Can You Use Beats For Xbox One Mic?

Can You Use Beats For Xbox One Mic?

The Xbox One is one of the most anticipated home video consoles of all time and users always feel the need to have as many online games as possible, for the sake of entertainment and to relieve themselves of boredom. However, there has been a query about whether or not the Dre Beats can be used as a mic and so this article reveals all. Let us know ‘Can You Use Beats For Xbox One Mic?’

Can You Use Beats For Xbox One Mic?

The answer is yes. You can listen to the audio from the Xbox One by connecting the Dre Beats headphones or earbuds to either the TV or console. The Beats can also be used as a communication device for your teammates when playing games, since the standard audio connection is about 2.5 mm, for Xbox Live. 

Two Ways To Use Beats As Xbox One mic 

According to research, there are two ways to use Beats as an Xbox mic, here are some options to consider:

Plug in the headphones using the headphone jack onto the Xbox controller. 

Make use of the audio cable to connect the Beats to the Xbox. 

You can either access the Voice Memos app from your iPhone or make use of the Skype app to test if you could hear yourself speak through the mic. If they do not work, you are advised to try out different kinds of headphones or check the audio acceptability of the Xbox itself. 

Note that Apple earphones can be used on the Xbox One since the Xbox One has a 3.5 audio jack with stereo sound.

The Xbox One does not have a built-in microphone, therefore an external one will have to be used. 

Xbox One – Best Features 

The Xbox One has been compared to other gaming consoles like PlayStation 4, but it bears more benefits. The features include:

  1. The biggest highlight is the ‘save’ option, which automatically stores your game progress in the cloud storage, so whether you are at a friend’s house or might have bought a new console, you will easily access your past activities. 
  1. You are allowed to play your games accessed on the Xbox 360, onto your new Xbox One. It is as simple as going to your settings, then selecting ‘system’, ‘storage’, and ‘the cloud storage’ where your saves have been stored, to access them and play on!
  1. Just in case there are family members who are watching their favorite shows via the television, you can quickly stream the Xbox One games to any PC, as long as it has Windows 10 installed. 
  1. The Xbox One allows you to access as many digitized games as possible since it is compatible with external drives.
  1. You can set any achievement as the background to the screen since it is a high-resolution image.

Xbox One – Best Deals For July 2022

Gears 5 can be bought for $10 instead of the original price of $60.

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition is available for $20 instead of $60.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 wired controller is available for $63 from a price of $90.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One controller is available for $138 instead of $160

  • Research has reviewed that Microsoft has discontinued the production of Xbox One consoles as well as the Xbox One S and Xbox One X as of 2020. This means the retailers are the only ones with access to these types of consoles, therefore having to clear their stock.

Top Xbox One Alternatives 

PlayStation Classic Console

An upgrade to gamers with its high depth and quality as you are given a chance to play Sony’s titles with the 1994 console.

Nintendo Classic Mini

This alternative is known to host “deep games” such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey with an installed 20/20 vision when playing your selected games. It also has an addition of the latest games such as New Horizons, Pikmin 3: Deluxe Edition, and Paper Mario: The Origami King. Its biggest element is its portability.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia is similar to the Xbox One features when it comes to the usage of multiple devices for gaming. However, it is inclusive of a one-month free subscription trial. After that month, you pay as little as $10 a month. 

Atari Namco Flashback 9 Gold –

Featuring 120 games from Atari’s history with two additional controllers, this gamer provides a variety of games to choose from, leaving no room for boredom at all. This console provides ‘old gamers a chance to relive their childhood’ as it is inclusive of ancient games such as Atari


The Xbox One is made available to all gamers, as pricey as some might feel. It gives one access to unlimited games as it is installed with great benefits! Enjoy this console from the comfort of your own home, just plug in the beats to your television or console for communication and audio experience, and get to gaming! You can check gaming stores for the best deals this month!

Can You Use Beats For Xbox One Mic?

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