Hale Koa Hotel- Know More Interesting Facts

The perfect way to enjoy a vacation is to spend it surrounded by family members in a scenic place. Located in Hawaii, Hale Koa Hotel offers such a heavenly experience to the members of the United States Army and their families. Let us know more detail about ‘Hale Koa Hotel’.

Hale Koa Hotel

You can learn more about the hotel, the reservation method, costs, etc. by reading this article.

About Hale Koa Hotel:

Kale Hoa Hotel is located on the Waikiki beach, Hawai. It is a recreational resort for the members of the Armed forces. The hotel is owned by Armed Forces Recreation Centre (AFRC). The hotel provides various services including Swimming pools, Spa, a Fitness center, etc. 

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the hotel has a wonderful view that calms our senses. Not only the natural delight, but the services provided by them are also outstanding. 


The resort poses fulfillment of certain eligibility requirements in order to book a Reservation. The eligibility requirements are,

  • A Person who is on active duty in Uniformed forces.
  • Actively deployed reserve and National Guard members
  • Retired members from active duty, Reserves, and National Guard with or without pay.
  • Members who are honorably discharged from services by the department of veteran affairs due to any disability.
  • Persons who received Medal of Honor.
  • Defense and Coast Guard members who are active or retired.

The resort is not available for public booking, as you can see.

Things to do inside the Hale Koa Hotel:

A variety of things can be explored inside the resort. They include,

1. Dining.

There are 8 different dining options provided to the guests. They range from Starters to desserts and bars.

2. Swimming Pool.

There are 2 pools available. The main pool is equipped with water slides, fountains, a hot tub, etc. The second pool is available only for adults who are over the age of 18. Both pools have food stalls next to them to satisfy your cravings.

3. Massage Center.

Massage center provides various services such as massage treatments, spa packages, hydrotherapy treatments & body wraps, facial treatments, waxing &threading, nail care, salon services, and cosmetic services.

4. Aloha Artisans & Crafts.

Stalls are set up by the local artists. You can purchase handmade arts and crafts from here. They also take lessons if you want to learn the crafts and create them by yourself.

5. Hale Koa Garden Tour.

Every Thursday at 9 am, the resort arranges a tour that describes Hawaiian culture and takes us through beautiful landscapes.

6. US Army Museum.

The museum tells the history of the US Army. It is a good place to spend time and also to learn.

7. Hula Lessons.

Hula dance lessons are taken for the guests. If you are into learning the Hawaiian art of Hula dance, hop in for a ride.

Other than the above, meeting rooms are available inside the resort. There are 5 different meeting rooms available for different purposes.

Places to visit outside the resort:

In case you feel like going outside to take in the view of the Hawai city, there are numerous attractions nearby the resort. There are several activities that are also arranged. Some of them are,

  • Pearl Harbor.
  • Battleship Missouri.
  • Leonard’s Bakery.
  • City Tour.
  • Island Golf.
  • Hiking.
  • Snorkeling.

How to book a room?

You can book a room over the internet. Go to the website of the Hale koa hotel – halekoa.com. Reservations for rooms can be made from there.

 Or call one of these numbers to make a reservation over the phone.

  • 1-800-367-6027 or 
  • 808-955-0555

Types of Rooms Available:

The kinds of the room offered for booking are,

  • Standard Room
  • Garden View Room.
  • Partial Oceanview Room.
  • Ocean View Room
  • Deluxe Ocean Front Room

Let us see the specializations and cost of these rooms.

ParticularsStandard RoomGarden view RoomPartial Ocean view RoomOcean View RoomDeluxe Ocean Front Room
ViewModerate viewResort or mountainOcean viewOcean viewFull ocean view
No. of Adults Up to 4Up to 4Up to 4Up to 42 or 4
BedsTwo queen bedsTwo queen bedsTwo queen bedsTwo queen bedsKing bed/ king and sofa bed/ Two Queen beds
Crib RoomYesYesYesYesYes
Rates* starting from$149 per night$159 per night$179 per night$189 per night$347 per night

*Rates are subject to change.

Additional policies:

  • Children below 18 years are allowed to stay for free with their parents.
  • For 3rd & 4th adult guests, an additional $15 per night.

Cancellation policies:

You are allowed to cancel the reservation within 30 days of booking. You will be charged a night’s rate as a cancellation penalty after 30 days.

In conclusion:

Hale koa hotel is an affordable stay for all the Veterans, Active members, and their families. It will be a memorable vacation experience to stay relaxed and clear your mind. 

Happy Vacation!

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Can I take my dog inside the resort?

No. The resort has a strict policy of “No pets” inside the resort.

  1. Does the cost of the rooms include the meals?

No. For meals, a separate reservation has to be made during your stay in the resort. 

  1. Is there parking space available for our cars?

Yes. Parking space is available for you to use across the street from the hotel. The hotel bills $16 per car, per day to use the parking space.

Hale Koa Hotel- Know More Interesting Facts

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