as men, women, children, and sanctuary. This site’s products include toys, party décor, party supplies, home décor, personalized items, etc. On this site, there are 50+items that are available at any time,  whereas a large number of products are women’s clothing and accessories. This site runs in a periodic way. 


Zulily is another marketplace for online shopping. It is a place of daily deal site. It is a site between daily deals and offers from boutiques. The offered range of large products are electronics and clothing brands and the unknown companies offer jewelry and handicrafts. Products that are primarily here on this website are home décor, Woman items, baby items, etc.

There are hundreds of things available on the sites so there is a search bar from which a person finds things easily by placing their name in the search bar. This site offers big brand names because smaller shops haven’t good online deals. 

However, any customer earns $15 in credit if he/she refers to the site and his /her friend purchase anything from the website. If someone is looking for some larger item from any brand he/she purchases this thing at the cheaper price as if he /she went to the major retailers

Ru Lala

Ru Lala is another website for online Shopping. It is a website where clothing for men, women, and children is available. This website also includes the sale of furniture bedding, bath décor, etc.  This website also gives 70%off on the daily deals. 

The buyers pay $9.95 for the first-time shipping of the item.  And after the first time of shipping buyer gets the next 30 days of free shipping. 

Pick your plum :

Pick your plum is another website like Jane.com for online shopping, boutiques, and brands. Pick your plum is the website that has daily deals, daily deals start in the early morning at 7:00 Am, This time is called mountains time.

Pick your plum deals to into to o lude clothing,  accessories, party supplies, crafts, home décor, and random gifts. 

Some items are monogrammed products and some are personalized items. 

This site offers about 20 deals at any time. And deals are about 50%off on items. When someone added his /her friends to the site he /she will be given a discount from this site. When someone signup for the newsletter he /she will get a coupon for the 10%off.

Pick your plum is also known as Now Your’s.

Pink e Promise :

Pink e promise website is also a website for online shopping. Its working is like a Jany.com Pink e promise is a unique website that donates a specific part of every sale to the Breast Cancer Foundation. This site gives special offers on hand handmade ts and items from boutiques. The main items which are sold on this website are jewelry, home decor, electronics, kid’s clothing, etc. This site gives about 30 to 50 deals at any time.


This site doesn’t give good deals as other websites give. However, sometimes coupons give benefits in purchasing products. And the benefits are also added for purchasing when Breast Cancer Foundation gives coupons and it is worth it. 

A Website Like Jane.com

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