Nike Zoom Gravity Review-The Ultimate Guide!

Have you thought about buying the Nike zoom gravity? Well here’s a Nike Zoom Gravity Review from an athlete who has run 5 half marathons.

Nike Zoom Gravity Review

Well, to start I must clarify that these are running shoes that can be used by both men and women. They have a slim build and are usually very comfortable when running on asphalt. These shoes are training shoes, however, they can accompany you in a short-distance competition. We are talking about a distance of 5km or 10km.

What design does the Nike zoom gravity have?

These shoes are designed for maximum speed. If you are thinking of adding a few changes of pace to your training. This shoe will be perfect for you. Since it behaves well for fast rates below 4 minutes per km.

The zoom gravity system that this shoe has favors when running, giving more reactive propulsion. Thus reducing the energy consumption of the corridor.

What technical specifications does the Nike Zoom Gravity have?

These shoes cushion very well from 1 to 10 they have a 7. They have a lightness of 6 and stability of 7, their response is extremely fast giving it a 9. Additionally, they have a very good grip.

What price are these shoes?

These are a shoe whose price-quality ratio is quite good. Since they can be obtained for 150 USD

What are the characteristics of the Nike Zoom Gravity?

These shoes can even be confused with the Nike vapor fly next % since the material with which the upper is made is practically the same. This shoe has a much more comfortable instep grip than its predecessors. However, in terms of the last, this shoe will disappoint all runners who have a slightly wider foot, since by its nature it is created for slightly thinner feet and people who focus on competition and speed training.

How is the sole of the Nike zoom gravity?

This is one of the negative points of these shoes. Since its sole does not have a very good grip, unlike other Nike references. This shoe on dry terrain and asphalt will work excellently.

The problem is when you are going to run on damp terrain. While most shoes don’t perform very well on damp terrain, the Nike Zoom Gravity does worse. This is a negative point to contemplate.

However, one factor to take into account is that it is sole after 200 km of use and still looks like new. However, since its sole is too hard, which helps the durability of the shoe, it detracts from the moment of grip on wet ground.

Another negative point of this shoe is that it ends up being quite narrow, which means that when running you will need a little more stability.

Another positive factor of this shoe is that by not having carbon plates they make it much cheaper. Its main component in the midsole is zoom air technology. This technology has already been extensively tested and we know from experience that it works very well.

How many km can you run with these shoes?

Due to their impact, high-speed or competition shoes can last you about 1,200 km. Keep in mind that you must take precautions with your shoes. Try not to get too much sun, do not wash them in the washing machine, dry them in the dryer.

What care should you give to the Nike zoom gravity?

The components of the shoes are usually plastic or polyester, for this reason, the shoes end up being very delicate to high heat exposures. That’s why when you decide to wash them, try not to put them in the washing machine or in the dryer, neither wash them with hot water nor put them to dry where the sun falls on them.

How can I wash my Nike Zoom Gravity shoes?

Too easy. If you are thinking of washing your shoes, just use a little shampoo or some mild soap. You are going to moisten the shoe a little and you are going to apply the soap and with the help of a toothbrush, you are going to go fruiting the dirt on your shoes. To finish, just rinse with plenty of water. Remember that you should only put it to dry in the shade so that contact with it alone will not damage the delicate materials of your shoes.


Some conclusion that I can give you about these shoes is that they are shoes for ultra-fast runners with a speed of 3:30 per km. They are shoes that work very well both in training and in competition. I do not recommend running more than 10 km with them since, due to their design, they may be a bit uncomfortable after 10 km. Enjoy your shoes and always remember to be careful when running.

Nike Zoom Gravity Review-The Ultimate Guide!

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