What Happens If Passport Photo Is Rejected?

Passport submission is a tricky process. You never know when a person will meet a rejection status. You have to be conscious about every step you take to avail your passport, whether a passport photo submission or submitting it for the final stamp. You might wonder, “Why did my passport photo get rejected”? It’s because the National passport information center or the U.S Department of States has set some instructions regarding the acceptable photo that every person needs to follow strictly. Otherwise, it will lead to passport photo rejection. A bad passport photo can be a reason for the rejection of the passport. A person should review it before submitting the passport photo to the agency. some of the instructions will be given below to tell you how to get a good photo. Let us know more detail about ‘What Happens If Passport Photo Is Rejected?’.

What Happens If Passport Photo Is Rejected?

What Happens If Passport Photo Is Rejected?

What happens if the passport photo is rejected? These queries are frequently asked by many of the people who went through the passport-processing stage. This issue hasn’t been addressed by the national passport information center directly. We have read many stories regarding what a person should do if the officials reject their passport photo. Conclusively, a person needs to resubmit their Passport photo in the form of rejection. Many travelers in their narrative have said that the National passport information center will not thoroughly reject the passport application. They put the application on and contact the person to inform them about the status of their passport-processing stage. 

The agency incorporates the reason for putting the person’s application on hold through the letter. They will guide you about the problem and instruct you to resubmit the picture again. All a person needs to do is resubmit the passport photo within 90 days. As the National passport information center requires a reply within 90, otherwise they will discard your application. 

 The agency will share a thorough guideline description in case of any other requirements. All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully and do what is said. 

What were the reasons for photo rejection?

Well, it has nothing to do with the way you look or the dress you have worn. The National passport information center or U.S Department of States has set few guidelines for the subjects to follow. If a person fails to follow even a single rule, it will lead to passport photo rejection. There are various reasons why people struggle with their passport photo approval from The National passport information center. 

Poor photo quality is one of the reasons for the rejection of photos, such as bad lighting, and poor expression. If a person’s face is not clear in the passport photo, it will also push it towards rejection. Face clarity is an integral part of passport photos to identify a person’s identity. Moreover, passport photos which are not bear accurate background colors get rejections. The national passport information center has prescribed some rules and regulations regarding picture background. Not unlike other photos, only includes your face and shoulders.

Moreover, If any person has worn a hat or covered their head. He must tell the officials the reason behind covering their heads; either it’s medical or religious. 

Concerning it of children, sometimes age can be a factor in rejection. Your child might look older than what is stated in the papers regarding the age limit. 

What is required for an acceptable passport photo?

The national passport information center has given a few instructions. If a person follows these instructions. Then, they will never go through the rejection process. I am briefly going to highlight that point here in my article. I hope that it will be helpful for the applicants.

 A person should bear a photo that has;

  •  Printed on glossy or matte paper.
  • captured within the time duration of the previous six month
  • specified allocated size such as 2 inches by 2 inches
  • the background color is white or off-white
  • must be attached to the specified area on the application form

Guidelines to get a good picture:

A good passport photo does not contain an informal setting or background. All it needs is to get a picture that is not vague, flappy, shaky, and with shadows. It should be clearly visible and focused. You should not choose your home setting for clicking a passport photo. Choose any official setting such as any studio, office, or other business that offers photo-developing services. It should look professionally clicked by anyone. 

Do not wear any cloth that covers your head. Your head should be naked. In case of any medical requirement or religious perspective, you can wrap your head only by giving the proof to the agency members. Lastly, check the photo has been printed on quality paper and inaccurate color. Also, measure the distance between chin and head to make sure they have covered all your face.  


Many people get rejected just because they do not follow the essential and prescribed requirements of a passport photo by the National passport of information center. It should be 2 inches by 2 inches in size. Also, your passport photo’s background color should be white or off-white. Your passport photo should represent your face from chin to head. You should click a photo that is not blurry, flappy, and includes poor lighting. This article offers you everything you need to know if your passport photo gets rejected. Read the full-length article to get answers to your queries.

What Happens If Passport Photo Is Rejected?

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