How Much Does An Up-Do Cost?-Learn More About It

An up-do is your bad hair day savior for a birthday, wedding, and anything you wish to attend. A lot of women love up-dos because you don’t have to spend a lot of time in a salon trying to get your hair done. Depending on the skills of your hairstylist and how much money you are willing to part with, an up do can turn you from 10 to 100 real quick. It boosts your confidence and can get you ready for your functions in the shortest period. If you have a wedding to attend, graduation, or a friend’s birthday, and you are wondering how much it will cost for you to have an up-do, we have the answer for you. How Much Does An Up-Do Cost?-Learn More About It.

How Much Does An Up-Do Cost?

How Much Does An Up-Do Cost?

The amount of money it will cost you to have an up do is not static and varies from the stylist. An average updo costs between $45 and $100. Some people can get an up-do done for $35 and others can get an up-do for $250. The price may vary according to several factors. Whatever the price an up-do may cost in your locality, if the stylist makes you feel brand new at the end of the day, then it may be worth it.

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Why Do Some Up Dos Cost Less While Others Cost More?

Several factors will make your up do pay more money than that of another person at the same place for an up do. Whereas a lot of professional salons and hairstyles may charge the same amount of money for any up-do, some places will charge you according to the style you choose to have for an up-do. The amount of money you pay for an up-do may vary because of a few reasons.

The Kind Of Up-Do Style.

Hair stylists can charge a price depending on the up-do style one chooses to wear. A normal flowery bun can have your hair stylist bill less money than a braided updo. Some updos can be complex and need a lot of experience and knowledge to do. These kinds of up-do hairstyles will have your hair stylist charge you more money.

The Kind Of Function. 

Money charged for an up do can vary because of the kind of function. A bride for example may have to pay more for an updo than the maids. Some stylists offer different prices for certain events. Graduation up do price can differ from the price of a wedding up do. A set of bridesmaids can pay $60 each for a hair updo that one would pay $80.

The Type Of Your Hair 

Hair types vary, some people have type 3hair and type 2 hair while others have type 4 hair. Hair also differs in terms of thickness and texture. People with thicker hair tend to have a lot of hair that may take more time to work with and may pay more money. However, some stylists argue that thick hair doesn’t need extra pieces and the up-do style may be cheaper than one with hair that may need extra hair pieces to style.

The Length Of Your Hair.

The price you will pay for your up do may differ because of the length of your hair. Longer hair may be cheaper because it doesn’t need extensions and can easily be manipulated. Another stylist may charge more money for long hair because it requires more work than hair with shorter lengths.

Extra Accessories.

Updos that use accessories, and hair extensions need more time to style and tend to be expensive compared to a regular updo. The salon will charge you money to cover hair pieces, accessories, extensions, and the time taken to complete the updo.


While determining the price of your up-do, you have to reach out to the particular hair stylist and know how they work and if they can be able to do the style of up-do that you desire. Some salons need you to book an appointment and pay a deposit before the day of your up do. You should also make use of available discounts to reduce the price of your up do. Make sure you prepare everything you need to have the best experience.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Does The Price Of A Hair Updo Cover Makeup?

No, In most salons, the hair updo cost does not cover makeup. Unless it has been specified, you might part with more money if you want your stylist to do both makeup and an up-do.

How Much Does An Up-Do Cost?-Learn More About It

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