How Fast is USPS Priority Mail?

Here we will see about the How Fast is USPS Priority Mail?

If you have to submit your essential documents which are scattered somewhere in the house and the deadline is lurking and looming large right around the corner, then now’s not the time to procrastinate. Now’s the time to pull up your socks and make use of The United States Postal Service (USPS)!

How Fast is USPS Priority Mail?

The USPS, in addition to providing standard postal services, also provides the service of Priority Mail and Priority Express Mail; and as the names suggest, they claim to provide a cost-effective as well as a quick service to the keen and ardent customers. Seen from the lens of today’s fast-pacing world, the USPS has become quite vital in providing such services.

How does Priority Mail differ from Standard Mail? 

The answer to the above question lies in their very names. The USPS claims that Priority Mail is, well, their priority, as opposed to their Standard Mail, which usually takes around 2-4 business days to be delivered. So, if you and your friends have made a pretty serious pact to write to each other frequently and you’ve been putting it off all this while, you know what to do now! And now more importantly than ever, you know which of the services to choose.

What does ‘business days’ mean?

The USPS provides the US citizens with 3 choices: standard mail, priority mail, and priority express mail. Merely knowing about these services is not sufficient; it is important to know how one can make use of the same. The USPS claims that the standard mail is delivered within 3-4 business days. Contrary to this, the priority mail tends to be delivered within 1-3 business days. In addition, the USPS also provides priority express mail, which is inclined to deliver mail within 1-2 business days. 

Now, coming back to our point of concern, let’s take note of the fact that the priority mail usually takes 1-3 ‘business’ days. It’s essential for us, as customers and as responsible citizens, to fully understand the connotation attached to the term. ‘Business days’ means working days, which does not include gazette holidays and more commonly, the weekends. So, if you ever find yourself worrying about when your mail is going to arrive, just remember that the USPS website mentions their upcoming holidays and their holiday service schedule so you can happily track your mail!

How to go about the process:

Now that we’re aware of the services provided by the USPS, let’s learn how to make use of them! While sending out your mail, you will be asked to fill the following details:

  1. Destination Country
  2. Date
  3. Time
  4. Mailing From (mention zip code)
  5. Mailing To (mention zip code)
  6. The Name of the Item.

What your mail goes through:

While the process seems fairly simple, let’s understand how the mail starts and ceases its journey! Let’s say you’ve finally decided to post the letter that you’ve been postponing until now. These are the steps that your beloved letter will go through:

Step 1: You post the letter.

Step 2: Your letter will be picked by the mailman 

Step 3: The mailman further drops off your letter to your city’s Sectional Center.

Step 4: Your letter is now carried by plane to its destination state.

Step 5: From there, it’s dropped off at your recipient’s city’s Sectional Center.

Step 6: Now, the mailman comes to the forefront. S/he takes your letter to deliver it at the required address.

Now that we’ve enlightened ourselves with the process- about what our precious letters really go through, we must agree that it’s futile to stress about our mail if it is ever delayed due to some unbeknown reason!

Virtual Mailbox: a boon during the pandemic:

If, for some reason, you still find yourself emersed in the pool of frustration and anxiety, the USPS is all set and ready to bear the brunt- it provides the option of virtual mail as well, and rightly so during the pandemic! Through this, you have the benefit of having and accessing the soft copy of your mail. Moreover, this also gives the wand in your hands- you have the advantage of accessing all your previous mails’ soft copy, and you yourself can decide whether you need to print them out to get a hard copy.

So, if you’re an environmental enthusiast and cannot bear to see lush, green trees being cut down, you can gladly opt for this, without giving it a second thought!

Other Services provided by USPS: 

When you visit the USPS website, the accessibility and effectiveness will definitely attract you, since everything you want is just one click away.

The USPS postage stamps are a serious effort to commend life, art, and culture. They also provide cheerful notecard sets with matching stamps, and ready-to-frame prints depicting lively stamp art, which are bound to leave you awe-stricken and fawning over their beauty and aesthetics!


Now that you are aware and enlightened enough to make effective use of the services provided by the USPS, this writer heartily hopes that you’re, at least, eyeing that unsent letter which has been lying on your desk for months now. Now’s the perfect time to surprise your friends and bring a smile on their faces!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does the USPS mainly deal with?
  2. The USPS mainly deals with mailing parcels, documents, and letters as well.
  1. How does the USPS differ from other such organisations?
  2. The USPS is quite famous because of its tendency and capability to cover the insular areas and associated states.
  1. How quick is the USPS’s Standard Mail?
  2. The USPS usually takes 2-4 business days to deliver standard mail, unlike the priority mail, which takes 1-3 business days.

Does the USPS provide any other service?Yes, you can visit their website to gaze at and articulate their beautiful stamp collection.

How Fast is USPS Priority Mail?

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