USPS Priority Mail Regional Boxes Guide- Know More!

If you are someone who runs an online business, you must have gone through the efforts of choosing proper packaging and shipping options. A shipping option that serves good customer care and quality and is also cost-effective along the way. USPS Priority Mail Regional Boxes might be the answer to your packaging and shipping concerns.

USPS Priority Mail Regional Boxes Guide

USPS Priority Mail Regional Boxes are a particular packaging option ordered through the Post Office’s official website. To use these boxes, you must purchase a specific type of regional rate postage along with the particular mail regional boxes you intend to use. It combines the services of post office deliveries with zone-based or distance-to-destination shipping which can save on shipping costs, particularly in online businesses. Shippers can benefit from this offer as they get free boxes, cutting the overall cost for online shippers. Moreover, the delivery is guaranteed in two to three working days with lower shipping costs. This guide will explain to you all the options with USPS priority mail regional boxes and how you can utilise them for your benefit.

Get To Know Priority Mail USPS Regional Rate Boxes

This service was introduced in 2011 as an alternative to conventional packaging for short distances. It aimed to lower the cost of standard shipping. Whenever we think about shipping rates, we focus on the weight of the package. However, the distance the package must be delivered is also critical. Regional boxes were designed for small and dense packaging items, usually in bulk but not much heavy as clothes and shoes. These boxes are called regional because their paid rate is dependent on the region to which these must be sent. However, you can use these priority mail regional boxes anywhere in the United States. These boxes can be used domestically and internationally. These boxes are zone-specific which means that the prices of these boxes vary from zone to zone.

Sizes Of USPS Priority Mail Regional Boxes

USPS classifies the regional boxes broadly into two classes based on their sizes. Box A and Box B. Further specifications of these two main classes are given as follows: 

  1. Regional Rate Box A

These boxes allow 15 pounds maximum for domestic purposes while 10 pounds for international shipping purposes.

  1. Regional Rate Box B

These boxes allow 20 pounds of weight for both domestic and international shipping purposes.

The following table shows a detailed overview of the features and types of regional rate boxes indicating dimensions, weight, height, top-loading and side-loading.

Regional Rate Box A1Regional Rate Box A2Regional Rate Box B1Regional Rate Box B2
Weight Limit15 Pounds15 Pounds20 Pounds20 Pounds
Outside Dimensions 10 – 1/8 “(L) X 7 – 1/8 ” (W) X 5″ (H)13 – 1/16 “(L) X 11 – 1/16 ” (W) X 2 – 1/2″ (H)12 -1/4 “(L) X 10 -1/2 ” (W) X 5 – 1/2″ (H)5″(L) X 12 ” (W) X 3″ (H)
Inside Dimensions 10″(L) X 7 ” (W) X 4 – 3/4″ (H)12 – 13 /16 “(L) X 10 – 15 /16 ” (W) X 2 – 3/8″ (H)12 – 1 /8 “(L) X 10 – 3 /8 ” (W) X 5 – 1/4″ (H)14 – 3/4 “(L) X 11 – 7 /8 ” (W) X 2 – 7/8″ (H)

Shipping Rates Of Regional Rate Boxes

Shipping rates of these regional rate boxes are based on zones which indicate the distance the shipment must travel. The prices of these zones are exhibited in the following table according to the year 2021.

Zone 1 & 23456789
Box A$7.10$7.25$7.40$8.15$9.47$10.29$10.80$15.33
Box B$7.14$8.42$9.37$10.65$16.15$18.47$21.03$29.15

Advantages Of Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes

Using regional rate boxes for shipments offers several advantages that include:

  • Speedy and convenient priority mail shipments
  • Mail pieces with barcode include insurance of $50
  • Facility to track the parcel
  • Picking up packages freely from many places

Limitations Of Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes

Although using regional rate boxes seems easy, it has limitations. Your shipment must fulfil the weight criteria of box A and box B, which is 15 pounds and less for box A while 20 pounds and less for box B. Moreover, you are bound to use regional boxes produced by the USPS only, which can be ordered online via the official site of USP or the sources like


USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes can be an excellent option for shippers, combining the priority mail service with cost-effective packaging. However, you should ensure the appropriate requirements for using this service and your shipment goals and specifications to get maximum advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who can use USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes?

Answer:  Anyone can use the facility of these regional rate boxes. However, one must know beforehand whether the zones they are planning to ship in come under your jurisdiction. 

  1. How can I order regional rate boxes?

Answer: Customers can order regional rate boxes from the official site of the United States Postal service online. 

How does USPS charge for the regional rate boxes?

Answer: USPS determines the price for the regional rate boxes according to the size, weight and how far the mail must go.

USPS Priority Mail Regional Boxes Guide- Know More!

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