Zoe’s Kitchen: Coupons And Specials- Find More About It


Zoe’s is one of the best fast-growing restaurants that contains mainly meals of the Mediterranean dishes type. By 2014 the restaurant company had expanded its locations up to two hundred and had plans to expand further. With the increasing numbers, they had to come up with special deals that could entertain their customers more. Let’s learn about ‘Zoe’s Kitchen: Coupons And Specials’.

Zoes Kitchen: Coupons And Specials

Zoe’s Kitchen: Coupons And Specials

Zoe’s kitchen offers different specials and coupons to their customers on the sales of their different dishes. This comes as a reward to the customers and also offers to increase the market of their products. Buyers can access these special offers both online or in the stores around the different restaurant locations. These offers include reduced prices on some dishes, gift cards, where buyers can gift their loved ones, and many other more. Buyers have to use different coupon codes when collecting their special deals at the stores or even when they are ordering online. Different special offers have different coupon codes and they also have expiration dates after which the offer cannot be redeemed. Customers of Zoe’s kitchen might want to read this article to enjoy these great coupon deals and specials.

Special Zoe’s Kitchen Offer for Veteran Customers and Active Military Personnel

Zoe’s kitchen has a special offer that they give to their people who have been their customers for a long period and also to the military to show them gratitude for their work. This offer includes a ten percent discount on any order that this group places in the restaurant both online and in-store. This offer is only available to the named group and non-military or new customers might have to pay for the full amount on the same products. To access this offer, one will have to confirm that he or she is actually a member of the military or he or she is actually a veteran customer of the Zoes kitchen, then after verification, they can purchase their food at a ten percent discount per the sales made from the restaurant.

Special Rewards and Promotions

Zoe’s Kitchen has special rewards and offers for its customers. One of these offers includes the ZK rewards. This is a promotion where a buyer collects points known as stripes then they can use these stripes for purchases. To enroll in the ZK rewards promotion a customer will have to register for the promotion. Then after registration, he or she will have to make a purchase both online or at the store to earn stripes. To earn stripes, the buyer will get one stripe per one dollar spent on each purchase. After the stripes accumulate, they are now redeemable and one can use these stripes to put orders on different meals. These rewards have different periods and different expiration dates, so a buyer will have to confirm the expiration dates, this can be checked online on the Zoes kitchen website. What are you waiting for come pick up your offer on this promotion?

The Gift Card Specials

Buyers have the chance to purchase shopping vouchers in the form of gift cards and gift them to their lovers. When one is gifted a gift card by a lover, family member, or friend, he or she can use this card to purchase different meals. Gift cards are sold for as low as five dollars. They can be accessed both online and even at the stores. The gifted can then use the gift cards to get what they want from the Zoes Kitchen. Come grab this special offer as it lasts and gifts it to your beloved one to put a smile on their face.

Special Offer

There is a special offer at Zoe’s kitchen that you would not believe. They offer a five-dollar discount on specific eligible items. This offer is available to everyone who shops at Zoes restaurant. You can look for the eligible items on the Zoes kitchen website.

Offer for Online Ordering

Zoe’s Kitchen also has an offer to their customers who place their orders online. They provide free delivery on orders that are over a certain limit or they make the products bought available at places or stores near the buyer for easier pickups by the buyers. When the food is near the buyer, he or she can easily access it. Zoe’s Kitchen also partners with other delivery companies like the Door Dash to make sure that their esteemed customers’ purchase is delivered on time and sometimes on a free delivery basis. At-Door Dash, Zoes Kitchen offers free deliveries for buyers who are making their first orders.

Coupon Specials and Coupon Codes

  • Orders that are more than thirty dollars will attract a free Hummus Trio.
  • A half-pint of chicken salad can be ordered at a reduced price of thirty-five dollars at any Zoe’s location using this coupon code: CHICKENSALAD.
  • On orders above thirty dollars or more, the buyer is eligible to get a free Avocado smash, using this coupon code: AVOSMASH.
  • Buyers can also get a free slice of chocolate cake that is Yaya’s cake on purchase of not less than twenty-five dollars, using this coupon code: YAYCAKE.
  • You can also use this coupon code: 20OFFSMASH, to get a two dollars discount on the purchase of avocado smash.


Where else could you find all these special offers? Your answer should always be, Zoes Kitchen. Visit their online website and place your orders to discover and open more and more offers from Zoes Kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can one enrol in the ZK rewards?

You will have to the Zoes kitchen website and sign up online. After signing in you can opt into the ZK rewards.

  1. What kinds of meals to Zoes Kitchen have?

Zoe’s Kitchen has meals prepared in the Mediterranean style.

  1. Can they deliver outside catering services?

Yes, Zoes kitchen does have outside catering services and this can be applied online on their website.

Zoe’s Kitchen: Coupons And Specials- Find More About It

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