Hulu Vs Philo -Know More About It

Want to get a new service for your entertainment but you are unsure which one is the best for you? Don’t worry! We are here to help you make that decision by providing you with all the info you will possibly need! Let us learn ‘Hulu Vs Philo’.

Hulu Vs Philo

Hulu VS Philo: Which One Is For YOU?

Hulu and Philo are both pretty popular with Hulu having a little bit of an edge over Philo when it comes to popularity. Both services are good but picking the right one for you comes down to your interests, budget, and what you want to watch. Philo is the cheaper one of the two and has a large variety of network channels available, but it doesn’t provide you with any news and sports channels. Hulu, on the other hand, offers something called Hulu + Live TV (which you have to pay extra for of course) and it lets you watch a wide variety of Network TV channels like FX, AMC, etc. Both of these services have a large number of on-demand shows and movies but both have their own pros and cons which we will go into detail below.

Everything You Need To Know About Hulu

Hulu’s basic no-live TV version is pretty similar to Netflix. It lets you watch a large variety of on-demand shows, movies, and some Hulu originals like The Dropout, etc. 

However, Hulu + Live TV is slightly different and more expensive than the basic version and it lets you watch live streams of popular Network TV channels like FC and AMC you can watch live sports with this too as it comes with ESPN+

Hulu’s basic version is pretty affordable but the Hulu + Live TV can make your pockets hurt starting at $70 every month. ($69.99, but you get me).

All Hulu Plans And Prices

Hulu’s basic version and the Live TV version both have different prices and plans available with ads and ads-free plans and we will list them all below to help you with your decision. 


The most basic version of Hulu is $6.99 per month. With this, you will be able to watch their ad-supported streaming library. 

Hulu With No Ads

The no Ads option is $12.99 per month and it lets you watch pretty much the same content from the $6.99 plan without ad breaks.

Hulu + Live TV

This version comes with Disney+ and ESPN+ and live streams of other live streaming network channels and this plan take a huge jump in price at $69.99 per month. Keep in mind this plan also has ads.

Hulu + Live TV With No Ads

This plan is $75.99 per month and offers you the same content as Hulu + Live TV just with no Ads.

Everything You Need To Know About Philo

Philo has a large number of on-demand content and also offers live streaming of network channels. Philo is more on the affordable side since live-streaming network channels on Hulu + Live TV can cost up to $75.99. 

While being affordable, Philo also has its cons. With Philo, you don’t get access to live sports and news channels. Live streaming shows are also capped at 720p for now.

Philo also gives you unlimited storage per month, allowing you to record your shows freely.

Philo Cost And Plans

Philo is $25 per month right now.

You can get a 7-day free trial if you are just starting out before committing to the service.

You can add on EPIX for $6.00 per month

You can get STARZ for $6.00 per month

As of right now, this is all for Philo. They have a pretty simple plan which lets you watch 60+ channels.

Which Of These Services Suit You?

If you don’t watch a lot but want to have a service just to watch shows and movies or have access to live streaming network channels at an affordable price then Philo is the one for you. It is budget free and lets you watch 60+ channels at $25 a month. That is awesome! 

If you want even more content to watch and having live sports in your package is a must for you, you should opt for Hulu + Live TV. Hulu basic does not offer live sports so if you want to access that, you will have to pay $69.99 or $75.99 per month depending on the plan you pick. That is significantly more than Philo but it has no live sports channels.


Both services are promising and good but the decision depends on what suits you the most and works for you. If you do not care about sports and news or are just okay with getting live updates on your phone, Philo is a perfect choice as it is super affordable. If you watch a lot of shows and movies and need different content to keep you entertained including live sports and news and spending $75.99 per month on TV is affordable to you then you should go for Hulu + Live TV


1. Does Hulu basic have Live TV?

Ans. No, you need Hulu + Live TV to access live TV channels.

2. Do you need cable for Philo?

Ans. No, Philo is a cable-free service with 60+ channels to offer.

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Hulu Vs Philo -Know More About It

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