Mcdonald’s Holiday Hour- Know More

Holidays are a blissful part of life that everyone looks forward to all the time! A time to drop all the schoolwork, job contracts, and business negotiations and do whatever piques one’s interest; In other words…Fun! And what other better way to spend it than eating at your favorite restaurant whenever you want! First, it is important to know if such services are available during such occasions.Let’s know more about Mcdonald’s Holiday Hour.

Mcdonald’s Holiday Hour

McDonald’s is a business dynasty founded by the.   It is a business franchise that has over 37 thousand branches in various countries all over the world but the holiday hours of McDonald is usually dependent of the owners of each franchise. 

Fortunately, for the sake of uniformity most but not all franchise follows the schedule. Below is a list of Mcdonald’s Holiday hour occasions followed by the majority.

  • On Christmas day – CLOSED
  • On New Year’s day – OPEN
  • On Thanksgiving –Depends entirely on the individual owner in the locale
  • On Easter Sunday-CLOSED
  • On Independence day- OPEN
  • On Valentine day –OPEN
  • On Halloween –OPEN

While on other holiday such as labor day, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Memorial day, Columbus day, Good Friday, Tax Day, Veteran’s day, President’s day McDonalds remain open for serve your daily tummy needs. Gosh, already starting to crave some of those burgers aren’t you? Same here.

Of course, it is important to contact McDonald’s franchise closest to you before visiting because who knows? The owner near your location may have had a change of mind and change the time of service in your locale. Moreover, I’m sure you’ll agree upon the importance of knowing when these collections of McDonald’s franchise business owner’s open up shop.

McDonald’s Opening and Closing hours

For many private business owner, Government workers, Security or surveillance workers, its important get to where they are needed to be and in time. Hence, the importance of a restaurant that opens early enough to meet their early morning nutritional needs.

McDonald’s opens for breakfast service at about 5am to 6am in the morning and  closes within the time frame of 11pm to midnight, sometimes even as early as 10pm all depending on some factors.

Depending on the location and majorly the flow of customer activity during the evening time, McDonald’s can be open for 24hours as listed on the standard schedule below…

– Sunday         6:00am-12:00am

– Monday        6:00am-12:00am

– Tuesday        6:00am-12:00am

– Wednesday  6:00am-12:00am

– Thursday       6:00am-12:00am

– Friday             6:00am-12:00am

– Saturday        6:00am-12:00am


McDonald’s drive through has been of great convenience especially during the corona virus lock-down period. The drive through service is available around the clock but sometimes varies depending on the location of the fast-food center, customer influx and the owner.


McDoland’s offer multiple services including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner rooms. Mcdonald’s Holiday Hours usually concludes their morning service between 10:30am to 11am.The lunchtime and dinnertime proceeds from there but the closing time may still vary depending on the owners of the franchise.


Now we all know what it feels like to be irritated while trying to enjoy a nice meal by little kids just because the first sip of coke or when you want to go out with your friends to chat and get a bite but worry about leaving the kids at home alone. Well that’s why the Play Place was created! It was made for kids within the age range of 3 to 9 years old to have as much fun as their parents and it sure is effective. The only problem may be that some of these franchises may not have the service available due to the fact that the interest of kids these days are more on the technological side.

The Play Place opening and closing time in franchises that offer such services are all dependent on the owners.

Contacting McDonald’s

Because the work frame of each McDonald’s franchise is usually not consistent with each other, it is essential to be able to contact them to make an order, home deliveries, complaint, reservations, special orders, inquiries concerning the work frame of a local franchise etc. McDonald’s can be contacted through the following channels…

McDonald’s Toll Free Number:- (800)244-6227

McDonald’s Customer Service Number:- (888)424-4622

McDonald’s Website:


They can also be contacted through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

In conclusion, McDonald’s is a fast-food franchise enterprise which is all over the globe serving over 60 million happy customers. Guess you’re starting to get convinced they really do serve happy meals right? Yea…Same here. McDonald’s  which started with 9 items in its order menu now offers drive thru and food deliveries with a restaurant menu of over 145 items.

After all these information, It might be safe to say that a little tummy rumble is coming up so order up! Because not all McDonald’s restaurant are 24/7.

Mcdonald’s Holiday Hour- Know More

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