How Much Does Albertsons Pay?

Albertson’s payment varies with the career, these earnings differ with the job handled, the department, and the geographical province. The company furthermore has an average salary of $61 per hour and $128, 911 yearly in the United States of America. Let’s see ‘How Much Does Albertsons Pay?’.

How Much Does Albertsons Pay?

The average yearly payment including the bonus at Albertsons’ company is $128, 911 which is $61 per hour, while their estimated median wage is $122, 061 which is $58 per hour. The highest-ranking job is the position of the Director of Sales, he or she receives an annual salary of $233, 300 and the least paid job is the position of the receptionist who receives an annual salary of $39,182.

Highest Paying Positions at Albertsons

Different Jobs get paid contrarily, these positions pay more at Albertsons than any other Job. Leading examples are Pharmacy, Service Supervision, Book Keeping, and finally Managing Department. The payment ranges between $66.97 and $15.23 hourly and $139, 292 and $31, 687 yearly pay.

S/NJob TitleYearly PaymentHourly Wage
Pharmacist$139, 292.00$66.97
Service Supervisor $65, 330.00$31.41
Store Director$60, 971.00$29.31
Book Keeper$41, 626.00$20.01
Meat Cutter$37, 911.00$18.23

Average Albertsons’ Salaries by Departments

Employees at Albertsons make different salaries according to the department or function that they work in, below are some examples: 

S/NDepartmentAverage Yearly Payment
Sales$145, 876
Marketing $109, 662
Human Resource$124, 762
 Information Technology$119, 104
Administrative$59, 000
Business Development$157, 000
Communications$104, 000
Customer Support$66, 000
Design$114, 000
Engineering $137, 000
Finance $89, 000
Legal$192, 000
Operations$97, 000
Product $169, 000

Albertsons Payment by Location 

The following cities have been recognized as the highest paying cities paying more than the average salary of Albertsons. The list is headed by Olympia, WA with a $35, 672 average yearly pay, and stops with Albuquerque, NM with a $26, 663 average yearly pay. The top five salary locations place these cities at higher opportunities for the growth of the company. 

S/NLocationAverage Yearly SalaryHourly Rate
Olympia, WA$35, 672.00$17.15
Methuen Town, MA$34, 976.00$16.82
Bakersfield, CA$34, 504.00$16.59
Denver, CO$33, 909.00$16.30
Denver, PA$33, 272.00$16.00
Sherwood, OR$33, 194.00$15.96
Yardville, NJ$32, 900.00$15.82
Wells, ME $32, 750.00$15.75
Henderson, NV$31,406.00$15.10
Phoenix, AZ$31,041.00$14.92
Cheyenne, WY$30, 297.00$14.57
El Paso, TX$30, 262.00$14.55
North Salt Lake, UT$30, 046.00$14.45
Boise, ID$29, 933.00$14.39
Billings, MT$29, 707.00$14.28
Orlando, FL$28, 487.00$13.70
Texarkana, AR$28, 004.00$13.46
Albuquerque, NM$26, 663.00$12.82

Other Paying Albertsons Retail Positions with Salaries

S/NJob TitleAverage SalaryHourly Rate
Store Director $60, 971.00$29.31
Department Supervisor$42, 386.00$20.38
Meat Supervisor$38, 864.00$18.68
Grocery Manager $37, 530.00$18.04
Front End Manager$35, 507.00$17.07
Baker$34, 288.00$16.48
Checker In $33, 718.00$16.21
Cake Decorator$33, 515.00$16.11
Bagger$33, 444.00$16.08
Key Person$33, 359.00$16.04
Scan Coordinator $31, 896.00$15.33
Front End Clerk$29, 944.00$14.40
Courtesy Clerk$28, 643.00$13.77
Cashier$28, 598.00$13.75

Best Paying Albertsons Hospitality/Service Jobs

S/NJob TitleAverage SalaryHourly Rate
Bar Manager$40, 490.00$19.47
Meat Cutter$37, 912.00$18.23
Butcher Supervisor$37, 187.00$17.88
Assistant General Manager$36, 715.00$17.65
Food Supervisor$36, 353.00$17.48
Bakery Associate$33, 981.00$16.34
Deli Clerk$33, 914.00$16.30
Butcher Assistant$33, 859.00$16.28
Meat wrapper$33, 196.00$15.96
Bakery Clerk$33, 168.00$15.95
Deli Associates$32, 278.00$15.52
Barrister$30, 597.00$14.71
Food Prep$27, 361.00$13.15

Best Paying Albertsons Warehouse Jobs

These workers palletize cases and arrange pallets to be taken to stores, these activities keep the shelves stocked. The following positions are available in the warehouse position.

S/NJob TitleAverage SalaryHourly Rate
Warehouse Supervisor$48, 929.00$23.52
Shift Leader$36, 894.00$17.74
Inventory Specialize$35, 796.00$17.21
Receiving Manager$34, 172.00$16.43
Forklift Operator$33, 918.00$16.34
Order selector$33, 852.00$16.27
Warehouseman$33, 793.00$16.25
Warehouse worker$33, 632.00$16.17
Material Handler$33, 416.00$16.07
Driver$33, 157.00$15.94
Loader/unloader$33, 084.00$15.91
Order Picker$32, 238.00$15.50
Inventory Control Specialist$32, 215.00$15.49
Produce Clerk$31, 216.00$15.03
Receiver$30, 696.00$14.76
Stower$29, 748.00$14.30
Stock Clerk$29, 512.00$14.19
Stocker$29, 253.00$14.06

Albertsons Employee Payment and Other Benefits. 

Employees at Albertsons enjoy certain monetary benefits, the following are some examples:

  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • Flexibility at work
  • Signing bonus
  • Employee discount 
  • Stock Options

Albertsons deals on the sales of grocery goods like items for decoration, utilities, and usual grocery items. It has been in business since 1939 and presently has two thousand two hundred and fifty-three stores in the United State of America. This briefly informs you about their payments for different positions. The most popular position is that of the grocery associate who is entitled to $14.21. Although Albertsons pay lower than the national average it has good working conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What is the highest pay at Albertsons?

The highest payment for a position is $139, 292.00 and it is the salary of the Pharmacist. 

  • How much do Baggers/Stockers make?

The common salary of a Bagger/Stocker at Albertsons is $11.80 an hour.

  • Which location pays the highest at Albertsons?

Olympia, WA pays an hourly rate of $17.50

  • How much does Albertsons Pharmacist earn?

The Albertson Pharmacist gets up to $75 per hour this sums up to a six-figure yearly salary.

How Much Does Albertsons Pay?

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