Costs To Rekey Locks

The concept of rekeying is different from unlocking. There can be reasons why you want to rekey. You might want to rekey if you just moved to a new house and aren’t sure who else has the key. To rekey a lock, locksmiths usually charge per hour. The price is dependent on the experience of the locksmith. Another condition that is likely to affect the price of rekeying is the cost of transportation, insurance, and for their skills. To rekey your lock, you’ll have to hire a locksmith, and for this, you should plan to spend nothing less than $100 to $150. The cost per hour is between $5 to $125, depending on the expertise level. In this article, we’ll be examining the cost of rekeying your lock . All you need to know more about the Costs To Rekey Locks.

Costs To Rekey Locks

Cost Per Hour

To rekey your lock, you might want to consider paying per hour, as this is how locksmiths charge for their work. The cost would vary as the experience of one might exceed the other. 

Here are the costs of rekeying your lock, depending on the level of expertise. 

Apprentice LockSmith

Normally, an apprentice just starting would like to use any job he gets as an opportunity to improve. This, by default, might cause the apprentice to charge lesser. An apprentice can charge between $50 and $75 per hour per hour. 

Experienced LockSmith

For an experienced locksmith who is no longer under tutorship, his charges would be higher than an apprentice by default. He has gathered more experience than the apprentice and would charge for this experience. An experienced worker would charge between $75 and $100 per hour. 

Master LockSmith

Just like the name implies, this type of locksmith has built experience over the years and even tutors others. If you are hiring one, you must hold nothing less than $125 per hour. 

Cost Of Rekeying Lock

You can rekey the lock to either your house, car, office door, or anything else.

Cost To Rekey A House

For a house, rekeying would cost nothing less than $70 to $160. Common among professionals is to add the cost of the new key in their charge.

Different things can cause a hike in price. If the lock type is expensive, then be prepared for a higher price. Some doors that are useless when their key is lost can be very expensive to rekey. 

Cost to Rekey a Car

For your cars, be ready to pay nothing less than $35 to $150. Of course, the price might vary, depending on some factors. These factors can include whether you want to reset the lock or the ignition. 

You can rekey when your car keys were locked in the car or stolen. You should consider rekeying both the ignition and the lock-in case your key was stolen.  

Here is the cost to rekey: 

1. To rekey just the lock, you should have a budget of $35 to $55. Here, the locksmith changes the lock so it can be opened by another key. With this, the old key can’t work on the car lock. This method is best for a stolen car key. 

2. To rekey a car ignition, the budget is around $60 to $150. This price also includes the locksmith’s labor. This cost is higher than just rekeying the lock because the ignition is a more complex thing to do. 

When to Call a Locksmith

Even as important as it is to know the cost of rekeying, it’s vital to also know when rekeying is necessary and when it is not.  

For a new home, security is a very important thing never to overlook. Here, the locksmith is needed. The locksmith can help rekey the locks to the house to prevent anyone with the old key from gaining access to the property. 

In a case where your keys were stolen, you’ll want to rekey the lock. Rekeying is less expensive.

In any of these cases, you can call a locksmith to rekey immediately to guarantee your safety.  

Hiring A Locksmith

There are things to know when hiring a locksmith. Getting a locksmith and their services is not hard as they can be found in many places. 

To hire a locksmith and not have complaints after the job is done, do well to check reviews of that particular locksmith on his profile online. This would save you from a lot of disheartening experiences. 

Knowing the price the locksmith would charge is also very needed. Do this; you’ll plan whether or not to work with that particular locksmith. 

Don’t overlook the payment method and communication expectations. Know about all these beforehand.


To rekey locks, you’ll have to get a locksmith. The concept is to change the old key but still maintain the lock. How it is done is that the lock is dismantled, and then the key pins are replaced. This would make the old key void and useless. 

You can also sit down and check the costs of either rekeying or changing the entire lock. For cost-effectiveness, rekeying is a better choice. It is also very ideal for a lost key.

For someone who loves how the style of the lock matches their home, rekeying is the best option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does rekey locks come with a guarantee?

No, they don’t. 

Unlike you changing the entire lock and replacing it with a new one that might have a warranty, rekeying doesn’t have this benefit. 

Another downside is that after rekeying, the lock can either wear out or eventually break.  

2. What happens when a locksmith damages my property in the process of rekeying my lock?

That’s why, upon hiring, ensure the locksmith is under insurance in case of damage.

Nothing might be done to the already damaged property where this is absent. So, to avoid this, always check online for more detailed information about the locksmith you are about to hire. 

Costs To Rekey Locks

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