Fans Want Patrick Mahomes Fiancée Banned For The Latest Action

When the limelight surrounds you, nothing you do is your perspective. When you have a fan base to attend who is always there to listen to what you say, see what you do, and take actions for your support then you are equally held responsible for any action you make and are held answerable to them., The life of a celebrity is not an easy path it is rather a path with stones i.e., it is a very difficult path you have to go through your entire life and there is no privacy left to you. Let’s discuss Fans Want Patrick Mahomes Fiancée Banned For The Latest Action.

Fans Want Patrick Mahomes Fiancée Banned For The Latest Action

Fans Want Patrick Mahomes Fiancée Banned For The Latest Action

A football quarterback playing for the Kansas City chiefs of the national football league, Patrick Mahomes is an outstanding player and a celebrity figure. He is an idol of many people out there. He plays football games for his team to its best so that he can satisfy his team and fans in all aspects. His fiancée Brittany Mathews is a business person and personal trainer. However, they have been both in the headlines of the news due to some latest actions made by Britani Mathews. Let’s have a look over it!

What action did Britani take recently?

Britany currently seemed to be more active and known on social media sites than her far-famous husband Patrick Mahomes. Fans from the NFL (National Football league) have been continuously criticizing Britany for her actions.

The mess started when a video of Britani got viral on social media where she was spraying champagne to the chief’s fanbase from her private box at the stadium. Fans have been relentlessly criticizing her after she married Patrick and this brought an argument to it. The fans of the NFL and Patrick could not resist Mathew’s action and criticized her and demanded Patrick stop her and his brother from watching the live sports performances. The video that went viral was from the celebration when the chief overcame the bill 42-36 in an all-time classic at arrowhead.

Patrick’s brothers’ action-:

When Patrick’s brother, Mathew saw the criticism of her sister-in-law all over the internet, he couldn’t resist retweeting and giving an answer to the fans of Patrick and the NFL who criticized him. He retweeted Britain’s action comparing what she did that day to what Steph Curry the superstar from the Golden State Warrior did during the celebration of the NBA final victory. He shared a video with his tweet showing Steph Curry the superstar of the Golden State Warrior spraying on his fans during the celebration of the NBA finals victory. His tweet stated- “People dead ass lost their minds on Brittany Lynne for the same thing” as he shared the video.

This made the conditions for Britany and Patrick even worse as Jack has been in some controversies since 2012 and is right now not much supported by his fans. His statement created a little problem for the couple instead of solving it. However, big brother Patrick had a quiet word with him to make him understand the situation. The whole Mathew family could be seen standing 3toggether during the phase of this social crisis for them

Patrick’s stand on the action and fans’ demand-:

The football superstar Patrick has been married to his childhood sweetheart Britany and shares an 11 months old daughter with the good news of expecting their second baby soon. It seems that Patrick has been spending his holidays with his sweetheart by reading the online rumors about his family. He did not take any direct stand against the rumors but clarified that he has not banned his wife Britany and his brother jack from watching any of his matches. However, after Jack’s tweet, the big brother had a quiet talk with the younger ones. 

Patrick tweeted his holiday photos saying that you people out there are creating stories and rumors on your own. However, to respect his fans and their opinions he did not state anything about which rumor or news he was talking about. He just pleaded with his fans to get the chills and be calm and promised that he would return with a bang performance in his further matches. 


From the above news it can be concluded that being a superstar is not a bed of roses. There are many controversies they go through every second day and face criticism as well with the support of their fans. They even get trolled or appreciated based on their private matters such as love and more. This controversy proved that not everything is as clear as it can be seen. Sometimes it is the game of words. Through this article we would have learned about why Fans Want Patrick Mahomes Fiancée Banned For The Latest Action!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)-;

Q1) Has Patrick banned his fiancé and brother from the matches?

Ans1) There has been no official notice for this update. However, Patrick’s tweet confirms that there has been no ban on any family member of Mathews from watching the match.

Q2) Are Patrick and Britany expecting a second child?

Ans2) Yes, the superstar would soon give his fans the good news as his wife Britany is pregnant with the couple’s second child and shares a daughter of 11 months.

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Fans Want Patrick Mahomes Fiancée Banned For The Latest Action

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