24719 SMS Your Phone Needs A Software Update – Know More

Most carriers send text messages like this to their subscribers when their phones need software updates. To ensure the network is safe and bug-free, all devices are updated to the latest software, making the network more secure. Let’s Know More About 24719 SMS Your phone needs a software update.

24719 SMS Your Phone Needs

24719 could be a benign message that lets you know an update is available. However, it may also mean that you have spyware on your phone that is stealing your data and sending it to hackers. 

Does This Look Malicious? 

While the message may not seem to be from your carrier, it is usually not malicious. Beware of messages that tell you to click a link to update your phone. No matter who sent you the link, don’t click it. 

Did The Message Come from Someone Else? 

The message could have been sent by your carrier if you were not asked to click a link or provide personal information. In this case, you would only need to wait for the update to become available. Sometimes messages with links are frauds.

  1. Check For Viruses with An Anti-Virus Program.

 You should run an anti-virus scan on your phone if you suspect it has been compromised after receiving this message. 

If your phone has potential malware, you should scan and remove it as follows: 

  • Get an anti-virus app like AVG or Avast for your phone. 
  • Use the software to run a scan. 
  • All malicious threats should be found and removed automatically by the anti-virus. 

Both anti-viruses offer premium versions that offer real-time protection and block access to potentially malicious websites and links. 

  1. Flag/Block the Number 

 If you suspect the messages, you receive are malicious or attempting to obtain your private information, you may want to block the number.


  • Open the conversation on your iPhone using the messaging app. 
  • On the top right, tap the “i.” 
  • Choose the name of the contact.
  • The drop-down menu will include the option to Block this Caller.
  • Confirm the block afterward.

 Android users: 

  • Use the messaging app to open the conversation. 
  • On the screen, tap the three dots. 
  • Select People & Options. 
  • Then tap the block (number). 
  • Confirm the block prompt. 
  • You can check whether the messages come back after blocking the number. 
  1. Get your phone updated 

Having trouble updating your phone even after receiving the prompt loads of times might require you to force it. 

Manually updating iPhone software: 

  • Charge your phone and connect it to Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the General section of Settings. 
  • Select the Software update option. 
  • There will be an option to Install Now or Download and Install. 
  • The update will begin after you tap the option. 

If the phone already says it is up to date, you do not need to update it.

 On Android:

  • Click on the Settings app. 
  • To find out more, scroll down. 
  • Navigate to the System > System update menu. 
  • Follow the onscreen steps to check for and install updates on your phone.
  • Your phone ought to have rebooted itself after the update. 
  • See if the texts arrive once more.
  1. Phone Reset.

If the update alerts continue to show after manually upgrading your phone, you might need to reset it to its factory default settings. 

You can fix this issue by doing a factory reset, which will remove all your settings, apps, and data. 

After the factory reset is complete, manually update the phone. 

Here’s how to reset your Android: 

  • Go to Settings and open it. 
  • To access System Settings, scroll down. 
  • Choose Factory Reset > Erase all data from the menu. 
  • Choose Reset Phone. 
  • Check the prompt. 
  • You should be able to perform a factory reset on your phone at this point. 

Using your iPhone, reset it as follows: 

  • Start the Settings app. 
  • At the bottom of the page, click General. 
  • From the General menu, select Reset. 
  • Make sure “All Content and Settings” are selected. 
  • Enter your passcode. 
  • A reset procedure will now be initiated on the phone. 
  • Choose Reset Phone. 
  • Check the prompt. 

Try checking if the messages keep coming after you manually update the phone. 


Software updates for your phone must be notified to you by carriers. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean your model will be receiving an update. You will not receive a notification if you’ve already updated your phone. Do not click on any unsolicited links from unknown senders and be on the lookout for fake update messages.


  • Are software updates harmful to your phone? 

Updates can sometimes cause the phone to stop working but updating protects you from security threats.

  • How do I interpret 24719? 

24719 is a code. 

Usually, carriers use this unique code to notify you about future updates to your phone. Still, hackers may use this number for malicious purposes, so avoid clicking on any links sent to you by this number. 

  • When is a software update legitimate? 

Get legitimate software updates only by downloading and installing updates from your settings menu.

24719 SMS Your Phone Needs A Software Update – Know More

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