Wedding Singer Cost – Explore More About It!

How much does wedding ceremony music cost?

The average cost of a wedding ceremony music depends on a variety of factors, such as the choice of musician, etc. Nonetheless, the average range is about $500. This may vary according to the country or state, as prices fluctuate due to many factors. Prices have increased in the last couple of years due to the rising trend of hiring singers/bands at weddings to make the event memorable. Let us explore more about “Wedding Singer Cost”.

Wedding Singer Cost - Explore More About It!

Different music options for weddings

The music sets the ambience of the event and it is very crucial for a wedding ceremony to have the most suitable music so the event can be made truly enjoyable and memorable. Music can set the tone for different themes too. Whether it be a grand wedding or an intimate event, traditional or formal, or full of friends and fun, the perfect music adds a personal touch to the event thus it is necessary to hire professionals to ensure the smooth running of the ceremony.

According to available options including the wedding venue, theme, and budget these are a few options you could consider:

  • A live soloist such as a guitarist can be a cheap but highly entertaining option for your ceremony.
  • A live duo such as two instrumentalists, or a pair of a vocalist and an instrumentalist is one of the best options. 
  • A live band will add more merriment to the party. If you’re looking for unique ceremony music, we’ve seen all kinds of ensembles of different instruments creating a stunning atmosphere in a wedding.
  • Your personalized playlist can be mixed and played by a DJ or AV specialist.

The size of the venue needs to be considered foremost when choosing the type of music to be integrated into the wedding ceremony as space restrictions play a major role in the selection. A large ensemble is very hard to accommodate in an indoor venue. Contrary to this, a grand venue will allow you to go for more than one musician so that the sound produced is rich enough to fill the space when amplified with the buffer system.

Finding a wedding musician

Searching for a wedding musician can be very exciting for the couple. The foremost thing to do is to discuss and determine the aura and theme of the wedding with your fiance and wedding planner. Music not only enhances the ambience of the event but also marks the important moments, like the entrance of the couple or their walk down the aisle. Following this, the desired musician(s) should be thoroughly investigated through the internet. Shortlist the few which are the most suitable for you according to the venue, budget and music taste. 

It is best to confirm whether your venue permits live music and if they have a sound system installed, or else request the musician(s) to bring their own speakers, before the contract is signed. After you have decided on the music and the elements you require to perform it, it is much easier to find the right artist(s).

Audio recordings and video performances can be really helpful in the selection process. If the vibe or music doesn’t suit you, you can remove them from your list. It is highly recommended to hire musicians who are already experienced in playing at weddings so they know how to read the room and run the event smoothly. Reading the reviews and testimonials of other clients and ensuring the artist has a positive attitude, is punctual, and has a good taste in music can be very helpful tips. Check their rates and only choose ones that you can reasonably afford. Confirm that the musician(s) is available on the date of your wedding. In that case, please sign a  contract detailing the day and leave a deposit.

What are some wedding ceremony song ideas?

Wedding music can in classical, modern or a sweet blend of both. The musicians have a list of songs on their repertoire, but you can always request them to learn your favourite songs with enough advanced notice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  When is the right time to book wedding musicians?

It is highly recommended to initiate your search and booking for the perfect wedding musicians around 6 months prior to the big day. All the pros and cons can then be catered to within a broad time frame. 

2. Choice of songs for the ceremony 

To add a personalized touch to your big day, discuss your “musical moments” with the musician(s) you are hiring, for blending specific favourites during the event. The most important moments are:

  • Prelude: The songs which are played to welcome the guests have an upbeat, joyful, and romantic vibe.
  • Processional: The song should match the grandeur of the moment, reflecting the most important walk down the aisle.
  • Interlude: Emotional songs, usually performed by friends or family members, coupled with choreographed or freestyle dancing.
  • Recessional: Following the actual act of marriage, a celebratory and very upbeat song is played as they depart from the event, followed by their wedding party.
  • Postlude: Usually light instrumental music is played in the background for the departure of the guests. These songs usually match the feel of your recessional.

3. What are some cost-saving strategies?

To save on your pocket, you can hire a tasteful solo musician or DJ instead of a full band. A better option is to request talented friends or local music students to play. It is better to schedule your wedding on weekdays or when the demand is the lowest.

Wedding Singer Cost – Explore More About It!

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