Flipkart Return Policy – Terms And Conditions

Flipkart is the largest online platform, where you can buy all kinds of products of various categories. As Flipkart provides its best services to its customers, sometimes the customer will not get satisfied with the product and return or get a refund. It is not difficult for a person to return any product to Flipkart. Flipkart Return Policy is one of the easiest.

Flipkart Return Policy

Flipkart provides a return policy on all its products. The returns get provided by the respective seller under some terms and conditions. For all the products, the return or replacement policy will differ and lie under the general return policy.

Under what conditions returns are accepted?

Mostly, returns are accepted with any kind of dissatisfaction the customer has with the product. Therefore, the returns will be initiated if-

  • The delivered product is different from the ordered one.
  • The product which the person received is damaged.
  • The product which the customer gets is different from the shown, in terms of quality or color.
  • If the person is not satisfied with the product.

 These are all the reasons for which the seller of Flipkart provides you with a return, replacement, or refund whichever you opt for.

Return policy according to different categories:

The return policy is different for all the products, its period of replacement varies and conditions too. The following are described below according to the different categories:

  1. If the product belongs to the lifestyle category such as jewelry, watch, footwear, etc then there will be 10 days refund or replacement policy.
  2. If the category is of any home supplies or pet supplies then there will also get 10 days replacement or refund.
  3. If you ordered any product from the lifestyle category which consists of a Tshirt, saree, footwear, dresses, kids wear, men’s wear, women’s ethnic or western wear, bags, suitcase, belts, sunglasses, etc then the 14 days were given to the customer, if they want any kind of refund, replacement or exchange.
  4. Another category consists of medicines, which provide 2 days refund policy.
  5. Now the category of the home includes decor items, furnishing, Improvement tools, or any household items. The seller will provide you with 7 days of refund or replacement policy for the product.
  6. Another category consists of Books, Sports equipment such as Ball support, gloves bag, etc, exercise and Fitness Equipment including dumbbells, Auto accessories, Car and bike Accessories like helmets, car kits, media players, etc. These items have 7 days replacement only. But free replacement will be provided only if the product the customers received is defective or different from the ordered one. Always return the product in its original condition will all the accessories received with it and warranty cards as well.
  7. The toys, Stationary and Musical instruments have 10 days replacement policy only whereas the grocery items have 2 days and some of them have 10 days refund policy.
  8. The mobile phones or any electronic item have 7 days replacement policy and then you have to return the product, as usual, you get with the accessories.
  9. Another one is Furniture or Large appliances which need to be installed, have 10 days replacement policy and it is replaced after it gets installed by the authorized personnel only. Only one replacement is provided for the product.

 What should be kept in mind during returning of the product?

The following are things, you have to keep in mind during the return of the product. They are mentioned below:

  • The product you are returning should be the same as the product you got delivered, its name, image, brand, serial number, and article number should be matched.
  • You have to return the complete product with its accessories as you get it.
  • The product should be undamaged or don’t have any kind of scratches or dents on it.
  • The product should be unused and clean and unwashed as well. It will not be returned if it was used by the customer
  • The product should be returned in its original packaging as well, the packaging should not be damaged.
Process of returning the product
  1. Login to your Flipkart account. Go to MY ORDERS.
  2. The product displays the product ordered by you. Now tap on ‘Return.’
  3. Mention the reason for returning the product and what you want a refund, replacement, or exchange.
  4. Then proceed further. Flipkart will undergo a process and verify your return request.
  5. Once it got verified, they provide you with the date and time from which the delivery company collects your order from you.
  6. When it gets into the shipping company’s hands, your further will take 5-6 days. When it gets reached, the seller checks and provides you with a replacement, refund, or exchange.

Flipkart provides a very liable return policy to its customers if they face any kind of issues related to the product. The process of returning the product is very simple and convenient as well. Just because of the return policy Flipkart gains this much goodwill in the market and is now on the top. Buying any product from Flipkart will be very easy. Just try it once.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Flipkart provide a safe return policy?

Yes, Flipkart is one of the largest websites and it provides you 100% guaranteed return policy.

  1. Did Flipkart provide a 100% refund for the product?

Flipkart will not charge you any kind of fees related to a refund, you will get the full amount of your product.

  1. How much time does Flipkart take to complete the whole process of return?

The Flipkart will take a maximum of 7 working days to complete the process.

Flipkart Return Policy – Terms And Conditions

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