How To Watch Wipeout?

Wipeout is a fun obstacle course game show that started in 2008. Contestants have to pass through these courses and stunts to win the grand prize of $ 50,000. Wipeout has a total of 7 seasons; watching constants compete on a ridiculous obstacle course that is so physically challenging is hilarious and people love binging it. Let us know ‘How To Watch Wipeout?’.

How To Watch Wipeout?

Wipeout was cancelled 6 years ago and the fans were still heartbroken until the news came that once again in 2021 the game show will make a comeback. And also there is no stopping you from binging the released 7 seasons of wipeout. Wipeout is being aired on many online platforms.

How to watch wipeout?

Wipeout ranked as 1 as the new unscripted series in 2021 with its new season. The game show also gained more popularity because of its new celebrity hosts John Cena, Nicole Byer and Camille Kostek. Although it was cancelled years ago, people still love to watch the old episodes.If you have a cable connection you can watch Wipeout on TBS. And if you don’t have a cable connection you can still watch the released episodes on and the recent season on these platforms-

  1. Hulu 

All 7 seasons of Wipeout are on Hulu. You can get Hulu for $ 6.67 per month.

  1. Amazon Prime

You can binge all seasons of Wipeout on Amazon. You can get a season of Wipeout SD for $ 19.99 and HD for $ 24.99.

  1. iTunes

iTunes has all the 7 seasons of Wipeout. You can buy a Wipeout episode on iTunes SD for $ 1.99 and HD for $ 2.99.

  1. VUDU

VUDU only streams starting 6 seasons of Wipeout. You can buy an episode of Wipeout on VUDU SD for $ 1.99 and HD for $ 2.99. 

  1. Microsoft Store

You can buy all 7 seasons of Wipeout on Microsoft Store, each season at SD for $ 19.99 and HD for $ 24.99.

  1. Google Play

You can buy all 7 seasons of Wipeout on Google play, each season is for $ 19.99.

  1. Direct Tv

All 7 seasons of Wipeout have been released on Direct Tv. You can get Direct Tv for $ 69.99 per month.

  1. HBO Max

HBO Max is streaming the latest season of Wipeout. You can get HBO Max for $ 9.99 per month.

  1. Spectrum on Demand

The latest season of wipeout is out on Spectrum on Demand, you can get Spectrum for $ 64.99 per month.

  1. You Tube

YouTube Tv streams Wipeout, you can get YouTube Tv for $ 64.99 per month. And you can also watch some episodes and short clips from the game show on YouTube without a subscription.

Why did ABC cancel Wipeout?

There was never a reason specified as to why the wipeout got cancelled by ABC. Though some people say it was because of some constants getting serious injuries during the game show. There is always news of contestants getting hurt during physical game shows and some of the game shows provide help, some also take on the cost of treatments whereas on wipeout the contestants have to sign a contract before entering the show which says that the show will not be responsible for any injuries during the game show.

While others say that the show got cancelled because the format of the show was similar to a game show AMERICAN NINJA WARRIORS, owned by a Japanese company. The Japanese company filed an infringement complaint against the producers of wipeout. Later they settled it out of court by cancelling the show.


Remember Takeshi’s castle, the famous Japanese game show which to this day people watch, it was like a stress buster, Wipeout is just like that, Addicting and so fun to watch. There are so many ways you can watch Wipeout, if you don’t want to rent or buy from any streaming sites, the best way to enjoy it is to go to YouTube. There are so many channels on YouTube that streams Wipeout for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

▪ Have people been injured on ABC’s Wipeout?

Yes, people might get hurt while playing a physical game show. The contestants are given proper safety gear but minor injuries happen all the time on the Wipeout.

▪ Can contestants sue the Wipeout if they are injured?

Before entering the game show, contestants are to sign multiple contracts which clearly state that the contestants are aware of the risks in the game show and that the game show will not be responsible for any injury to the contestants. 

▪ Are there other fun game shows like Wipeout?

Some of the similar fun game shows like the Wipeout are American Gladiators, Holey Moley, Viking – The ultimate obstacle course, Fort Boyard, Hole in the Wall and Floor is Lava.

How To Watch Wipeout?

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