Does Dash Cam Drain Your Car Battery

We all have heard that a client’s car battery gets sucked by the extra unnecessary load you add to your car trunk, which is extremely dangerous. Today many are using a dash cam to record everything while the car is running as a backup plan for proof of activity. Let us Know how to clean engine Does Dash Cam Drain Your Car Battery

Does dash cam drain your car battery

Yet the individuals don’t know that using a dash cam in your car can drain your car battery faster and damage your car battery. In return, this can also drain the car battery.

Can a dash cam drain the car battery?

In short, a dash cam can drain the battery of your car, while it is running. This is from it consuming a high percentage of the battery while the car is still on. Yet, numerous factors are to be considered to decide if a dash cam can drain your car’s battery.

What are these factors?

  • These are
  • Model of car
  • Type of car
  • Battery type
  • Weight of the dash cam
  • Engine type of the car
  • Model of dash cam
  • Type of dash cam
  • Where you put the dash cam

With all these an individual finds out their or any dash cam is said to drain the car’s battery.

In short, a dash cam is like an extra load added to your car that once turned on sucks the battery of your car.

Types of dash cam

Depending on the model or just the type of dash cam, it may harm the battery in your car. In short, the more functions a dash cam has, the faster it drains the engine’s battery.

However, there are cases where even a more expensive or even a simple dash cam doesn’t drain influence an automobile’s battery. One type is the cigarette adapter which uses the car’s battery to power the device, depleting your power supply.

How can this drain the battery of my car?

These then use the car’s battery as a power source to run and charge the dash cam. In return, this will then increase the rate at which the car’s battery gets used up.

What are the sources the dash cam uses to charge itself?

  • These are outlined below
  • Cigarette lighter socket
  • Hardwiring to the vehicles fuse box 

These are through the dash cam uses an external source of power to which they are used to run the dash cam’s, is usually originated from the car itself.

Car battery drain has no relation to dash cam

There have been cases where the dash cam usually doesn’t have a role in draining the battery of your car.  

How does this work?

This is through on average a dash cam requires less than 50% of the power (0.25-0.45 amps) of the normal amount of power to function. In comparison to this, a car needs on average 45 amps hours to run itself. While a larger truck will need a larger amount of energy to run itself.

To add to this, overall, a dash cam only requires a small amount of power voltage to work, hence it doesn’t affect the car battery.

How to prevent the dash cam from draining the car battery

Numerous tips can help you to drain the car battery.

What are these tips?

  • Turn off the car while parking
  • Get a Hardwire kit

These tips are not guaranteed to help the dash cam reduce the amount of battery it is draining from your car.

To summarize, an individual needs to make sure that the main engine of the car is turned while, while the car is not in use. In return, this will make sure that the dash cam is not draining a huge amount of your car’s battery.


A dash cam can sometimes drain the car battery, as they use the car’s battery as an external source to power themselves. In return, this can affect the battery of your car by ruining parts part of the car battery, which will further reduce the car’s battery at a faster rate.


Can a small dash cam if placed on the windscreen, lead to a battery discharge?

Yes, in some cases it can because the dash cam needs an external source of power to run itself, and that source is the car itself. This then contributes to draining the battery of your car.

How can I prevent the dash cam from draining the vehicle’s battery?

Multiple tips have surfaced on the online web, where the most useful and efficient tips are switching the main engine of your carb off and installing a hardwire kit, to prevent draining the battery.

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