Where You Can Watch The ESPYs?


The ESPY Award winners were selected by fan vote from the beginning of the program until 2004. The ceremonies come in grand style entertaining and inspiring to its viewers. However, the show may seem complicated to watch over a Tv or follow live. In this article, we’ll list all the streaming and cable Tv where you can watch ESPYs.

Where You Can Watch The ESPYs?

Where You Can Watch The ESPYs?

Using a trial version to a streaming platform that has ABC in its channel selection is the best way to watch the ESPYs. ABC can be watched  freely for a test period on the following services:

  • Fubo TV

They Provide a one-week free trial and transmit ABC live across most regions. The following streaming devices are supported by Fubo TV: Android mobile devices, Google tablets, iPhone, iPad, iTunes TV (4th Generation only), and other platforms.

ABC has streamed live on Hulu Live TV, which also offers a one-week trial. Hulu provides a live TV package that includes ABC together with cable TV and broadcast channels. You can view The ESPYs as they are broadcast on ABC.

You can register to test the service without buying a package as there is no monthly contract. However, a full subscription cost up to $70 per month.


You can register for their free trial of five days. They provide live ABC broadcasting in a lot of locations. For $69.99, the “Entertainment” bundle includes ABC in addition to a large number of cable TV channels and other television networks.

The TV provides a free trial and live streaming of ABC. Another alternative for live streaming The ESPYs is YouTube TV. YouTube TV’s streaming service includes live ABC and is available in the US market with exception of the Rochester-Mason City-Austin market, which includes parts of Minnesota and Iowa. Android, iOS, Fire TV, Chromecast, and more platforms are supported by YouTube TV. 

If you stay close to an ABC transmission tower, you can watch the ABC Livestream on Locast for free, or you can use a TV antenna.

More than 50% of US homes use  Locast, which is completely free and transmits the local ABC channel live. Also with a streaming device, people can access Locast. Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku are all supported by Locast.

You can use their service by installing Locast on your streaming device or through their website. The only disadvantage is that you have to view the program live. The ESPYs cannot be watched on-demand or recorded using locast.

  • SlingTV

One of the live Television networks in Sling TV’s “Sling Orange” package is ESPN. Sling is the least expensive streaming platform with ESPN at $20 for the first month and $30 If you want to subscribe for a long time. Alternatively, you can follow the ESPYs for an unlimited 3-day trial.

When you’ve subscribed to Sling TV, you can follow the ESPYs live on your device through the Sling TV website, or the Sling TV app on your phone (Android and iPhone supported), or on other streaming devices. If live-streaming isn’t an option, Sling TV includes ten hours of backup DVR.

  • AT&T TV

The four-channel bundles given by AT&T TV are “Entertainment,” “Premium,” “Ultimate,” and “Premier.” Everyone comes with ABC (streaming in most markets), but you can select any bundle and any update during your free 14-day trial.

You can follow the ESPYs on the AT&T TV app when you’ve subscribed to AT&T TV on your Roku TV, Amazon Fire or Firestick, iPhone, Android device, or through their website.

  • Vidgo

On Vidgo, you can watch the live stream of ABC and more than 65 other TV channels. This alternative does not give a free trial, but the first month is just $10. Once you’ve registered for Vidgo, you may access the Vidgo app on any streaming service to view the ESPYs live.

Using an HDTV antenna is another option to watch the ESPYs for free. You may get local tv stations and network TVs like ABC,  FOX, and more for a fair price by purchasing a reliable,  HDTV antennae. And it is affordable for less than $30.


Following ESPYs is simple. All you need is access to the ABC channel and stream the events live. You can get free trials from Tv and subsequently purchase packages that are convenient to you. ESPYs can be streamed online and if you have a good HDTV antenna, you get free access to watch ESPYs.


When Did The ESPYs Last Broadcast On Television?

The ESPY Awards were broadcast by ABC in 2015, marking the event’s debut appearance on television. And currently, all of its events are streamed live.

The ESPYs  2021 Was Hosted By Who?

Renowned actor and filmmaker Anthony Mackie was the anchor of the 2021 ESPYS Sponsored by Capital One.

Where You Can Watch The ESPYs?

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