Forgot Your Coupon These Retailers Still Got Your Back

Have you ever had this happen to you before; so you are at the checkout line waiting your turn and the person ahead of you brings out their coupon ready to put it to use and you just realize you will not be able to perform that same action because you forgot your coupon or you simply do not have it with you? Well there are only a few things that are worse than that.Let’s know if you forgot your coupon these retailers still got your back.

Forgot your coupon these retailers still got your back

Fortunately for you, there is a silver lining to this. You may still be able to get a discount at some retail stores. They aim to make you feel like you’ve got the best deal for your money. 

If you want to find out which of these stores have got your back if you forget your coupon or you simply want to know what you can do if this ever happens to you, then keep reading.

These top retailers have got your back if you ever forget your coupons or just don’t have them;

  • Michaels
  • Old navy
  • Joann fabrics
  • Dick’s sporting goods
  • Bed bath and beyond
  • Kohl’s
  • JC Penney

Now you know the retailers that have got you covered whenever you do not have a coupon. Read on to know what to do when the situation arises.

  • Michael’s: most of the coupons at this retailer are worth up to 40% or 50% off an item and are usually worth up to 25% off your entire purchase. This will save you some coins. However, whenever you find yourself at this store without your coupon, you can politely ask the clerk if they have a coupon code you can use. Almost always they pull up a drawer and pull out a coupon which they scan and voila, your items have been discounted.
  • Old Navy: imagine walking into old navy and picking out several clothing items and just then realize you do not have your coupon. Well, you can always ask if they have a coupon available that you can use. While this varies with store locations and employees, it is still worth the try because what have you got to lose except saving some extra cash? You could also try the old navy Facebook page on your smartphone device and you just might find a coupon as they constantly update their page with offers.
  • Joann fabrics: this arts and craft store is known for its great coupon offers. So whenever you walk into their store without a coupon, you could always ask them for one as they give them out almost freely. If for whatever reason they do not have any to give out, another option is to locate one of their flyers laying around. When you open them they almost always have a coupon inside where you can get up to 40% or 50% off an item or an even better deal.
  • Dick’s sporting goods: this store is known for its amazing coupon customer service. Often when you have a coupon, they usually offer you one with a greater discount. Amazing right? And whenever you do not have a coupon readily available to you, you can always ask the checkout clerk if they have any available, and 9 out of 10 times they do.
  • Bed bath & beyond: bed bath & beyond is famous for its amazing coupon offers. 20% off an item or $5 off $15. They give these coupons out every time enough to fill your drawers at home with them. What do you do when you head to the store without them? Well, you have options. They usually have a coupon or two laying around on the checkout counter. If you do not find one, you could always ask and you can get one. Most of their stores also collect expired coupons so if you ever find one laying around your house you can try using it.
  • Kohl’s: kohl’s is known for their amazing coupons both in their physical and online stores. What do you do when you enter a store without a coupon? Firstly you can check your phone. If the coupon was sent to you via email just pull it up and have the checkout clerk scan it. A second option is to ask the clerk if there is any scratch-off coupon you can use and you will almost always get one as Kohl’s prides itself in getting its customers the best deals.
  • JC Penney: after JC Penney decided to do away with coupons and offer low prices every day, they are trying to make a comeback. What do you do when you enter a store and you do not have a coupon with you? You can always locate a flyer that always 9 out of 10 times has a coupon inside. If you cannot find one, another option is to ask the clerk at check out for one politely and you will be able to score a discount.


When you realize you left your coupon at home, you don’t have to give up on saving some coins. There are options available to you to still get a great discount.

If all of them fail, you can resort to asking the checkout clerk for a coupon and they will almost always hook you up with one.

Forgot Your Coupon These Retailers Still Got Your Back

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