Why Are Michelin Tires So Expensive?

Many car owners want to know why Michelin tires are so expensive. Other car owners who’ve equipped their cars with Michelin tires can tell them why. When it comes down to it, Michelin tires are worth every cent. These tires will give you peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe on the roads. It’s a known fact that Michelin tires are pricey. Many car owners are wondering if it’s worth it to pay so much for a set of tires. This article will investigate why these tires are so expensive and discuss why it’s worth the investment to equip your car with a set of Michelin tires. 

Why Are Michelin Tires So Expensive?

What Makes Michelin Tires So Special?

In 1946 the radial tire patent was registered in Paris. Michelin introduced the radial tire in 1948 to Europe. The name was given to this type of tire due to its unique design. The tire has ply cords that radiate at a 90-degree angle from the wheel’s rim. The casing of the wheel is strengthened by a belt of fabricated steel that runs along the circumference of the wheel. The design promotes longevity of the tire, more contact with the terrain, and improves fuel economy and handling. 


Michelin tires are produced under high-quality standards. Each batch of tires produced undergoes stringent quality tests to ensure that only the highest quality is released to consumers. The company prides itself on the quality of its tires. 

Michelin tires is known to have brought expensive production to a standstill immediately if a tire sample does not comply with quality standards. Engineers will first need to investigate why the batch is below par. Only once the proper amendments are made will production continue.

Industry and Client Reviews

Michelin tires have very few customer complaints. Independent reviews have mostly very good things to say about the company’s tires. Following several consumer reports, Michelin tires outperform all competitors regarding longevity and performance. Despite Michelin tires’ high price, the company still reports resilient sales.


All Michelin tires have long-lasting six-year or no-nonsense mileage warranties. If your Michelin tire shows any defect like vibrations or cracking Michelin under six years, Michelin will replace your tire for free. Under mileage warranty, Michelin will replace your tire should it not exceed a certain mileage. 

How Do Michelin Tires Compare to Competitors?

Our experts have completed an extensive investigation and prepared a comparison review of Michelin tires and other popular competitors’ tires on sale today.

It’s important to note that some factors determine any tire’s roadworthiness. Tires will lose more tread when they’re unsuitable for the season. They’ll also lose tread faster under poor driving conditions and poor maintenance. Michelin tires can last between five to 10 years, making your initial investment worthwhile. 

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady vs. Michelin Defender LTX

Michelin Defender LTX tires were more durable than the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady. The Goodyear’s tread life is approximately 60,000 miles under normal driving conditions. The Michelins’ tread life is capable of reaching up to 90,000 miles. 

Pirelli Scorpion ATR vs. Michelin LXT

Pirelli Scorpion tires are great tires. However, they do come up short against the Michelin LXT tires. The LXTs have the most favorable tread life at 97,000 miles. The ATRs maximum tread life recorded is 65,000 miles.

Firestone WinterForce vs. Michelin X-Ice Xi13

As far as seasonal winter tires go, Michelin outperforms once more. The X-Ice Xi13 tires go an additional 10,000 miles more than its competitor.

Choose the Right Michelin Tires for Your Vehicle

When choosing the right Michelin tires for your sedan, SUV, truck, or station wagon, you need to consider three factors:

  • What weather conditions will you be driving in? 

Many drivers change their tires each winter and summer. This is very good in ensuring your tires will last longer.

  • Where will you be driving?

Off-roading tires are not the same as city tires. If you intend to use your vehicle for many off-road adventures, you will need extra cushioning tires.

  • What is your personal driving style?

Some tires provide more cushioning and control than others.


If you look at the facts, Michelin tires are the best brand that you can buy. Your initial investment may be a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth your while to get a set for your vehicle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t know which Michelin tires will best suit my lifestyle. What should I do?

You can contact any certified Michelin dealership that will gladly help you determine which Michelin tires will be best for you. Dealerships will also ensure that your new Michelin tires are balanced perfectly to ensure your utmost safety.

  • Should I change my Michelin tires every season?

We recommend changing your Michelin tires at the beginning of every winter and summer. Summer tires are made from a much harder rubber, making them more durable on hot asphalt roads during the summer season. Rather stash your Michelin winter tires away for the winter months. You’ll be glad you did. 

Why Are Michelin Tires So Expensive?

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