How To Clean Cloth Car Seats?

When you own a car, most of your time is spent inside the car when outside the house. It’s your comfort place on wheels. With kids on board, your car will turn into a play arena waiting for a few minutes. Window glass, car seats, door handles, and mats will be a mess when kids enjoy their time. Here we will discuss how to clean cloth car seats.

Your car seats are the easiest place to soak dirt, dust, and drinks. Luckily, they are not permanent. But you can’t leave them there. You can clean them with little labor and the right products. You need to keep your car clean and interior spotless. Here we have proper steps for you to follow to get sparkling stainless clean cloth car seats.

Your At-Home Car Interior Cleaning Guide to clean cloth car seats

Clean and neat car seats make an impression on the hygiene of you and your car. Here is the guide that will help you clean your car and maintain spick-and-span seats for your next drive. Let’s get to cleaning!

  • Vacuum All The Dust
  • Prep For Cleaning
  • Apply Cleaning Solution
  • Scrub!
  • Wipe Off All Moisture 
  • Re-clean The Hard Stains
  • Let It Air Dry 
  • Post-Clean Prep

Vacuum All The Dust

As you start, you need to remove the dustiest thing in the car – mats. Remove your car mats and clean them. Vacuum them thoroughly. If they are muddy or quite ruined, you can also wash them.

Vacuum the seats, mats, and all the fabrics. They clean and brush through the fabric cloth. Take special care between the seats and under them. Remove the dust and any other trash. 

Prep For Cleaning

Make sure to check the type of fabric used for your car seats. Then you can either get the cleaning solution from the market or make yours at home. But it will be better to purchase the product from the market rather than taking the risk of ruining it. You can also make your own by mixing equal parts of dishwashing liquid and vinegar with one part of warm water. It will help remove stains and smells. 

Apply Cleaning Solution

Apply or spray the solution directly on the stains. Look at the stains and marks to clean. Spray them and leave for 10 minutes. Let them soak for a short time will help them remove stains much more easily.


You can scrub the seats with a cloth. Try using a microfiber cloth as it does not ruin the seats and cleans better. Make sure not to aggressively scrub it. As it damages the fabrics of seats.

Wipe Off All Moisture 

After scrubbing, you can wipe off the liquid. You can press down the seats to get the liquid from it. You need to clean it to remove the moisture. 

Re-clean The Hard Stains

There might be a few stains that are hard to remove. So, you can re-clean it by repeating the same process. You will get them off easily with time and elbow grease. Don’t worry, your precious car will be neat and clean again.

Let It Air Dry 

To dry the seats completely, you need to let them dry. The best option is to let it air dry. You can let it air dry by opening the doors of the car. For extra help, you can have a stand fan to help it dry quickly.

Post-Clean Prep

After the seats are dried, you can take a few extra steps to let them remain clean for a longer time. You can add a protective spray on the car seat cloth for extra care. It will remain neat and fresh for a long time.

Tips For Extra Care Of Your Car Seats

We will help you get some extra help for you to maintain clean and fresh seats for every drive. Such as:

  • Have a tissue box and freshener spray in your car. You may need it anytime.
  • You should also have a car pocket to keep things organized. 
  • You can use sealed cups to protect your cup holders from liquid and spills.
  • You need to deep clean your car once or twice a month. It depends on how much you use the car. 

Now we can conclude that you have all you need to clean a car at home. So, take some time off on the weekend and clean your beloved car. Best of luck with cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How Many Times Should You Clean Your Car?

It depends on the usage of your car. It is recommended to clean your car weekly.

2. Can I Wash My Car At Home?

Yes, you can wash your car at home. But make sure to only wash the exterior of your car, especially types. For deep cleaning, you can get professional help at a car wash station.

3. How Can You Clean Leather Seats?

Leather car seats need special care as they are ruined once cracked. You can clean leather seats with many commercial cleaners. They will remove stains and marks from it. 

4. Does Vacuuming Help?

Yes, you can vacuum them weekly. For convenient results, you can place a portable vacuum cleaner in your car for on-spot rescue.

How To Clean Cloth Car Seats?

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