Lyft Delivery – How does it work?


Lyft is one of the best transport companies that provide convenient rides to its client. Serving the US for years, it has advanced and offer new techniques to improve its services. The company’s delivery service is one of the features that enable businesses to convey their packages with ease. It’s logical to assume that Lyft offers a certain type of delivery service like groceries, e.t.c. In this article, we will provide all the details on Lyft delivery.

Lyft Delivery

Lyft Delivery

Lyft Delivery partners with local firms to deliver items within 24 hours.  Food, medications, retail items, car parts, and other products are among the stuff that drivers are hired to pick up and deliver.

The Delivery feature is similar to ride bookings, only that the ride type will be ‘Delivery.’ In one Delivery journey, drivers can make a profit by delivering various things to different places.

What Does Lyft Deliver?

Goods less than 50 pounds can be delivered from various businesses, including:




Automobile dealers

How To Request A Lyft Delivery Ride

To be eligible for a Lyft Delivery ride, people must sign in to the concierge and accept the terms of service. 

Visit the Lyft Business Platform and log in to your account.

Click Programmes after selecting Concierge.

You will find a delivery program called Delivery [your organization’s name] which has already been made for you. Then select that software and set up your account. This includes your profile picture, ride schedules, adding your team, uploading a CSV file of people who’ll be sending delivery rides, and so on.

Once your account is ready, you can log in and request a ride.

To request a delivery ride, persons must provide the following relevant details:

  • Description

Add a package description and order information, such as a reference number which will be used to confirm pickups.

  • Pickup location

Address of where the package will be picked up from. if relevant, include the unit number.

  • Drop-off location

Address for the drop-off destination of the item. Add the apartment or unit number. Also, give drop-off remarks to give the driver more information about the drop-off procedure e.g gate codes, e.t.c

  • Pick Up  Contact Number

Specify a person’s phone number who would be reached at the pickup location.

  • Name Of Pick-Up Contact

Add the pickup location’s company name or provide the client’s name if the pickup is from a client.

  • Drop-off Person’s name

Add the receiver’s name if it is a consumer. Although, if you’re sending to an organization, provide the name of the company.

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For Companies/ Business

Provide your firm’s name or distinct ID or your brand name.

  • Y/N for return

If an item needs to be returned after a failed delivery, set the value to true, or set it to false if not. False is the pre-set value.

Making Food Orders On Lyft

One cannot make direct orders on Lyft but in recent times it has partnered with Olo making it easier for its client. Restaurants will be able to use Olo’s Courier service to provide delivery for orders placed via their websites and applications by using Lyft. When a consumer makes a food order, Olo sends it to the vendor focusing on factors such as quality, speed, and cost. Lyft works to deliver the orders, and the fee is charged separately to the consumer, unlike other dispatch services that add delivery fees together with the orders. People can now order using Olo and it will be delivered through Lyft quickly.  Lyft only delivers ordered packages from businesses, and organizations, that support its services. 


There’s been a little confusion concerning Lyft Delivery, with some customers looking for the “Delivery” part of the Lyft app. Lyft Delivery provides drivers a means of earning extra income with alternative driving jobs. It partners with businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other corporations to deliver essentials to potential clients. However, requests on-demand are made available in minutes. It is important to note that Lyft does not accept packages above 50lb. Also, contactless delivery is made easy when users provide necessary details to drivers and on-site.  


How Do I Report My Damaged Item?

  • Go to complaint session on the Lyft Concierge website and select missing or damaged item Include the following information in the Description* field: 
  • The ride’s date and time.
  • The item’s details and packaging
  • Evidence of worth
  • Name of the driver Ride ID (also known as a delivery ID or receipt ID)
  • Submit a picture of the damaged item in the Attachments area if you are filing for a broken item.

How Is The Upfront Lyft Delivery Rides Calculated?

The earnings for rides are based on your rate card or the number of miles or hours you drive. However,  deliveries, projected pickup/drop-off date, distance, and area, as well as other conditions (e.g. weather, accessible operators in the region, etc.) determine the upfront payments.

Lyft Delivery – How does it work?

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