Best Harmony Hub Alternatives

As you buy entertainment devices, the more remotes you will have. Home hubs let you link all your devices (that have a WiFi, IR, or Bluetooth feature) to your smartphone or tablet. Know more about Best Harmony Hub Alternatives

Best Harmony Hub Alternatives

All hubs perform the same function — eradicating the need for more than one remote control. The harmony hub has features that make it a choice for most people. It can connect up to 270,000 devices, use voice assistants, one-touch actions, and support out-of-home control. If you can’t get the Harmony hub, we have made a list of the best Harmony hub alternatives.

To use hubs, you will have to set it up where there are no blockages to the devices it will be connecting. Hubs are platforms that let you connect all your devices to your smartphone and which help reduce the number of remotes at home.

5 Best Harmony Hub Alternatives

  1. Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

The Xiaomi smart home kit is made up of five dedicated smart devices. You can install the app and add devices that you can control with your smartphone.

In the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit, you will find a multi-function gateway, a motion sensor, a door and window sensor, a wireless switch, and a wireless socket. You can set schedules for when a device switches on or off, set alarms, get notifications when someone presses the doorbell, and use Alexa and google assistant. The Xiaomi Smart Home Kit cost about $80.

  1. Samsung SmartThings

The Samsung SmartThings is a hub that can connect devices in your home to make your home smart. You can connect both Samsung devices and devices from other brands but there is a limitation to the type of device you can connect that isn’t Samsung’s.

Samsung SmartThings app will only connect devices like washers, dryers, ovens, dishwashers, and fridges that are Samsung’s. The number of third-party devices that can be added to the Samsung SmartThings app are limited. The Samsung SmartThings lets you use smart assistants like Google Assistant, Bixby, Alexa, and more. The Samsung SmartThings cost about $120.

  1. Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is an all-in-one cube for streaming and controlling other devices. The Amazon Fire TV cube can be a digital media player when linked to your TV.  The Amazon Fire TV cube can be linked to other smart devices like TVs, smart cameras, smart bulbs, media players, etc, and use the app installed on your smartphone to control them.

The Amazon Fire TV cube supports 4k HDR playback, a TV/AV control, an Ethernet adaptor, and voice commands with Amazon’s Alexa. The Amazon Fire TV cube cost about $120.

  1. Broadlink RM4 Pro

The Broadlink RM4 Pro is one of the best alternatives for the Harmony hub. It supports full integration with RF and IR devices. The Broadlink RM4 Pro lets you track the room’s temperature and humidity in real-time and from anywhere. 

The  Broadlink RM4 lets you schedule devices, use Google Assistant and Alexa, and has a simple installation step. It cost about $50.

  1. Caavo Control Center

The Caavo control center can connect with devices via WiFi and has a 4-port HDMI switch. The Caavo control center does not connect with IR devices, sadly. 

The Caavo control center supports video calling directly on the TV, wellness checks, automated assistance, maintenance ticketing, reminders, and automated actions. It costs about $99. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I replace my Harmony Hub with?

The Harmony hub can be replaced with other best alternatives like the Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Fire TV cube, Xiaomi smart home kit, Caavo control center, and the Broadlink RM4 Pro.

  1. Is there a remote that controls everything?

Some hubs can turn your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote that controls every smart device in your home. Few of the hubs come with a physical remote control while most of them have a mobile app where all activities and settings are done.

  1. Does Harmony Hub work with Google?

The Harmony hub integrates with many smart devices and supports an array of assistants including Google assistant to control google-powered or Android-powered devices with voice commands.

  1. What is a hub-based remote?

When linked with a hub, a hub-based remote is used to give commands to devices that are linked to the hub through a Bluetooth or WiFi signal.


The Harmony hub is a simple hub with the job of connecting devices using an IR or WiFi signal. Harmony hub is great but if you can’t get it, the best alternatives we have listed will serve, even better.

The other hubs on the list like the Amazon Fire TV cube can be used as a digital media player, the Caavo control center can cast video calls to your TV, and the Broadlink RM4 Pro can let you know the temperature and humidity in a room, and the Xiaomi smart home kit offers a variety of smart sensors to make your home smart.

Best Harmony Hub Alternatives

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