Shopify Competitors: Lets Know More About It

E-commerce has been known as one of the fast-rising internet markets. The buying and selling of goods and services have become easier due to the rise of internet usage, which has brought the transfer of money and data to make it a success. E-commerce, often known as electronic commerce, is the exchange of goods and services as well as the sending of money and data through an electronic network, most commonly the internet. Lets know about Shopify Competitors.

Shopify Competitors

The emergence of Shopify which is one of the popular e-commerce platforms has purchased goods look easier and faster. Without competition within the market space, there will be a massive slow movement of goods and services. 

These competitors make it unique for easy for anyone to choose their preference when purchasing goods on the internet. Most of the Shopify competitors are BigCommerce, Volusion, WooCommerce, Wix, and Weebly. Strong eCommerce capabilities are supported by the website builder Squarespace. 

To create an incredible store using Squarespace, you don’t need to know how to code or have a degree in web design. The easiest way to select a Shopify substitute, though, is to decide what it is about Shopify that you dislike. 

Shopify Competitors: 

  • BigCommerce 

One of the top Shopify alternatives is BigCommerce. It states that it provides all the tools necessary to “create, run, and scale an online business.” This is an accurate statement considering that BigCommerce offers all of the tools required to operate a successful online business. In comparison to Shopify, 

BigCommerce provides a considerably more customizable website and store editor. BigCommerce touts itself as the “greatest eCommerce website design platform” and provides several cutting-edge customization options. In terms of pricing, Shopify and BigCommerce are quite close. 

For their Standard plan, BigCommerce provides subscriptions starting at $29.95/month. For the Plus plan, the cost rises to $79.95 per month, and for the Pro plan, it soars to a staggering $299.95 per month. Larger companies can also access enterprise solutions, and BigCommerce asserts that it provides “custom pricing lower than Magento and Shopify Plus.” 

  • Volusion 

Volusion provides many of the same features and functionalities as Shopify and BigCommerce. However, it promotes itself as being simpler to use and more approachable for beginners, which is preferred by less tech-savvy eCommerce business owners. When it comes to pricing, Volusion is comparable to Shopify. 

The prices of their Personal ($29/month), Professional ($79/month), Business ($299/month), and Prime subscriptions are essentially the same as those of Shopify. Volusion offers a respectable assortment of apps. It’s a long way from the Shopify app store, though. You can add more than 70 apps to your store from the Volusion Marketplace. About ten of these are free. 

  • WooCommerce 

One of the most well-liked free Shopify alternatives is WooCommerce. And unlike the majority of other Shopify alternatives, this one has some very unique strengths. Its total open-source nature makes it one of the most intriguing Shopify rivals here. WooCommerce truly shines when it comes to add-ons and extensions, although not in the same way as Shopify. Yes, it also provides a wide range of paid and free extensions that are equivalent to Shopify’s apps. 

  • Wix 

For those with little to no website construction knowledge, Wix has excellent eCommerce solutions. Regardless of your level of web development expertise, Wix makes it straightforward for you to create a simple store using a terrific ADI (artificial design intelligence) tool and first-rate editor. 

Wix performs far better than Shopify in terms of templates and themes as well. Wix gives you the option of over 500 designer themes, but Shopify just offers a few free themes and a few decent paid ones. The Business Basic plan from Wix eCommerce is the most affordable, but it still costs $17 per month. The monthly cost of the Business Limited plan is $26, while that of the Business VIP plan is $35. 

  • Weebly 

Weebly is a fantastic Shopify substitute, especially for smaller online shops. It began as less of an eCommerce and more of a website builder. Email marketing is easy with Weebly. Weebly allows you to use Weebly Promote ($96/year, included in the Business Plus package), but Shopify forces you to use an external client like MailChimp. 

Weebly appears to be significantly cheaper than Shopify at first sight. The Pro plan costs $12 per month, and the Business Plus plan is $38 per month, depending on the eCommerce plan. The $25.00/month Business plan is located in the middle. 


There are several Shopify alternatives that you may and should take into consideration if you want to start an online store, even if Shopify is undoubtedly the most well-known eCommerce solution on the market. Your needs will ultimately determine the precise eCommerce solution that is best for you. Some users will choose a Shopify rival that offers a potent website builder with eCommerce features, such as Wix or Weebly.

Shopify Competitors: Lets Know More About It

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