Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Lockers, And Towels

Planet Fitness is a well-known gym facility that has a chain of gyms located in over 2,100 places nationally. It caters to the best gym memberships at a low cost. Also, it is known for its strict but reasonable rules and regulations when it comes to its employees and clients. Each Planet Fitness gym upholds high levels of tidiness and security, thus all gyms owned by Planet Fitness must have showers. However, due to some reasons including health-associated reasons, towels are not provided by this facility. Lockers are also available for clients to use at Planet Fitness. Lets know Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Lockers, And Towels ?

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Lockers, And Towels?

What Planet Fitness Offers

Planet Fitness offers its clients great membership deals and services. This includes the locker rooms, showers, and little towels to wipe down machines. However, it is considered to bring your towels, soap or body wash if you wish to use the showers at Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness offers high-quality towels for sale. Therefore, if a client has forgotten their towel at home, they can buy it the house.

One single-use locker is assigned to every registered member at Planet Fitness club. The client is free to use this locker every time they visit a nearby Planet Fitness gym. However, lockers are not intended for prolonged use, thus the staff personnel is authorized to cut latches if they’re left for a long duration or after they close.

All of your belongings can be stored safely in a locker (if need be) provided to every client at Planet Fitness. Male and female showers and locker rooms are segregated into two groups. The size of the gym determines the size and number of the showers and lockers available. Commonly, Planet fitness has large showers and lockers.

However, Planet Fitness does not provide private lockers and safety locks. Also, Planet Fitness does not take any responsibility for any missing or lost item thus clients are advised not to store anything valuable inside the gym lockers.

Other important Protocols For Using Planet Fitness Lockers

1. All clients are urged to have their padlocks to use for the lockers provided.

2. It is imperative to empty the locker, and remove the padlock before departure from the gym. 

3. All property kept for more than 24 hours inside the locker can be taken by the staff as lost items. 

4. Staff is authorized to open the locker if they have a reason to believe there are suspicious items kept in the locker.

5. Locker rooms can be used as dressing rooms if need be, thus taking pictures/videos is not allowed in these areas. 

6. Personal belongings can be stored in the locker but clients are advised to keep valuable items at home or in their cars.

How are the Planet Fitness Showers

After or before a workout, most people love to shower immediately. This is the reason why Planet Fitness has taken it upon themselves to provide showers for their clients. Planet fitness cleaning staff ensure that the showers are clean and tidy at all times. The club also follows strict shower regulations which include privacy, and cleanliness as top priorities. 

Planet Fitness gyms are open 24/7 and so are other catered facilities like the showers and locker rooms. If a client encounters issues with privacy or theft, they can alert the gym management anytime and they will be attended to accordingly.

Tips for Using Planet Fitness Showers

1. Carry your toiletries and towels.

3. It is best to keep your gym stuff in a gym bag inside your locker and all valuables at home.

4. Wear shower shoes like flip-flops to avoid contracting any diseases like athlete’s foot which is a fungal infection that affects athletes.

5. It is vital to take some time to cool down after a workout and before taking shower. This helps avoid body temperature shocks.

6. Limit your time in the shower, because other people might need to use the showers also.

7. Start by using warm water when showering, as it calms tense muscles.

Planet Fitness Membership Offers

At $10 per month, Planet fitness grants you a general membership that enables you to use their facilities at a chosen location including lockers and showers. To use more than one Planet Fitness gym in different locations, the club offers a black card membership that costs about $23 per month. However, the black card requires a commitment agreement of one year. 

Perks of owning a black card membership at Planet Fitness include the following:

1. Free fitness instruction and wifi access. 

2. The ability to bring a guest and to use any Planet Fitness location.

3. Access hydro massage therapy and tanning.

4. Able to use massage chairs ad Total Body Enhancement Techniques.

5. 50% discount on all drinks and a 20% discount on reebok gym regalia.


Planet Fitness is one of the best gyming facilities Internationally. With an inexpensive membership card, a client can get access to all gym equipment, fitness training, free wifi, unlimited discounts, and many more. The health and safety of the clients are the top priority at Planet Fitness, this shows by how this club ensures the provision of secure locker rooms and hygienic showers/restrooms respectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

• Men men and women shower separately at Planet Fitness Showers?

There are separate showers ad locker rooms catered for men and women.

• Why are towels not provided at Planet Fitness?

The towel provision would be an additional expense as they need to be enough to be rotated 24/7. Also, towels would require to be kept fresh and clean, which is another task.

• How much is the annual cost of the Black card membership at Planet Fitness?

The annual fee of black card membership at Planet Fitness is $39 plus a $22.99 monthly fee, which adds up to $315.88 yearly.

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Lockers, And Towels

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