Does Costco Have a Notary Service?

Costco is a wholesale American multinational corporation which is located in Washington, united states of America it sells and produces food, furniture, and more. Costco also provides many payment options to customers such as google pay, apple pay, and much this is the reason many of you get curious about Costco whether they have a notary service or not. Costco doesn’t have notary service in the year 2022. Because Costco doesn’t have notary documents for the notary public. so the customers cannot get any notary public services at Costco whether they are a member or not.

Does Costco Have a Notary Service?

Why Costco doesn’t offer notary services?

Costco is a wholesale corporation that sells food, furniture, and more. notary services are basically under the domain of banks, credit institutions, and more.

Who can offer a notary service?

The wholesale corporation has to hire a notary public. for that, they need an individual who is legally to have notarized documents.

Which locations does Costco have a notary?

Costco locations do not provide notary services in the US. if members want to get their documents notarized you’ll have to find another place to notarize documents.

Why any location of Costco doesn’t have a notary service?

Because the gas stations also lack individuals so the warehouse locations of Costco don’t have a notary public.

Does Costco have notary services?

No. Costco doesn’t have a notary public to notarize documents. so they cannot get any services at Costco.Costco doesn’t provide services whether they are members or not.

How to sign up and get a new membership?

The main six steps are as follows

Step 1 – sign up on

Step 2 – browse the membership and choose the option and select it

Ex: personal membership

Business membership

Executive membership.

Step 3 – then complete the membership application and their only requirements are a primary cardholder and optional cardholder’s personal information.

Step 4 – then select and save to purchase and continue the membership process.

Step 5 – after completing all these steps you’ll receive an email about your membership number.

Step 6 – but you won’t receive your membership card through email because you need to visit the membership counters of Costco in the United States of America.

What are the ways to get Costco membership free?

  • Use shop card
  • Join with someone who has a membership
  • Shopping online at
  • Verify online deals
  • Sign up for the account
  • Get prescriptions or immunization
  • Get a gift card
  • Provide a trial for yourself
  • Purchase gas

What are the other stores to get notarized?

Mostly all the banks, credit unions, and more of this provide notary services to customers. but they’ll charge a fee at these places.

Here are some example places

  • Walgreen
  • CVS
  • Bank of America
  • Alliant credit union.

What is the cost of a notary service?

Prices may differ from state to state in the united state of America. The highest fee for notary service is $15 in California. mostly cost range will be $0.5-$20 as of the year 2022. but some shops may keep the price range above the typical amount. you can check the online for the cost range.

How to get notarized?

Here are the important four steps,

Step 1- First you have to submit the documents to the notary public.

Step 2-sign it and understand the terms of it.

Step 3-individual will notarize the document and stamp the papers.

Step 4-they sign and write the date.

How to get notarized on an online platform?

Most of the states in the United States of America provide online notary services by which you can get your notarized documents online. Many platforms offer online notary services.

here are a few examples

  • notarize 
  • one notary

But they charge fees more than the typical range of banks and credit unions.


Costco is an American multinational corporation that sells and produces organic foods and furniture that operates a chain of membership of retail stores. So as a customer we expect Costco to provide notary services but the truth is they cannot offer notary services even to their consumers why because the gas stations are also lacking individuals so the warehouse locations of Costco don’t have a notary public so they cannot notarize documents at Costco. but as I mentioned above, you can get notary services in other stores but you have to pay a fee for that more than the typical amount of banks and credit unions.

Frequently asked questions
  • Where is the headquarters of Costco?

Costco’s headquarters is located in Washington America.

  • Which countries have Costco?

United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, Spain, France, China, ice land, and more.

  • What documents are required to get notarized in Costco?
  1. Identity proof
  2. The expiration date of the document
  3. Document verification
  4. Legal paper
  • Where can you find notaries public?
  1. Banks
  2. Law firms
  3. Credit unions
  4. Libraries
  • How much is the fee for membership at Costco?

The annual membership fee is $60 and includes a household card.

Does Costco Have a Notary Service?

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