USPS Priority Mail Vs Media Mail- Know More About It

There are multiple methods of sending letters and parcels through the post office. The specific method by which the parcel would be sent across by the post office depends on certain factors like the specific item being sent, the destination, the size, and the weight. These factors would either change the delivery method or change the price of the particular delivery method you are to use. The U.S. Postal Service(USPS) laid out the different mail delivery methods depending on those important factors. Two of those mail delivery channels are the Media Mail and Priority Mail. So what exactly differentiates a delivery service like Media mail from Priority Mail?. Let us know more detail about ‘USPS Priority Mail Vs Media Mail.’

USPS Priority Mail Vs Media Mail

USPS Priority Mail Vs Media Mail

Media Mail is an affordable way to deliver packages that don’t depend on time across multiple states. They deliver small packages like books, parcels, discs, and diaries; items that are below a weight limit of 70 pounds within a week. Priority Mail, on the other hand, is a time-saving and economical order service that charges a flat rate for the delivery of each package. Items typically arrive at their destinations within three days.

What is USPS Media Mail?

Media mail is an economic mail delivery service that sends out packages containing materials below a 70-pound weight limit within a week. Media Mail is used to send items that are not needed urgently as their delivery time may fluctuate between a week and ten days. Items that can be delivered through media mail include Small books, parcels, letters, and DVDs. There are certain benefits you stand to gain when you choose to use media mail but like every other thing in life, it comes with its own set of drawbacks.

What are the benefits of using Media Mail?

For starters, it is a very affordable mail delivery service. Prices fluctuate depending on the weight of the items to be delivered but all in all, it is still a very economical choice when it comes to choosing a mail delivery service. A comparison of identical items to be delivered using both Media Mail and Priority mail would reveal that media Mail’s prices are at least half of what other delivery services would charge; so it truly is a dramatic cost-cutter. Media Mail also allows you to track the live location of your package to know the real-time status of the package to be delivered.

What are the drawbacks of using media mail?

Unfortunately, because they are not treated as urgent deliveries packages sent via media mail take a longer time to get to their destination. Delivery time is usually within 6-12 days but unforeseen circumstances could push the delivery back almost two weeks. Another disadvantage is the lack of insurance for items sent through media mail. These uninsured packages are also open to inspection by the U.S. Postal Services. They are within their rights to periodically check packages for things that aren’t part of the list of allowed items so they can seize and dispose of or return those items to their respective owners. Oftentimes after these unexpected postal inspections, the inspectors fail to properly repackage those items before they are sent to their final destination. 

What is priority mail?

Priority mail is one of the United States Postal Service’s most reliable delivery services. It is a moderately priced delivery service that gets your package delivered within a few days with little to no complications. Just like Media Mail, only a specific list of items is allowed and those items have to be below a weight limit of 70 pounds. Just like every delivery service it has its benefits and downsides.

What are the benefits of using Priority Mail?

With Priority Mail, your package arrives at its destination within a few days. According to the USPS, your Priority Mail package would spend a maximum of 3 days before it gets to its destination. Also, its packages are covered by insurance and are immune from any unnecessary searching that would ruin the packaging of the products. You can track the location of your package in real-time.  Another benefit is that Priority Mail offers to price in flat-rate packages, where one price covers whatever is enclosed.

What are the drawbacks of using Priority Mail?

A major drawback of using priority mail delivery services is the cost, prices have recently increased and it has left a lot of customers in a bit of a pickle. But considering the numerous belts you stand to gain, it might be worth it.

What is the major difference between Priority Mail and Media Mail

1. Affordability

Media Mail is a more affordable service than priority mail. The prices for priority mail are almost twice that of media mail although they fluctuate depending on the weight of items to be delivered

2. Insurance

Priority mail provides insurance for items sent out while Media Mail does not.

3. Delivery location

Priority mail allows you to retrieve your package for free at one of their pickup stations while Media Mail offers no such privileges.

4. Delivery time

Media Mail takes up to a week or close to 12 days to deliver your package while Priority mail could get your package delivered to you within two to four days.


Weighing the pros and cons of each delivery service, it would be smarter to go for the Media Mail service, especially if the items being sent out are sent way in advance and the delivery time isn’t as important. But for extremely important items that need to be delivered urgently, insurance and the maintenance of proper packaging suddenly become very important and it would then be smarter to go for Priority Mail.

USPS Priority Mail Vs Media Mail- Know More About It

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