Hatchimals By Spin Master

Robots are built with computer programming, mechanical parts and sensors that help them work together intelligently with their surroundings. Robots are built to imitate animal and human activities. Robot toys are made to stimulate kids socially and academically and help in child development. They boost their imagination and help in improving social skills. Many types of robot toys are available in the toy market, such as animal robots, reptile robots, remote-controlled robots and furry and cuddly robots. One such example includes the development of Hatchimals By Spin Master.

Hatchimals is a line of small robot figures developed by Spin Master. These are ultimately small robot animals that live within a plastic egg. To play with these plush penguin-looking creatures, you must make the egg hatch first. Once the egg hatches, you have to teach your Hatchimal baby to speak, walk and play games. Then, watch your Hatchimal evolve from a baby to eventually a kid.

Hatchimals By Spin Master

You can choose from 11 different types and over 70 species of hatchimals to get this magical experience of owning your baby animal. The different types of Hatchimals are:

  1. Pengualas
  2. Draggles
  3. Owlicorns
  4. Burtles
  5. Bearakeets
  6. Puppadees
  7. Ligulls
  8. Deerioles
  9. Giravens
  10. Peacats
  11. Zuffins
  12. Hatchimals Wow
  13. CollEGGtibles
  14. Hatchimals HatchiBabies


Pengualas are a mix between a penguin and an iguana. They have a bunch of green and pink fur around their head and eyes and are available in two colour purple with pink and purple with green detail. Pengualas are generally happy but tend to be clumsy.


Draggles come in two colours blue with green or blue with purple details. They have either blue or green fur around their head. They are described as curious, lively and courageous.


Owilcorns is a combination between an owl and a Unicorn. They are the most unique looking Hatchimal kinds, that come inside a pink and light blue egg. They have pink fur with a blend of blue.


Burtles are a combination of a turtle and a butterfly. These are known to be super sweet Hatchimals with wings and antennas. They come in two colours, purple with a blue belly or blue with a purple belly.


Bearakeets have purple and black eggshells. They are available in two colours, white with pink bellies and black with pink bellies. They have wings along with bear claws. Bearakeets are known to be very playful and energetic.


Puppadees are a mixture between a bird and a dog; that is why they have long textured wings, big feet, big droopy ears and a large nose. They come in blue and pink eggs and are available in blue, purple and green colours. Depending on the current emotion a puppadees experience, they are subjected to changing eye colour.


Ligulls are a cross between a lion and a seagull. Ligulls have the locks of lions and the wings of seagulls. They come in tones of pink and purple and occasionally have yellow feet.


Deerioles are half deer and half bird, growing inside yellow and blue eggs. They have blue or purple antlers and bodies made up with a mixture of purple and yellow fur. Their mood determines their eye colour. A bonus of two deerioles hatches in one egg.


A giraven is a combination of a giraffe and a raven with horns. Their eggs have yellow and pink dots. They come in two colours, pink and purple.


A peacat is mix of a peacock and a cat. They come in purple and blue eggshells and have a face of a cat and wings and flap of a peacock. They come in two colours blue with purple and pink with purple bodies. Two peacats hatch in one egg, each having their own personality.


Zuffins is a mix of a puffin and a zebra. So, you get two zuffins, that come in a purple and pink egg. They have unique pink hair with deep blue and purple wings. Like other Hatchimals they also change eye colour. 

Hatchimals Wow

Hatchimals Wow is a new type of re-hatch-able egg that you can love over and over again. The egg can re-hatch, and the creature inside the egg can be re-awoken with a new mood and character. The Hatchimal is furry and can make up to 250 noises.


CollEGGtibles is the latest addition to the Hatchimal family. The egg hatches when you rub the heart until it turns pink. Push the heart with your finger to break the shell and reveal your colleggtibles. Like other Hatchimals, they are tiny figures and make no sound. They are not furry and are easy to carry around. 

Hatchimals HatchiBabies

Hatchimals HatchiBabies are a very different kind of Hatchimal and is only sold at Target, Amazon and Walmart. Tap the egg, and it will make noises. When it is time for the egg to hatch, their eyes shine through it. Once they hatch, you can find out whether it is a girl or a boy. Along with the Hatchi babies, you get a birth certificate and other cute accessories. 


Hatchimals are a line of robot toys that come in colourful eggshells. To reveal the creature, you have to first hatch the egg. These creatures are a blend of different animals infused together to create one cute plush. They have emotions and make noises and love to interact. Hatchimals are of 14 different types that you can own.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do Hatchimals hatch? 

When you get your Hatchimal, rub the heart on the eggshell. When the heart changes colour, it is ready to hatch. Gently press the heart with your finger and crack the egg open to reveal your little furry friend.

Can Hatchimals say my name?

 Hold the belly and touch the head of your Hatchimal together, this will make the eye colour change, and it will say “hello” say your name, and it will record and repeat.

How much do Hatchimals cost?

Hatchimals retail for up to $59.99. Certain retail stores like Walmart offer discounts on purchases.

Hatchimals By Spin Master

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