CycleBar Class Cost

CycleBar is today’s most demanding option for indoor cycling. People love it for its quality of workouts and the results are pretty prosperous. But CycleBar class cost is a matter of concern as many people assume that the classes are expensive. CycleBar costs $18-$22 for each drop-in class and $59-$69 for four classes in a month. The more rides/classes you will choose, the less will be the cost. Here you will know the other costs of CycleBar’s packages and some interesting facts.  

CycleBar Class Cost

How Much Do I Need To Pay In CycleBar? 

Before joining CycleBar, most people think about the cost. The price of CycleBar’s packages depends on the studio location and the package. For that reason, CycleBar offers the first 30 minutes ride free to help you make a decision.      

One needs to pay $18 to $22 for each drop-in class/ride. If you like their service and want to expand your workout journey at CycleBar, you can choose affordable packages with more rides. 

You can choose 4 classes in a month at $59 to $69. For unlimited rides/classes, you need to pay $149 a month. We can see that CycleBar has affordable packages too. And CycleBar’s this package is most popular as it offers unlimited rides.     

Another package includes 5 to 8 rides at $109 per month. This package expires in three months.  

Riders consider two rides quite expensive. One has 10 classes/month at $180 and another one includes 20 rides/month at $340. Their termination time is six months. 

The last but important ones are 50 to 100 class packages and these expire in 1 year. We can realize that CycleBar thinks of its customers and sets their packages according to it.      

Is The Cost Worth It? 

Yes, the cost is worth it. Many people voted ‘yes’ who went to CycleBar. Even we researched and got a positive answer from most of the people. No doubt, its service, and environment give everyone the spirit to go ahead. 

Here are some important factors mentioned below –    

• Complimentary Things

When you will join the class or ride, CycleBar will give you shoes, a water bottle, and snacks as complimentary. Though it offers shoes, you can bring your own compatible with rides. 

Professionally Handling  

It provides a friendly environment with trained instructors, who will guide you according to your needs. CycleBar pushes everyone to focus on their workouts by avoiding social media, phone calls, chatting, etc. Thus, one concentrates fully and gets his desired outcome.  

• Safe Locker 

CycleBar has safe lockers in its studios with keypad-coded protection. You will also get hair ties, toiletries, or robes in the locker room. These advantages attract one to choose CycleBar.    

Encouraging Music  

The songs CycleBar plays are pretty encouraging to do more workouts. Its music is also enjoyable. Therefore, you can burn more calories working out with the rhythm of the music. Sometimes you will get themed rides with specific music and songs, which are so exciting.    

• Class Time

CycleBar has several class times so that no one can miss classes. You can go to classes according to your preferred time.  No matter when you attend, you will love its weekly events. Free wine, brunch, or another surprise may raise your spirits. 

• Free Merch or Gifts

CycleBar has an option for free merch and gifts if you complete your full package joining rides. You will get free merch for your next ride or you may get gifts.    

• Performance Leaderboard 

CycleBar presents the performance leaderboard after each day’s workout to show improvement. It is easy to know how much you are improving and when you are reaching your goal. Also, it will increase your attention.            

But in the end, we did not like one thing about CycleBar. It has fewer showers than needed and they are not even available for everyone. We know that while sweating after a workout, we need a shower to freshen up. 

As each thing has both positive and negative sides, CycleBar is not different. Apart from its shower issue, it has no noticeable negative side. We hope CycleBar will improve its shower system. 

So, we agree that the expensive cost of CycleBar is worth it.              


While talking about CycleBar class cost, we got to know many amazing features of CycleBar. No wonder, CycleBar is quite popular for its workouts and noticeable results. The friendly behaviour of their instructors is admirable. Though the cost is a bit high, their service is worth it. So, why don’t you give it a try?          


Q. Is there any free trial at CycleBar?

A. Yes, the first ride is free at CycleBar. It gives you a chance to make your choice. 

Q. Can I lose weight at CycleBar?

A. Yes, you can lose up to 4-5 pounds in a month if you go to CycleBar regularly. People claim to lose 400 to 500 calories a day at CycleBar.        

Q. Do I need to bring my bike to the CycleBar?   

A. No, you don’t need to as CycleBar provides bikes and you can choose it from their bike list.

Q. Does CycleBar offer cycling shoes?  

A. Yes, CycleBar offers cycling shoes. One can get them on each ride.  

CycleBar Class Cost

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