Cashing Bovada Checks -Know More

Bovada is an online site designed for gambling where you can play casino-based games like poker, horses, and sports. A crucial step for players is that the money made after winning a game must be deposited and cashed out safely by legal means. Unfortunately, it is impossible to cash your Bovada check from conventional check cashing means like banks, grocery stores, and cashing stores due to illegality in the United States according to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. It is possible and falls within the legal premises to withdraw the money made by winning Bovada games by using Bitcoin withdrawals or courier, which may take a little bit more time than conventional methods but ensures a lawful and safe way of cashing out your money. The exclusive features and steps for cashing out Bovada checks in the form of Bitcoin withdrawal and courier are discussed below.

Cashing Bovada Checks

Payout Methods for Cashing Bovada Checks

  • Bitcoin Withdrawal: You can withdraw your Bovada checks in the form of bitcoins. It is the safest and legally approved method for cash withdrawal. For this payout method For Cashing Bovada Checks:
  1. Log into your Bovada account by putting in your credentials.
  2. Choose the “Withdraw” option and choose “Bitcoin” from the subsequent menu for Bitcoin withdrawal.
  3. The website then asks you to put in your Bitcoin wallet address and other details like your mother’s maiden name.
  4. Then add the amount of money you want to withdraw.
  5. The limit of money that you can withdraw at a time is from $10 to $9500. A larger sum can be withdrawn after three days.
  6. The final step is to agree with the disclaimer policy and select “Request Withdrawal”.
  7. It usually takes 15 minutes or less for the Bitcoin withdrawal request to approve so you can receive the payment.
  8. Additional steps are followed to convert bitcoins into actual money which involves making an account on any Bitcoin exchange website out on the internet.
  9. There is no withdrawal fee charged from this cash withdrawal method.
  • Courier Withdrawal: This is the second-way Bovada players use to withdraw their money. It is precisely as it sounds – the check will be delivered through a courier service to your doorstep. There are a few points to consider before using the courier method to withdraw your Bovada check:
  1. The courier withdrawal service takes a longer time, about 10-15 days to process the withdrawal request and deliver the check to your doorstep
  2. The minimum withdrawal amount set for this method is $100, which reaches its maximum limit of $3000. Gradual payments in 7-day intervals are available if the withdrawal amount is higher than $3000 and Bovada will send the money in increments of $3000 every 7-day interim.
  3. The separate checks upon withdrawal request of money higher than the maximum limit require the player to pay a $50-$100 fee on each check. For the first payout, this fee is exempted and then charged monthly for the next payouts. The fee exemption is repeated every three months and you can enjoy this facility four times per year.

Bovada checks can be cashed out by selecting the “courier” option after logging into your Bovada account. After receiving the check, the receiver must sign the approval of receiving the check to validate the courier company’s delivery services.

So which withdrawal strategy is preferably the best to choose from?

A detailed comparison of both cash-out methods given below will ease the confusion for Bovada players:

Courier Payout MethodBitcoin Payout Method
Request Processing Time10-15 Days~15 minutes – 24 Hours
Withdrawal Limits$100 – $3000$10 – $9500
Payout Fee$0 every 3 months$50-$100 per month$0
Withdrawal Intervals7 days3 days
Exchange MethodsNoneBitcoin exchange websites
ReliabilityMost popular withdrawal approachQuick and easy

Keeping up with the standard of today’s technological world, most players of Bovada prefer the Bitcoin Withdrawal Method over Courier Withdrawal Method because of its reliability, quick and easy withdrawal steps, and additional pros that courier withdrawal lacks. It is important to note that Bovada itself is a trusted website and both withdrawal options available can be trusted for their authenticity. For the players facing any problems with withdrawal options by either method, Bovada’s excellent customer service compensates the user accordingly.


Either way, it is at players’ discretion to choose whichever form of withdrawal from Bovada is most convenient for them. Some people prefer the courier service method for authenticity and one simple step ahead to cash out their received check, while some people prefer the Bitcoin withdrawal method because it’s easy to operate and user-friendly and websites can trade bitcoins making the process simple. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many payout methods are there for cashing checks?

There are two methods to choose to payout your Bovada checks either by courier or by Bitcoin exchange.

  • Is it legal to use the money won in Bovada games?

It is illegal to directly use Bovada checks in businesses, but after withdrawing money through Bitcoin exchange or courier delivery, it is possible to cash out the check and use the money legally.

Cashing Bovada Checks -Know More

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