The Sam’s Club Pet Bed- Beds And More

On average, your pet sleeps about 12- 15 hours per day. Even though half the time, you might find your dog or cat snuggled in next to you in bed, your pets need a bed of their own. Picking a pet bed requires as much thoughtfulness as picking a bed for yourself. You will need to consider your pet’s age, needs, size, and interests.  Searching for the perfect place to purchase a pet bed? We have compiled a list of pet beds you can find at Sam’s club below. Have fun browsing the Sam’s Club Pet Bed through!

The Sam’s Club Pet Bed- Beds And More

Sam’s Club Pet Bed

You would need a membership to make most purchases at Sam’s club. The membership costs about $45 for a year-long opportunity to shop at Sam’s club for discounted prices.

  • Member’s Mark Orthopedic Pillowtop Pet Bed: This bed retails at $44.98. It is an easy-care bed with a cover that is machine washable. It comes in the colors blue, brown, and black. It is perfect for older and active dogs.
  • Canine Creations Pillow Topper Rectangle Pet Bed: This retails at $44.98. It is available in navy blue, charcoal grey, and mushroom tan colors. It is long and wide, effortless to care for and the cover is machine-washable.
  • Majestic Pet Velvet Bagel Pet Bed:  This bed is designed to keep your pets extra comfortable. It is for large dogs and comes in pearl, vintage, and black colors.
  • Bagel Pet Bed: This bed is bagel-shaped and made from some of the finest materials available. It is waterproof and fully machine-washable. It comes in Khaki and blue colors.
  • Canines Creations Sofa Couch Pet Bed: This retails at $59.98. It is long-lasting and suitable for puppies and chewers. It looks like a mini couch and is available in Walnut, Gray, and brown colors.
  • Enchanted Home Pet Ultra Plush Snuggle Pet Bed: This is suitable for dogs who love to snuggle when they sleep. It is elevated with a machine washable cover. It is designed for small dogs.
  • Serta XL Round Bolster Couch Pet Bed: This sleek pet bed retails at $49.87. It is made with high-quality fabrics and is excellent for active or older dogs. It comes in a round bolster couch design. 
  • Sleepy Pet Silver Oval Round Cuddler Pet Bed: This bed is comfortable for all dog sizes. It has a good and is perfect for pet privacy. It is easy to clean and made with machine-washable fabric. It retails at $21.98.

Pet Beds- Benefits

  • Security: Your pets must have a personal space that they can recognize as their own. It is a spot for them to truly relax. In a multi-pet home, each pet must get individual beds.
  • Support: As your pets advance in age, it becomes more important for them to own a bed of their own to support their bones and muscles and also alleviate pain.
  • Warmth: Having a warm bed protects your pets from cold.

What Type Of Bed Is Suitable?

  • Stuffing: When choosing a bed for your pets, ensure it is soft and properly stuffed. Orthopedic foam is a good option for pet beds as it is durable and supports their muscles.
  • Size: Pick a bed that is true to size.  You want to pick a bed that is roomy enough to turn and comfortable change positions.
  • Washable: Pets bring dirt, urine, and food along with them into their bed. You must pick pet beds that are easy to wash.

Types Of Dog Beds

  • Orthopedic
  • Pet sofa
  • Memory foam
  • Donut-style
  • Outdoor Pet Cot
  • Blankets
  • Cave-style dog bed
  • Pillow dog bed
  • Heated Pet bed
  • Pet bed with canopy

A Few Tips To Help Your Dogs Sleep In Their Beds

  • Establish bed commands.
  • Invest in comfortable pet beds.
  • Surround the bed with items of interest to your pet.
  • Train them for the bed in a separate room.
  • Treat them for good behavior when they sleep in their bed.

Pet beds are just as important as any other pet accessories. Your pet deserves to have a space in your home that they can recognize as their own. Picking out a pet bed is easier than you think and they’re cheap too. The size, needs, and interests of your dog can help you choose the perfect pet bed.


When should I wash my pet’s bed?

You should wash your pet’s bed at least once a week to keep your dog healthy and prevent it from becoming smelly.

 Tips to get my dog to sleep in her bed?

There are several different training methods to get your dog to sleep in its bed. You can try walking her over to her bed and treating her when she stays there.

The Sam’s Club Pet Bed- Beds And More

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