Black Friday Laptop- Know More About It

Shopping on Black Friday can be very fun and tiring. Everyone always tries to make good deals at this time. It is a period when you would be bombarded by multiple retailers simultaneously either online or at department stores. This article shows where to get the best Black Friday Laptop Deals. Let us learn about ‘Black Friday Laptop’.

Black Friday Laptop

Black Friday Laptop

Black Friday originated in the United States. It is an event that marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Black Friday is usually the Friday after Thanksgiving i.e. the fourth Friday of November or the fifth of November 1st falls on Friday. This day has continuously been the busiest shopping day in the United States since 2005. This year’s Black Friday is on the 25th of November.

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On Black Friday, department stores offer highly-priced goods at discounted prices. Many of these department stores open early on this day, as early as midnight. Some department stores may continue this sale till Monday or for a week which they call Cyber-Monday and Cyber-week.

Major Retailers For Laptop Deals On Black Friday 

There is always a decision to make on where to spend your money on Black Friday whether you plan to shop online or in department stores. Though there are multiple ways to go shopping, Black Friday items are always limited and take time to find. Retailers on Black Friday include;

1. Walmart-

They are already known for their discount deals and on Black Friday it even gets better. The average discount given on Black Friday by Walmart is 34%. On Black Friday, Walmart’s online special deal begins at midnight while their department stores open at 5 am. Walmart does home delivery as well as pickup locations.

2. Target-

They offer an average of 27% discount on Black Friday. Target’s sale discounted sales starts at the department stores and moves online. The department stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day, although online shopping continues. They offer home delivery service as well as in-store pickup.

3. Best Buy-

One of the best department stores that offer great discounts on their Laptops on Black Friday. Last year, they gave a discount that was as high as $450 on an Apple product.

4. Amazon-

They are also one of the best when it comes to Black Friday sales. Amazon host an event that allows you to shop on discounted deals from November to December but their Black Friday deal lasts 48 hours.

Things To Look Out For When Shopping For A Laptop On Black Friday

Due to the event which is Black Friday, there would many tempting laptop deals but it is necessary to know what you are buying. Laptops differ in size, storage capacity, and CPU speed among others. The things to consider when purchasing a laptop include;

  • Laptop brands– All Laptop brands are known for specific things be it Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, Acer, Or Lenovo. There is a need to do thorough research on the ups and downs of these laptop brands.
  • Battery life– The average battery life of a new laptop should be 8 hours. Before deciding to purchase a Laptop on Black Friday, you must make some research, read reviews and watch the real-life performance of that laptop.
  • Size– The purpose for which you are purchasing a laptop would determine the size you go for. A student cannot go for a gamer’s laptop size as the weight would be too large to carry around.
  • Processing power and speed– The purpose of purchasing the laptop should also play a part in the processing power and speed so be on the lookout. For example, a Laptop with a low CPU that is purchased for basic use like word processing or PowerPoint must be upgraded if you want to start programming or video editing

Storage Space-

Storage space is also another very important feature to look out for when purchasing a laptop on Black Friday. Most modern laptops have a minimum storage space of 256GB which is enough for a student. Looking to venture into software development or programming would require a lot more space. Although, the storage space is rarely enough. That is why there is an external disk drive.

Making the research is important in purchasing a laptop on Black Friday because a Laptop is still an investment. Always be on guard during Black Friday sales because a temptingly low price may distract you from the Laptop of your choice even though you have the money to purchase the Laptop of your choice. All of these would prevent you from making a shopping mistake.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Do laptop discounts only happen on Black Friday?

No. Different department stores can decide to give a discount anytime they wish but Black Friday is when you get the best laptop deals.

  • Is it necessary to wait for Black Friday before shopping for a laptop?

No. You can decide to purchase a laptop at any time you wish.

Black Friday Laptop- Know More About It

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