Free International Calls-Know More On It!

We all know calling your loved one abroad can be very expensive and you don’t have to go through an unstable connection, but it doesn’t mean you have to face all those terrifying phone bills. There are several ways to make free international phone calls without seeing a significant dent in your monthly budget. These fees are largely a thing of the past now that we have sophisticated cell phone service and limitless minutes. Let’s know more on free international calls.

Free International Calls

Now to make free international calls our phones use a technology called (VolP)  Voice Over Internet Protocol that receives phone calls over the internet. Using VolP is practically the same as calling using the conventional method, except for the poor connection and huge cost.

Ways To Make Free International Calls

Here are some of the best ways to make free international calls, most of which use internet service.


WhatsApp is the best and most popular way to make international calls. It is used by over a billion people all over the world. 

Whatsapp is a VolP provider which uses an internet connection to make calls from all over the world. Using WhatsApp you can do voice and video calls including conference calls without any charges, well except for internet charges that may not even cost up to $5. 

Whatsapp also supports end-to-end encryption which prevents third parties from accessing your text, not even WhatsApp. You can only call or send messages to other WhatsApp users. 

Although WhatsApp is an amazing way to make international calls, WhatsApp can’t be used to make emergency calls.


Best video call platform that has been around since 2003. Although it’s mainly used for video calls, it can also be used for voice calls. Most businesses use Skype to make conference calls or for job interviews. 

Although charges may apply if you’re communicating with someone outside of Skype. But you can subscribe to the unlimited monthly package. Skype can be used to make International calls using your phones, PC, web browser, or even your Xbox. 

Google Duo.

To use Google Duo both participants must have a Gmail account. Google Duo is an amazing way to make video calls from anywhere around the world, with amazing video and audio quality. 

With Google Duo, users can leave video messages and see a preview of the caller before picking up. 

Google Duo is available on both Androids and iOs. 


Famous for iOS users, FaceTime is a  built-in app available for only iOS devices with a remarkable video quality allowing users to FaceTime for free. 

To set up a FaceTime account you need an Apple ID. But if you are using an iPhone your phone number automatically registers on the phone.

FaceTime allows Android users you join calls already in progress using a special link. 

With FaceTime, users can watch videos and listen to music using SharePlay and add it to the call. FaceTime also has a voice isolation feature that blocks out surrounding sounds, you can blur your background while on a video call, it has some video effects, and many more features. You can also have a conference call of up to 32 people at one’s. 


Viber allows free voice and video calls to other users and also allows calls to landlines and mobile phones for cheap rates. 

Viber has both Android and iOS apps and a web browser version or you can use the desktop download. 

With Viber, you don’t have to create a new username, other users can find you using your phone number.


Not popularly known, but LINE has some great features like, it lets you make a 5-minute call to landlines or mobile phones for free provided you watch a short ad. In addition, the recipient doesn’t even have to have the app.  

But to make calls to other users making International calls is free.


Formerly known as Facebook Messenger, this app allows you to make free international voice and video calls around the globe. You can access Messenger using the mobile app or the desktop download. 

Messages have so many amazing features like watching movies, watching short videos, and even playing games. But to do all this you need to have a Facebook, Instagram, or Oculus account. 

Although using all these methods is great and you spend less on calls and you have access to some amazing features, there is always a downside, for example, they are all dependent on the strength of the broadband connection, meaning if there is a poor internet connection it will affect the audio and video quality.


With these many apps, you have a wide variety to choose from to maintain your connection with whomever you desire, without having to pay large bills for phone calls. And you enjoy so many features while you’re at it. 


Is WiFi Calling Free Internationally?

This will depend on your service provider and your phone contract, but it might probably cost the same as conventional International calls. 

Which App Uses Less Data For Calls?

If you want to reduce your data charges simply switch to “low data usage” mode. With” low data usage” users will use data for voice calls at 134KB per minute.

Free International Calls-Know More On It!

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