Subway Account Hacked – How To Recover?

Are you a great fan of submarine sandwiches or looking for a healthy family meal online, then you must hear about the subway? Let us know how to recover if your subway account is hacked.

Subway Account Hacked

Subway is one of the biggest American restaurant chains, serving a variety of fast foods and meals to its global customers. It is mainly famous for submarine sandwiches, but also well known for pizzas, paninis, muffins, wraps, beverages, etc. With more than 37,000 stores worldwide, it is the one-stop destination for foodaholics. But with the rising popularity of the subway, present security issues in the accounts of customers are also noticed.

How do you know your account is hacked?

If you suspect any sign of danger you should check out the following things that happened.

1. If you see any order placed on my orders page, which you do not even know about, possibly another person is using your account. This should be considered a serious issue and potentially indicate that your account is hacked.

2. If you have received any mail showing login from a new device, then hackers might have got your account access.

3. Another method you can use to check is simply logging in to your account using your old password and user details. If you found these login credentials don’t work anymore, then you might have a security threat.

However, occurring all these doesn’t necessarily confirm that your account is hacked but you should always be aware of the probable risk.

How to recover your account?

Even if your account is hacked, still some options are left to regain your access. The following two ways can be worth trying

Change your username and password

This is a very simple and common method you can use to retrieve your account. Go to the login page of the subway where you can find the option “forget password” just click on it. Now, follow the instructions you received in your email ID. Generally, it asks to verify OTP or asks to click on a link sent by them to reset the password. Create a password that you have not used anywhere and click continue. Well, when you have set your password go to the same login page to access your account.

Contact subway:

If the above method doesn’t fix your problem, you should be in touch with customer care. Let them describe your account access is lost and ask for a way out.

For the verification process, they may ask your user ID or any other details related to your account. Also, if you have any credit card linked with your account tell them to disable it and stop all transactions until your issues get resolved.

Tips to protect your account

As day by day technology becomes powerful, side by side security gets compromised and alarmingly rising. Although nothing much can be done if you’re already being hacked, still common precautions must not be forgotten.

Here is the list of measures you can take

1. Don’t use public places WiFi like in the gym or restaurant networks as they are more prone to risk unless necessary.

2. Whenever using a public desktop like in a cyber cafe don’t save your login info under any circumstances.

3. Use different passwords for all the accounts you use online, make sure you are not using any compromised passwords (same password on different portals for banking apps and apps like subway, where your banking account is linked.

4. If possible, check out the recent order and transaction details you made on the app from time to time.

5. Always keep your email ID and mobile number linked with the app updated and make sure you use them regularly.

6. Try not to share your account with anyone, including your trusted contacts.

7. To be on the safe side, don’t keep your unused gift card balance for a long time in your account, which may be misused. Also, while proceeding on the checkout page, make a transaction with external payment apps or wallets, rather than adding a credit card or debit card.


Subway is always the no. 1 choice among the foodies no doubt, but due to some recent happenings of security breaches, you need to be extra careful while maintaining your account. Customers and retailer computers are repeatedly targeted for stealing credit cards, prepaid cards, etc causing millions of illegal transactions. As hackers are everywhere, banking systems and card-issuing companies should tighten up their security to avoid such potential threats and public mass awareness programs also need to be accelerated.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why are people targeted with their subway accounts?

Ans:- As many customers have their credit cards and other prepaid cards linked with their account, hackers are targeting to steal information on their checkout page.

  • Is the banned account retrievable?

Ans:- More often than not, customers’ accounts are recoverable, but it all depends on the security issue you face.

Subway Account Hacked – How To Recover?

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