Earn 1 Dollar A Day

Earning a dollar every day may sound like a drop in a mighty ocean but it sure does make a difference. You can add it to your savings, use it to buy gas or pay for some minor monthly expenses, and use it to tip waiters at restaurants. Most jobs that pay a dollar a day aren’t time-consuming and neither do they require much effort. Many of them are easy online jobs you can do with your phone. Let us Know how to earn 1 Dollar per day.

You can earn a dollar or even more a day through online sites such as survey sites, cash back apps or websites, etc. An example of such a survey site is Survey Junkie and one of the good cash-back sites to earn money from is Rakuten. In addition, you can earn a dollar a day by doing food delivery with DoorDash and selling your photos. 

Ways to Earn 1 Dollar a Day 

1. Survey Sites

One of the most convenient ways to earn a dollar or more online is by filling out surveys on survey sites. Some survey sites pay in cash while some only offer free gift cards. Here are some survey sites you can earn at least a dollar from every day.

Survey Junkie 

If you take surveys that have high payouts, for every hour you work you can make between $12 to $18 on Survey Junkie. The minimum amount you can cash out is $10 and you can receive it through your PayPal account.


Swagbucks Is an interesting online site to work on. For just registering as a new user you get $10 bonus. To earn on this site, you can perform any of these simple tasks; shopping online, watching videos, taking surveys, clipping coupons, playing games, and lots more. You have to earn at least $5, (this excludes your registration bonus) before you can cash out.

Branded Surveys 

On this site, you earn $1 for signing up and their surveys are high-paying. You can cash out through PayPal. Their pay-out rate is very low, just 1,000 points which is equal to $1, excluding the sign-up bonus. This site is different from many other survey sites that require you to earn a lot before you can cash out. So, if you really need to cash out 1 dollar a day, this site is for you.

2. Cash Back Apps or Websites

These sites and apps offer a really convenient way to earn money back. You just need to take a few steps to get between 1% to 20% of your cash back on almost all your online purchases. Some of them are:


You earn a $20 bonus from this app the first time you scan a receipt. To use this app, check the offers posted on the app, pick items you want to buy, and they will have them linked to your Ibotta account. Purchase the items that were linked to you and upload on the Ibotta app a picture of your receipt. You will receive your cashback within 2 days. Some of the cashback include $4 for dog treats and $3 for soda and chips. $20 is the least amount you can cash out.


Rakuten pays you for shopping online. You just have to click on their links, then they will put a cookie in your internet browser. This cookie will automatically track your purchases and redirect you to whichever shopping site you choose. After you’ve bought an item on the shopping site, Rakuten will earn a commission. Rakuten then sends part or all of the commission they earned to you as cash back.

3. Food Delivery with DoorDash

You can as well make some extra cash delivering food however, you will spend about half of your time on the DoorDash app. DoorDash partners with many restaurants to help them deliver their food to their customers. You can work with DoorDash by being a DoorDash driver and making deliveries. You spend half of your time accepting orders online and the rest you spend on making deliveries. You can make between $10 and $25 every hour.

4. Sell your Photos

Anyone can take great photos nowadays, courtesy of great android and iPhone cameras. Although, the picture quality may not be as great as those taken by a professional photographer. So, you may not be able to render your services to betrothed couples or magazines but you can sell your pictures on Shutterstock.

You can earn 25 cents on this site every time your image is downloaded. Imagine your image having up to 4 downloads a day, that’s a dollar. Also, when you reach some milestones, the site pays you more for every download, you can earn up to 38 cents for every download. You can receive your earnings through PayPal. You don’t have to only upload photos of yourself or people, you can upload pictures of mundane things like a cup of coffee, a laptop, a well-arranged bookshelf, etc.


You can effortlessly or with minimal effort Earn 1 Dollar A Day or more a day. Some people do stuff to earn a dollar or a little more a day as a side gig or hustle to supplement their existing source of income. Whereas some spend only a dollar a day and these jobs offer them their only source of income. If you are any of these categories of people, you can check out any of the ways to earn a dollar a day discussed in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which other survey sites can one earn a dollar a day from?

Other survey sites you can earn a dollar day from are Zap Surveys and Pinecone Research.

2. What other things can one sell online to earn at least a dollar a day?

You can sell off your old stuff on CraigsList or Amazon.

Earn 1 Dollar A Day

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