How Much Does It Cost To Lower A Car?

Introduction– how much does it cost to lower a car

There is just something about a car that’s kissing the ground. Visually, it’s more appealing to the eye, and out on the streets, it’s a statement that’s hard to ignore. One of the benefits of lowering a car is the enhanced style coupled with the performance boost it gives the car. Here we will discuss how much the cost is to lower a car.

Answer paragraph-There are many reasons why people lower their cars. Some do it because a car that’s been lowered is just beautiful. Others do it because lowering the car enhances their driving experience. At first glance, it may look like lowering your car is a simple task, but it’s a complicated procedure. The cost involved in lowering a car will vary depending on the company you choose to use and the amount of work that needs to be done. 

How much does it cost to lower a car?

The typical cost of lowering a car ranges from $100-$5,000 depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. The price is dependent on how and where you choose to lower your car. Many people opt to lower their car using drop spindles which are sold by many aftermarket retailers and cost $100. If you want a different approach, then you can opt to use springs to lower the car. This process is less complicated than using drop spindles. 

Installing drop spindles is a job best left to the professionals as it is a very meticulous art that needs to be done in a specific order to keep the car working well. Another option for lowering a car is car-lowering kits, these kits cost $1,000. The car lowering kits can be installed by any person with a set of tools. Coil-overs can cost anything from $2,000.

Why do people lower their cars? What is the cost of lowering your car?

Attractive- one of the many reasons that people decide to lower their car is because it just looks, it’s attractive, and it catches the eye when somebody pulls up in a car that’s been lowered. There’s an assumption that a lowered car gives off a strong sense of uniqueness and power. Lowering a car is also a very good way to show off those sweet chrome rims.

Improved center of gravity- Some people decide to lower a car because it improves the traction of the car. To achieve this, cars are lowered with shocks and stiff springs. This lowers the car’s center of gravity which is commonly where most of the vehicle’s weight is found.

Rollover reduction-Rollover is defined as the tipping of an object about its axis when one side is raised above another. Lowering your vehicle reduces the risk of rollover, granting the car better handling with a more responsive driving experience. In addition, you will have less understeer and a stiff ride. Lowering your ride also decreases the possibility that you’ll be thrown off the road while performing emergency driving maneuvers. Lowering a vehicle also reduces its lean, particularly around corners.

Fewer weight-Cars that are lowered tend to weigh less than cars that have not been lowered. This makes the car easier to control when traveling at high speeds and when accelerating. It’s important to note that a lighter car is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Risk of lowering your car too much:

  • If you’ve lowered your car more than 2 inches, you risk it scrapping on uneven roads, and when you have to get over a speedbump.
  • Higher damage from hitting the road as you drive
  • Greater risk to you and your car if you were to be involved in an accident.
  • Less steering response which results in less control over your vehicle
  • Performance of a new sports care will be significantly reduced.

Different car lowering techniques

Drop spindle- This is the lowering technique that most people opt for. It is not very expensive to buy the kits. Most aftermarket retailers sell the kits for $100. Buying the kit is the easy part, the installation of drop spindles is a job best left to the professionals.

Springs- Spring installations are a method of lowering your car is done by replacing your car’s stock springs with lowering springs. This method can cost you anywhere between $300-$1500.

Air suspension- Installing air suspension gives you the freedom to drop and raise your vehicle whenever you feel like it. Air suspension kits range from $300-$4000. Since this is a more complex installation than installing springs or coilovers, you should take your ride to an auto shop to have air suspension installed properly

Coilovers- This method lowers your car by replacing the vehicle’s stock springs with the coilovers. Coilovers have adjustable shock absorbers that have springs coiled around the dampening device. On its own, a coilover kit costs anywhere from $300 to about $9000.  If you take your car to an auto shop the mechanics will charge you roughly $300-$1000 for the installation of the coilovers, this is excluding the price of the coilovers. 


Lowering your car comes with a set cost at the moment you choose to lower it. But when you factor in all the additional expenses that go along with lowering a car it becomes clear that lowering a car is a very costly procedure. This is due to maintenance costs. If the price of lowering a car is too steep for you, some alternatives are more cost-effective like air suspension.

How Much Does It Cost To Lower A Car?

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