Trader Joe’s Shopping Tips-Read More About It


When you rush into your weekly grocery shopping and enter the store of Trader Joe’s, it might feel like a different dimension. The uncanny product displays might seem other-worldly but that is the charm of Trader Joe’s. The rise of Trader Joe’s as a regular retail store happened after the year 2020. The annual revenue of Trader Joe’s has increased exponentially in the last few years. we got some shopping tips for you.

Trader Joe’s Shopping Tips

The number of customers has increased tremendously, and it is all thanks to the low prices and nutritionally beneficial products it offers. If you are a regular shopper or a new person discovering the retail Trader Joe’s store, you might want to know some tips that might be helpful for a successful shopping trip.

You can maximize the diversity in your kitchen cabinets as Trader Joe’s offers a wide variety of household supplies, which may not be available everywhere. Here are a few guidelines that could be helpful when you buy products from Trader Joe’s.

Stock Up On Products

Trader Joe’s offers an extensive selection of household products that may not be available yearly. If you love the product, you must stock up as Trader Joe’s strikes out the seasonal products to make room for more items. They regularly introduce new, never-before-seen products with weird flavors, make sure that you buy the exclusive product in bulk as they may not be available after a week.

Bring Your Own Bag

For improving sustainability in society, Trader Joe’s recommends that customers bring their own bags. It also offers various benefits for shoppers with their own bags. People can enter a contest to win a $25 flat discount on their regular bill if they use their own bags. Although Trader Joe’s already has discounted products on the shelf, a $25 discount will help you reduce the bill coverage. 

Returns And Exchange

Trader Joe’s has one of the most tolerant return policies compared to all the other retail stores. If you shop for a product that you did not like, you can even return a half-opened package. This creates a bond of trust between customers and the retail stores. It does not matter about the time of purchase, you can return the items even after 15 or 20 days. 

Know The Time Frame To Shop

The Trader Joe’s store is periodically crowded due to its low prices and unique products on the shelf. You must be aware of the low-crowd timing to shop in peace. A lot of regular users suggest going to early mornings on weekdays and Friday nights at the store. You may want to divert the peak timings and shop at your own pace in the store.

Look Out For Contests

Trader Joe’s regularly keeps various contests for the customers to win shopping privileges and free gift cards. Those free gift cards can help you maintain your cash balance while shopping at the store. Contests also help in attracting more customers to the stores, thereby increasing the sales.

Free Samples

Before you buy any new product, you can ask the Trader Joe’s employees to help you gain a free sample taste test to confirm your purchase. Trader Joe’s also offers free sample stations, where the staff cooks one of the products and offers it to the shoppers. It is totally free of cost and helps improve the sales of the specific product. If you feel like snacking during your shopping, you can try the sample station too. 

Manufacturer’s Coupons

Trader Joe’s offers various coupons including Kashi, Fage, and Annie’s. Although the store does not offer any special discounts or clearance sales, you can use different manufacturers’ coupons to avail discounts on the products you purchase.

Follow The Fearless Flyer

Trader Joe’s regularly introduces new seasonal products after every few months. If you want to be in the loop of what kind of products are new to the shelf, you can check out the Fearless Flyer online or in-store. For exclusive products, Trader Joe’s would inform the customers of the future arrival so they can execute their shopping visits. 

Private Label Products

Trader Joe’s is exclusively special for their private label products. Shoppers have a definite love for the products Trader Joe’s offers from their own label. They offer various unique products that might never be available in other retail stores.


If you are a regular shopper at Trader Joe’s, you might be aware of all the guidelines that it offers. But there is a reason why Trader Joe’s is a fan favorite of the general public. It is quite flexible in the prices and return policies and allows customers to explore various products at their own pace. Keep the shopping tips in mind when you next visit Trader Joe’s.


1. What is the best time to go to Trader Joe’s?

To avoid crowds, early mornings on weekdays are the best time to go to the store. 

2. Do Trader Joe’s workers get discounts?

All Crew Members currently receive up to a 20% discount on all products in the stores.

3. Can you pay cash at Trader Joe’s counters?

Yes, cash or credit/debit card payments are accepted. 

Trader Joe’s Shopping Tips-Read More About It

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