Amazon No Longer Offers 2 Days Of Shipping

Amazon has single-handedly changed the way we think about internet commerce in less than two decades. 2 days shipping was nearly unheard of before Amazon Prime began in 2005; now, more than 100 million people use the program, and they expect their online purchases to arrive in 48 hours or less. There’s just one issue: Amazon, which has spent decades focusing on acquiring consumers at any cost, now appears to be looking for methods to reduce delivery costs. 


There has been much speculation that Amazon Prime may stop delivering two-day shipping by 2020. However, this isn’t entirely accurate. Due to the large volume of purchases, Amazon is still offering 2-day shipping to its prime members. Orders are now prioritized by Amazon based on their importance. The reason for this ambiguity is that Amazon has not stated when Prime members’ two-day shipping will expire. “We haven’t announced anything specific about 2020,” an Amazon spokeswoman told CNBC, “but we’re still committed to delivering Prime members’ eligible orders in two days or fewer.”

Two-day shipping is still available on Amazon. It’s still a part of the Prime membership package. However, beginning in 2020, Amazon prioritized vital orders over non-essential purchases, delaying some Prime orders. The Amazon Prime membership program used to be a great way to get free shipping, exclusive offers, and quick delivery. However, Amazon recently stated that Prime members would only be able to receive same-day delivery in a limited number of cities. This is a strong indication that Amazon is discontinuing Prime membership as a consumer advantage. 


Two-day shipping is still available on Amazon. It’s still a part of the Prime membership package. However, beginning in 2020, Amazon prioritized vital orders over non-essential purchases, delaying some Prime orders. This is something you can simply verify on the company’s website. It’s just that the corporation has had trouble delivering on its promises. The pandemic exacerbated these issues since, as one might assume, the uncertainty that surrounded us all resulted in a massive increase in product demand. It’s crucial to understand how Amazon estimates shipping and delivery dates if you want to have realistic expectations about when your products will arrive.


When the country was shut down in March during the start of the COVID-10 outbreak, Amazon was hit with thousands of orders at once as individuals scrambled to get basics delivered to their homes. However, Amazon was not prepared to handle the surge, and in March, the business announced that it would re-prioritize its shipping methodology, prioritizing the delivery of needs to customers first. 

Many people who tried to order anything other than essential products discovered that the delivery procedure took far longer than usual, with packages taking more than a week to ship and deliver. However, it appears that this shift has lasted longer than anticipated. While the United States continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon’s shipping times continue to be longer than predicted, resulting in dissatisfied customers.



Amazon has not commented publicly on the increasing wait times since their earlier announcements during the peak of the infection. On their COVID-19, the firm stated that it has “hired 175,000 new people and announced plans to hire 100,000 more full- and part-time employees” and that it is continuing to improve whenever possible. For the time being, it appears that Amazon plans to reinstate free two-day shipping. However, processing times will remain longer than usual as they deal with the flood of packages caused by the coronavirus outbreak and following Prime Day.


Erika Kullberg, a well-known TikTok user, shared a brief video describing the situation if you’re wondering if Amazon compensates for your late goods. During the beginning of the video, the TikTok tip and tricks creator contacted an Amazon employee, informing her that her item, which was supposed to arrive yesterday, was delayed. The Amazon staffer explained that the delivery was delayed because the company was extremely busy. After hearing this reason, Erika inquired with the Amazon staffer about a possible remedy. The employee responded that the only way to resolve the issue of late delivery is to wait till the product comes.


Due to a scarcity of personnel and a huge number of orders to meet, Amazon Prime has begun prioritizing vital orders and delivering things that are necessary to be delivered faster than the other products, such as health products, household items, food, and so on. Even though this shipping software is no longer in use, you will have alternative options for resolving this issue. 

  • Is 2-day shipping guaranteed with Amazon Prime?

Not at all. In situations like this, “2-day delivery” means “we will make reasonable efforts to get this to you in two days, and if for any reason we are unable to do so, we will offer you a polite explanation if you question us. About it.” In most circumstances, it’s a pledge to try to meet that deadline, but it’s not a guarantee.

  • Are Amazon’s shipping estimates accurate?

About 95% of the time, Amazon’s shipping forecasts are correct. Orders are occasionally delivered ahead of their estimated delivery dates. 

Amazon No Longer Offers 2 Days Of Shipping

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