Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video – Know More

In today’s world, people rely on streaming services rather than their cable TV services. The streaming industry is growing fast, and so are the streaming services platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney plus Hotstar, SonyLiv, Zee5, etc. The most preferred and trusted streaming platforms are Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video. Some prefer Netflix over Amazon Prime Video, and some prefer the vice-verse. Let’s Know More About Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video

Both are the best streaming service platforms but they have their own pros and cons. How can one choose over the other? It is simply due to some differences, be it in their streaming quality, lower subscription cost, or more number of movies and tv series. 

Overall comparison 

Basis Netflix Amazon Prime Video 
1. AboutIt is an American service subscription company which deals with online streaming of movies and tv series. It also runs its own production i.e Netflix Originals. It is a product of Amazon, an American service subscription  company which provides Over-The-Top (OTT) content. It also runs its own production i.e Amazon Originals.
2. FoundersReed HastingsMarc RandolphJeff Bezos
3. Launched 29 August 19977 September 2006
4. Users (as of 2022)5.5 million21.8  million
5. Subscription PlanBasic – $9.99Standard – $15.49Premium – $19.99Monthly – $14.99Annual – $139
6. Video QualityBasic – SDStandard – HDPremium – HD (Select 4K)Monthly – HD (Select 4K)Annual – HD (Select 4K)
7.Streaming DevicesBasic – 1 DeviceStandard – 2 DevicesPremium – 4 DevicesMonthly – 3 DevicesAnnual – 3 Devices
8. Viewing offline Basic- 1 DeviceStandard – 2 DevicesPremium – 4 DevicesMonthly- Multiple devicesAnnual – Multiple devices

Analysis of the above table

Putting the facts on the table is easy, but interpreting and analyzing them correctly is essential to finding out the meaning of the facts. How can you compare and determine the reason for choosing one over the other? Therefore, analysis is necessary. 

After going through the above table, many decision-making points appeared. Hence, below are some of the issues which turned out to be some points for discussion or deciding factors on which one can be considered better.

  1. Video Quality- A good quality is something every buyer expects, as, at the end of the day, it is their hard-earned money by which they pay for subscriptions. 

On Netflix, there are different video quality for other subscription options. It changes according to the subscription plans. 

However, in amazon prime video, it is evident that no matter which subscription a person chooses, they will get the same video quality and a premium one. Here, amazon prime video has the upper hand.

2. Streaming devices- Who does not love to stream with more than one device if you have many viewers in your household? If you are a single viewer, then this point would be a non-deciding factor. 

However, a higher subscription package would be needed for Netflix lovers with many viewers in a household. Either a standard or a premium. 

But, for amazon prime video users, three devices are allowed to run simultaneously unless they are watching different content. If they watch the same movie or a tv series simultaneously, then only two devices are allowed to run simultaneously. 

This also provides an upper hand for amazon prime video. 

3. Content – This is the most important deciding factor for most people. Will you be willing to pay for less content? The answer is always a NO because we always tend to look for more in less. 

Although amazon prime video offers a wide range of content, you can only watch those movies or tv series with the banner ‘prime’ mentioned below. The content which does not have the banner has to be paid for. Also, it offers mostly older content but in variety. However, the amazon prime original shows and movies are getting critically acclaimed and popular day by day. 

As for Netflix, the content is shrinking day by day due to the expiration of contracts with the content providers. But it does not fail us in providing foreign content that no other online streaming platform offers. Also, they are focusing more on their original content, which is quite popular.

So which one should you go for? In this case, it mainly depends on the user. If you love more content and do not mind whatever content is available, then you can opt for amazon prime video. 

But, if you are a Netflix fan and a Netflix lover, you should probably stick to it and enjoy the available content.


Amazon Prime Video wins regarding video quality, cost, and the number of streaming devices. But, when it comes to good content, no matter if there is less content to choose from compared to amazon prime video, then Netflix wins. The choice is very subjective and mostly depends on what we want and what fits a person’s expectations. However, both the online streaming platforms put their best efforts into fulfilling the user’s expectations, and people all around the globe enjoy both the streaming platforms equally. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does Netflix have more movies than Amazon Prime Video?

Netflix has less number of movies when compared to Amazon Prime Video. Amazon has 24000 movie titles, but Netflix has around 15000 movie titles.

  1. Which one is considered cheaper: Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is cheaper than Netflix in all aspects.

  1. Can I watch Netflix on two devices simultaneously or together?

Yes, if only you have either subscribed to the standard subscription plan or premium subscription plan.

  1. Which is considered better?

Netflix when it comes to sound quality of content.

Amazon Prime Video when it comes to a wide variety of content.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video – Know More

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